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Dear Giantbomb Crew,

We, The Giantbomb Community, love and appreciate everything that you do. We understand that a devastating loss like this can be difficult to recover from and takes time. We also know that you are some of the hardest working duders in the industry and probably feel a need to get back to work. But we just want to let you know that we don’t expect anything; there is no pressure to post content. Take a break. You need it. You deserve it. There isn't much we can do except offer our condolences and give you the time you need to grieve. If what we have to do to show our support is be patient, we will.

Take as long as you need, and whenever you decide to come back… we’ll be here.


The Giantbomb Community

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Amen to that. Been a rough day for me since the news broke and I can't even begin to understand what they are going through. I've flat out broken down to tears several times today because of this. Lets all take a break and remember Ryan as the loveable papa bear he was.

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I feel we all need the break.

Take all the time you need guys. We're not going anywhere.

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I, too, support this chance for the Giant Bomb crew to take their time to mourn their friend and coworker. This is a tremendous loss. Now is the time to be remembering Ryan, not work around his passing.

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Completely agree with this.

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@mrfluke said:


i would also encourage you all to tweet to https://twitter.com/mauleace

as that is ryan davis's father on twitter.

and to tweet to https://twitter.com/enemynanner

as that is ryan's wife,

those two are definitely the most that are grieving right now i would say, so show them your support.

Also thanks for posting this. I had already tweeted Anna, but wasn't aware of Ryan's father's Twitter.

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100% agree

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For sure

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Agreed... so sad

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couldnt have said it better

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I hope they take as long of a break as they feel they need. However in my experience with tragedy I would encourage them not to stop their lives over this, it will only make things worse.

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Absolutely agree. I hope they take as much time as needed and don't rush themselves back to work.

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Take your time guys, agreed.

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Signed. Take as much time as you need, but then come back and we can all work through this together.

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Lots of stuff being plastered everywhere, but agreed. Family, though not biological is everything. Fly Patrick back, who gives a shit. Just do what you want at times like this.

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signed. I will always be a loyally member.

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Agreed. The fans aren't going anywhere guys, take some time off. We love you duders and Ryan will be missed dearly.

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GiantBomb is the best Monument to his memory any one could ever hope to build.

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Agreed. Take some time off guys.

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Absolutely. Aye.

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Agreed. I'll always be here, I'll never leave.

Take your time.

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I'll wait for as long as it takes for them to come back.

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When they're ready, I'll still be here. Not going anywhere as long as GB remains a thing.

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100% agreed.

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yup, no problem with that

I doubt cbs will actually let them though sadly.

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Agreed. Take as long as you need guys.

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Love and understanding, crew. You take your time, we'll be here with ya.

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We all need a break. You guys, us. Take your time.

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Goes without saying.

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