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So I just got a 25% Off code from Origin. Since I'm not going to use it I thought, rather than letting it go to waste, I'd give it away.

However, I thought I'd make things interesting. The first person to solve all the following anagrams shall be messaged the code! They are all video game franchises, some old, some current. (The amount of words may not be the same as the anagrammed version!) Good luck! :-)

  • Undergone Peek
  • Remedial Gloats
  • Flaw Crowd Or Fart
  • Naked Lionheart
  • Zoom Farts Torpor
  • Faulty Cold
  • Large But Sad

PLEASE NOTE: The code can't be used to discount Mass Effect 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or games released within the past 30 days.

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I would give you money to not have Origin installed on my PC.

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@jayjonesjunior said:

I would give you money to not have Origin installed on my PC.

I'm not a fan of the service either. However, I know there are some folks on these forums who do use it, hence the giveaway.

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Faulty Cold is Call of Duty and Undergone Peek is Dungeon Keeper, but that's all I can solve for now... if I get more I'll edit the post.

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The first one's dungeon keeper, that was pretty eas-ay. Faulty Cold CALL OF DUTY. Can't really see any of the others... yet.

EDIT: ZOOM FARTS IS FORZA MOTORSPORT. DUH. Shoulda got that earlier.

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@Tylea002: Zoom Farts Torpor is probably my favourite one. Just sounds so wacky.

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I've been staring at this for 10 minutes and I can't get any of them. God damnit.

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1. Dungeon Keeper

2. Metal Gear Solid

3. World of Warcraft

4. Alone in the Dark

5. Forza Motorsport

6. Call of Duty

7. Baldur's Gate


Funny, the one I had the hardest time solving is the franchise I'm most familair with.

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@BoG: Congrats! I'll message you the code momentarily.