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Hi all,

I've just released beta 1 of Bomb-o-tron which is a little tool I wrote so that I can download or stream the HD content from the site.

Currently it's list of the Quick look, event, subscriber and original content.

Bug reports an suggestions welcome!

If I'm not actually allowed to release something like this given me a shout, I did ask in the API forum a day or so ago but no-one replied :(

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@MrChaz: Very cool! I haven't tried it myself since I don't have an Android tablet, though. Would you be interested in working with us on our Giant Bomb Android App? It's open source, has around 22,000 installs, and soon we'll soon be working with the staff to more officially maintain and improve it. We could use your help to improve the tablet functionality on it! Send me a PM if you're interested.

Anyways, great work!

(By the way, I'm quite sure you're allowed to release this type of thing, so I wouldn't worry about that)

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@harris: Sure thing, I'm happy to help and/or hand out the source. I wasn't sure seeing as the HD stuff is a member feature which you should pay for

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If this Sony Tablet S comes for review soon, I'll check this out. Looks alright though, nice start.

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@harris: Hot Shit!, Your the guy who made that?/Works in the team that made that!. Much respect dude, I use that thing daily. Its great for when I cant get to a pc or a lazy morning watching a quick look in bed. It works surprisingly well compared to other apps i've got from official companies and things! Makes the UEFA Champions League App look rubbish!
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@MrChaz: Well that's true, the subscription stuff might be off limits.
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@MrChaz: Awesome, I'll be in contact via PM in the next week or two. Good point on the HD stuff, not sure what the policy on that is.

@JBird: I am. I created the app originally, but others have helped me a lot along the way. Thanks for using it :D

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I'm running a Notion Ink adam tablet with the Honeycomb rom. I'll download and test it out later today.

My only request: Somehow figure a way to integrate the JTV streams to work on android. Right now after about 30 seconds from the chat page they freeze video and just give audio.

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this is cool.

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Tested it a bit. Nice. Layout could use a little bit of work (I know it's hard as its likely pulling from RSS), but very nice.

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@Eujin: design is certainly lacking (I'm too much of an engineer for any real flair) but I'll see if I can find some thing a little more pleasing to the eye

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@MrChaz: Again, no worries. It's functional, and still is a triumph as far as the software itself goes. Maybe consider some sort of tiled view like the library currently has on Giantbomb?

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Bit of a necro-post but I've just updated the app.

It now uses a gridview and has better support for failed / deleted downloads