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So it's almost that time of year again.

Every year, I throw a game down on my Santa letter. This year, though, I'm not sure which game to choose. I have already played and finished both The Last of Us and GTA V this year, and I'm looking for something story-orientated to get my teeth into this Christmas.

I'm leaning toward Bioshock Infinite or Tomb Raider but I'm not got my mind set on either.

Can anybody recommend anything for me?

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Having played both Bioshock and Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider's story is lacking compared to Bioshock's. Still a fun game, but you know, kinda ridiculous in spots.

If you want a good story, play Gone Home.

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Bioshock Infinte for sure. Well, for sure in my opinion that is. I didn't like TR, after a little while it started to feel very repetetive and boring for me. Basically everyone I know enjoyed it, but I just couldn't do that. Also, I don't really think TR is the best story game, since it's constantly trying to be over the top action packed while also taking itself way too serious. It ends up being kinda dumb, really. It's not the fact that they're trying to create a "real" setting, as much as the fact that they're trying to show off Laura as a normal human being while at the same time showing her off as fucking wonderwoman who can survive and endure everything with wolverine-like regeneration.

I dunno, for me it just felt dumb and boring, while Infinte is still one of my favourite games. The setting and the story are just incredible the first time through. It sets a tone early on and keep it up for allmost the entire game. Just incredible, IMO.

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Between the two of those; Bioshock. Zero doubt about it. Tomb Raider is dumb fun, and while it does deliver it's narrative well, the writing itself is as clichéd as you'd expect from the series. Bioshock on the other hand, is a terrific game that is mainly considered such due to it's superb story-telling.

While I think The Last of Us was excellent in every aspect, it isn't a particulary origin game by any means. Bioshock on the other hand goes out it's way to deliver a string of twists, one crazier than the other, and they actually manage to tie it all together at the end in a way that is both emotional and impressive.

A few other games I'd readily suggest are smaller titles that you may, or may not, have gotten the chance to play. "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" has the best writing I've seen in a long time, hands down."To The Moon", which was released last year, is a small indie game you'd be able to pick up for a small sum, that is basically an interactive novel, it's also impossible to forget.

Finally, they just released an Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate 2, which ranks up there as having one of the best stories in gaming, of all time. It's no Planescape Torment, but still..

Yet to play Gone Home and Brothers, myself, but I hear those are worth a look.

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wow did i just see a backlash on tomb raider and a back-backlash on Bioshock Infinite? last i remember reading here pretty much everyone couldn't stop singing TR's praises.

get The Swapper.

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For story? Bioshock for sure.

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Both of them grew less awesome for me in the months after I played them. The whole middle part of Bioshock is TERRIBLE, especially if you dwell on it too much. You can drive yourself crazy with all the plot holes and flimsy characters, not to mention the lackluster combat (DO NOT play it on Hard), in that section. Tomb Raider was enjoyable when I played it, but I can't for the life of me figure out why exactly that was. Going back has not made me view that game in a favorable way. I think that it might have been the inconsistencies in Lara's injuries (sometimes she seems fine, even with a giant fucking hole in her side) and/or the aping of Uncharted (which I have always found annoying).

If you had to choose one, I would still go with Bioshock Infinite. The story is very interesting around the beginning and the end, with one of my favorite endings of the year, and has some great character moments.

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Tomb Raider has a terrible story, so dont get it for that, but it has really fun gameplay; somewhat of a more systems complex uncharted with a metroidvaniaesque world. Bioshock Infinite has an amazing story and setting, but really middling gameplay; a dumbed down version of bioshock with greater focus on combat/shooting than roleplaying. The gameplay is not bad, it's just a means to an end,

Other recommendations:

Gone Home is 5 bucks for another hour, and it features the second best video game story of the year (behind the last of us). Truly spectacular

If you're into hokey, ridiculous, sometimes audacious things, look into Beyond 2 Souls. It is insanity condensed into a round, plastic disc that will make you laugh at how bad/weird it can be, and cry at how emotionally touching it can be. Even its failures remain interesting. Definitely worth the 30 dollars I've seen it go for.

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Tomb Raider is way better than Bioshock Infinite

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I didn't play Tomb Raider, so I can't really talk about that game.
In regards to Bioshock, however, if it seems like a type of game you'd like, chances are you'll probably enjoy it. Personally I didn't really like it, but I just don't think that kind of game was made for somebody like me. The best part of Infinite is its narrative, but that's all I feel comfortable saying in the way of endorsements.

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Well, if you're looking for story I'd have to be the one to say Alan Wake, in case you haven't played it. Can't beat that game's experience in my opinion

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Donate some money (let's say...at least $5) to my Child's Play thing and you can pick a game from my Steam gifts, maybe @branthog's too if he sees this and says it's still okay (he has a shit ton of games to give away still).

Also, that thread title, urgh, duder.