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Last night the girlfriend and I finished up Kirby's Epic Yarn, which means we're out of co-op multiplayer games to play. Some of the titles I'm considering are Donkey Kong country Returns or Rayman Origins, but I'm worried that either might be too difficult. I'm not sure what to play next, so I'm throwing it out there for the Giant Bomb community.

What are your favorite cooperative multiplayer games? Are there games that you've played with your significant other that she's enjoyed? Please give me some recommendations. Keep in mind that my girlfriend enjoys video games, but she wouldn't be considered a "core gamer". Great visuals, especially those that could be described as "cute", are just as important as gameplay. For reference, here are the other games we've played through so far:

  • Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  • Lego Batman
  • Lego Indiana Jones
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Lego Star Wars: The complete Saga
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii
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Nothing but Rapelay

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Portal 2

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I've played plenty of games with my girlfriend that I never thought I would. She absolutely loves Mortal Kombat tag team ladders. The game is hard at first for her, but eventually she was taking on hard difficulty enemies with no problems.

I say go for Rayman Orgins, it gets hard near the end, the rest is pretty standard. Portal 2 could also be fun.

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me and my gf played through the Gears Of War trilogy coop. was great fun and she loved it.

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Halo 1 (AE if you like pretty graphics) Co Op. If she dies a lot, you can always carry hard or run back for a re-spawn. Also, its a pretty vibrant color pallet for a FPS.

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@RazielCuts said:

Portal 2

I'm just gonna go ahead and second this.

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@SSully said:

I say go for Rayman Orgins, it gets hard near the end, the rest is pretty standard. Portal 2 could also be fun.

@RazielCuts said:

Portal 2

I'm going to have to agree with these two. Tried both, and I can say that they're really good. (With portal 2 be prepared to tell her exactly what to do though....)

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Twisted Metal. Happy Valentine's Day baby.

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DKC Returns is SUPER difficult. My girlfriend and I still have a couple of levels that we just skipped because damn. It was just ridiculous, and having lives made it worse because of having to start over some super long levels. We made it through a lot of that just by the skin of our teeth.

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Catherine. Well, it has co-op.
 But seriously, play Tekken or maybe the already mentioned Portal 2, Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country Returns(EDIT: But beware of DK Country. Seriously. It made me scream with my sister. It gets hard sometimes.).

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girlfriend and I enjoy playing Dungeon Defenders together.

She likes her pink mage :)

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Way of the Warrior

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I've played through uncharted 2 and most of LA Noire with my girlfriend. We just pass the controller back and forth, which works because both of those games are about as much fun to watch as they are to play.

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The Fancy Pants Adventures is pretty easy, though it can get a bit frustrating at some points. Lode Runner seems very viable as well. Also, my girlfriend really likes Burnout 3.

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I didn't play them with a significant other, but Minecraft and Portal 2 were very fun to play with a close lady friend of mine.

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I think that Trine is a chill enough game that you could probably play co-op with a significant other and not get stressed to death.

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XBLA has served me well in this respect. The Lego games are great, but puzzler platformers have been the majority of gaming with girlfriend / fiance / wife. Braid, Trine, World of Goo, Puzzle Quest, Monkey Island remakes. Bastion. Catherine was great as well, but the difficulty got a little rough for her, plus I obviously only got to do the "relationship" path, "affair" required some user inputs that were clearly off the table.

She balked at Dark Souls. Her loss.

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For sure: 

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii
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Co Op platformers.
Trine is a good one.

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Assuming you only have a wii? Mod Nation Racers is awesome choice.

I'd say Lego games ANY of them, I don't know what it is about them. My ex is an MD resident working 80 hours a week, doesn't ever play video games, yet for some reason those hooked her and she found time to play them. I'd say that's a good endorsement.

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Viva Pinata 2. Great visuals, fun coop, adorable, relatively light on pressure...

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What ever she shows the most interest in.

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As you mentioned, lego games. Those are GREAT for coop with the other half.

