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I absolutely love these. And I really enjoy your animation. Rarely do you see videos like this where the animation actually enhances the quality of the material, but you definitely nail it with both.

Keep doing what you do, man. You're very talented.

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The funny thing is that I've actually been working on a Bombcast animation of my own of that very clip. Two things have been preventing me from finishing it:

  1. I don't know how to time text effects in Sony Vegas. All Google says is "keyframe each letter", which is a tedious solution when you're typing up entire sentences.
  2. I'm extremely goddamn lazy.

Depending on what you're trying to do with the text, it's possible that you could simply use Sony Vegas' cookie cutter effect on some text.

First, Generate some text, then right click and go to "video event fx", then add "sony cookie cutter" to the list and click "ok"
What this does is cut out any text except what you want to show. Then, in the video event fx window, you can click the "animate" button at the bottom to bring up a separate timeline where you can insert keyframes and do some tweening & junk.

This would only be useful for certain effects, though, otherwise, you'd have to go letter-by-letter.
Hope this was helpful! :D

Edit: Oh, right, btw, the animations in the OP were kickass. Forgot to mention that.
Subscriiiiibed :D

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Hey, folks! Since you guys seem like you'd be more interested than most, i'll post here to say i'm doing an animation livestream for the newest GiantBomb animation! Gonna be streaming me getting work done and then maybe i'll hang out with some people and play videogames. And on top of everything else, I am a heavy advocate for the Vinny style of livestream-editing, so I hope that lures you in. Hope to see as many of you as possible there! 9:30GMT Oct 31st.


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These are awesome, please keep making these.

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I mean...if you want to get REAL crazy: get a saucer, put some liquor in it, and then dip your testicles in that saucer. You will for sure die. But you would also be way drunk

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i love you i love these

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This was everything I never knew I needed!

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These videos are never not funny.