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Hey, quick question about the video RSS feed for itunes. I was wondering how to have it show every video, say from the endurance run, rather than just the last 15? Anyone know how to do this? Snide, Coonce? 

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I'm able to add them without issue. Is it not asking you to authenticate or is it just not accepting your username/password?
Nevermind. Disregard this entire thread.
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@Chaser324: Well, I've found another problem, so hopefully people won't fully disregard this entire thread. :(
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Having the same problem here. I subbed to the high quality ER RSS so I could download the P4 ER this is all that shows up on itunes: 
  Is there any way to get to the P4 episodes?

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Right-click on the feed and choose "show all available episodes". If you still can't see the P4 videos, there are probably only the last 15 items on the feed.
Btw, I didn't know about this until the news post about theater mode. Not everybody can watch all the Live shows. ;)

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My problem is it won't accept my username and password (I have re-tested on the site three times... It's not me.

I'm a new subscriber though so is it a thing of waiting for it to be added or something?

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@ johnnysasaki:
It needs the Whiskey Media login, not the Giant Bomb login. So, make sure you use your email address + password.
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@DeadFish: oh thanks, gee that was a silly mistake, 
much obliged dude
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Ok. I still do not know how to get this. iTunes only shows the bombcast in the search results.

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Anyone know if they're going to add the earlier episodes of ER or Quick Looks to the RSS feed?

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I'd really like to know the answer to this as well. I'd love to have the Persona 4 run in my Itunes. 

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So, still nothing? Come on guys, I want the endurance run!!

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This is gold-members only, is it not?

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@nickux: No, I don't think so. Pretty sure you can get them all, even the subscriber feed.
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man, don't even bother.  video rss has never worked right from whiskey, ever since they launched it.  and i doubt they're gonna fix it anytime soon. 

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@100_Hertz: Yeah, I know. I just want an easy way to download all the DP endurance run as I never enjoyed it the first time so I stopped watching...
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@Baillie said:
@nickux: No, I don't think so. Pretty sure you can get them all, even the subscriber feed.
Maybe I'm thinking of FTP access or something. Is there a how-to on accessing this feed via iTunes?
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@Baillie: i hear ya man.  i download almost all GB, Tested, and Screened videos and watch them with PS3MS, and i've tried RSS time and time again to no avail.  I've just been downloading manually from the webpage for months.  It's a pain in the ass, but it's the only method that actually works right.  
@nickux said:
This is gold-members only, is it not?
the HD feeds are members only
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@100_Hertz: True, I think it'd be okay for doing it daily etc would be fine, but trying to download them all at once is a task i'd rather avoid.
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@Baillie: It might be ok now, but the real reason I stopped using rss some months ago was because I couldn't download multiple videos (even just 2) simultaneously without it fucking up and failing on one of them.  And I have great internet, and tried with like 5 different readers, including itunes.