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My GF loves Chu Chu Rocket. If you have a Dreamcast laying around then get on that.

Edit: in b4 fellatio jokes

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...I say if she doesn't want to play your type of co-op game, don't play hers. No just kidding.

I suppose my personal favorite co-ops that SHE may enjoy are:

  • Mario Kart
  • Lego ...anything really.
  • Uhh....ran out of good ideas?
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You haz lady friend?!?!?! OMG

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You could try Saints Row 3.

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It depends, a lot of girls (or women if you prefer) that aren't too into games but can play them occasionally, like games like Super Mario Kart, girls who are a little more into gaming like games like Left 4 Dead, but I guess it depends on if she likes to shoot zombies. Why don't you ask her instead of us? By the way, I like how you referred to her as "the" instead of my.

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Go to the store with her and show her the boxes to a few games that you think she might like. While it's like buying a game with an 8 year old (I remember doing this with my Genesis) at least you are giving her good options with good games. Have her pick, she will be delighted you are trusting her with the decision.

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My girlfriend and I have played Little Big Planet quite a bit although it started to get a little hard for her.

After she saw me play Twilight Princess a few times she started her own game so that might be a good non-coop idea.

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Racing games might be good, especially Dirt/Burnout stuff. Forza with heavy assistance might be fun, me and my lady have had some fun with that sorta stuff. Another good option is games you're as inexperienced with as she is.

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So I do play lots of games, but I generally don't like FPSs. My husband and I played split-screen Borderlands together, and that was really fun. The first little bit was a bit tricky, and he had to do most of the combat, but once I got Roland leveled up a bit (he played Brick) it became a really hilarious experience. You could watch the quick look with her and see if it looks like something she might be interested in.

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Cooking Mama.

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  • Hide the Salami
  • Don't shit yourself.
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Ratchet and clank: All for one

Little big planet 2

Mushroom wars- competitive play is so much fun

Trine 2



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50 cent: Blood on the Sand.

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  • Rock Band
  • Dance Central
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Little big planet?

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dark souls. if she can't handle it - dump her.

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What about single player games? Something like Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2 if she enjoyed New Super Mario Bros Wii. I'm assuming you want her to enjoy gaming on her own level and not just with you though.

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Do you have a PS3? If so some of Sony's more family oriented fare like LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One might be some good choices. LittleBigPlanet can get pretty hard towards the end but if she liked the look of Kriby Epic Yarn she is bound to like the look of LBP. Also on PS3 there is Trine and Trine 2(which is also on 360). You can lower the difficulty level and then she shouldn't have a problem with it.

If she doesn't mind first person games, then Portal 2 is a good choice, or Left 4 Dead if she is a fan of zombies. Playing Gears or Halo on their easy difficulties also wouldn't be very challenging assuming she would be into the violence. Resistance 1 and 3 on PS3 are also fun in co-op. I haven't played Donkey Kong or Rayman but both are supposed to be very challenging so I'd say you might want to go with something easier if she isn't very good.

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I did MMOs for a while with my old girlfriend. I always found Mario Kart to be fun, but that isn't "cooperative".

I'm not sure how hardcore your girlfriend is; I liked Terraria, although the difficulty in that game might be too high for her.

[quote]girlfriend and I enjoy playing Dungeon Defenders together.

She likes her pink mage :)[/quote]

I hear that's a cute game. I thought it was okay myself; I was put off by the aesthetic choice, but it's not too bad.

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I only played MSN Minesweeper with that "significant other"... Can I recommend some Flash games?

  • Forest Temple
  • Light Temple
  • Ice Temple
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My girlfriend and I played through the co-op of Portal 2 and had a ton of fun. Sorry to be redundant - but it should be clear that that is the best choice.

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The title of this thread is fucking dumb as hell.

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Little Big Planet or Portal. Oh, and Dark Souls.

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Lara Croft and the guardian of light is a fun co op game, depending on what she likes, played that through with my girlfriend but she also likes gears and halo. Maybe get a guitar hero or rock band on the cheap?