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I love all the contents for the site but the contents should really be categorize more thoroughly. It's practically impossible to browse for older contents without knowing the exact name that was used. And even then it doesn't show up for some features. I was interested in going through some of Patrick's "Worth Reading" and I just couldn't find it without resulting to google search.

Didn't Dave mention a tagging system during development of the new site? Are they waiting til they have time for the "beer weekend" where they tagged everything single items before implementing it?

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Hmm. Tagging! This is a very good idea. (Not Sarcastic)

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I would agree as well. I just got a new PC and was wanting to look at some past PC quicklooks. I had a few in mind. Like one was a FPS in space...you fly around in jetpacks or something. Can't remember the name. Can't search for PC quicklooks or anything. So it's lost to me for now unless I want to go searching. It would be nice to search quicklooks by a specific thing like that...unless you can and I just don't know how.

I would say that a relatively minor complaint overall tho... the site is very nicely designed.

edit: Foooound it. Shattered Horizon. Funny, there is no quick look for it but I'm positive they did one. Guess it's one of the long lost quick looks that has disappeared. I'm almost certain it was a Drew quick look.

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Always be tagging.

Better sorting does need to happen, it wasn't great before and so far the redesign, while looking great, is a missed opportunity to improve things on that front.