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Ok this is my idea. The Giantbomb Staff should have a live podcast about the website and not about games, maybe a little section on drinks.Anyway so they talk about the website and we can email them questions about the site. Anyway that is my idea and what do you think of it

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Maybe they could just include it as a section in the bombcast whilst the beta is running

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Nah, I like what they have now

On Jeffs Blog on Gerstmann.net he says he may do a Live Points Feed

Thats it

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BlackWaterCO said:
"Nah, I like what they have now

I don't mean change anything, I mean have a one off live podcast where they talk about the website
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yea a section of the podcast, also imagine if they could podcast LIVE O.O

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that would be kinda cool

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More justin.tv stuff would be cool.