#1 Posted by Basm321 (409 posts) -

The giantbomb video buddy app has stopping working. Does anyone know if this will be fixed?

#2 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

A giantbomb user actually made that, he would have to update it to make it work with the new site.

#3 Posted by Basm321 (409 posts) -

Well it is an EXCELLENTLY designed app. The thing saves my progress on all videos so even if I don't get back to a video for 6 months it will start me 10seconds prior to where I left off.

I sure hope he gets it working again.

#4 Posted by mrmarkrobson (6 posts) -

Just adding in my hopes that it will get restored! Its a great app and one of the primary ways i watch GB videos around the house.

#5 Posted by Golden (23 posts) -

Have to agree that it was an excellent app. I hope it gets updated and/or an official app released.

#6 Posted by Fredddi43 (439 posts) -

Yeah, I'm also hoping for an update, since I like the app a lot, but it's not primarily his fault, since the new site is using a slightly different API, which also causes the official Boxee, etc... clients not to work atm. Dave said it will be fixed soon, so we can hopefully use Video Buddy again in the coming weeks.

#7 Posted by HeyImPhoenix (175 posts) -

I noticed it stopped working too, so I deleted it to try and reinstall it. Then I couldn't find it on the AppStore :(

#8 Posted by Golden (23 posts) -

It's been fixed. Many big cheers to the chap(s) that did it. Good work, good work.