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For premium members who signed up for auto-renew, do we get the new T-Shirts each year?

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Yes, I auto renew every year and get a 15$ code for a t-shirt every time.

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:/. Didn't get one for the second year.

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My T-shirt was caught by customs and had to pay 20 euro in Taxes to the Postman :,( so i payed 70 euros ( 90 dollars ) for a year sub....

I wish it wasn't mandatory to get a T-shirt when you buy a sub via paypal, i rather have a discount than a T-shirt.

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@maceg: We get a $15 code. Though... I always have to write and request it because it never gets sent automatically.

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@maceg said:

:/. Didn't get one for the second year.

You don't automatically get sent a new shirt. You get sent a code for $15 in their store. Its up to you to use it.

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I wan't a Giant Bomb T Shirt. How do I get one?

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I wan't a Giant Bomb T Shirt. How do I get one?


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@williamhenry: Is the $15 dollar code sent automatically or do you have to request it as well?

@toxeia: HMM. It seems that's what I'm going to have to do I suppose. Do you have the address/contact information off hand?

@thatdutchguy: That sounds lame. The shirts are high quality though.

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You should get at store code automatically to the email you signed up with.

email support@giantbomb.com, pm @rorie or frailgesture on twtter.should sort you out.

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Do sold out sizes of shirts ever come back in stock?

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@thatdutchguy: Hm, what about the periodic sales? I've purchased all of my subs in the various 35 dollar sales. Those don't include t-shirts. I don't recall if they accept paypal for those though...

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@maceg said:

:/. Didn't get one for the second year.

Same, not that I mind. The 20-30 Euros import costs I had to pay at the door kind of sucked.