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Hey guys,

Some of the Australian Giant Bomb community may know of the ABC show "Good Game", a weekly show about video games.

When I first heard of Ryan's passing, I felt the need to write to them and ask them to make mention of the sad news during their gaming news segment. I wanted some of the Aussie gaming crowd who hadn't heard of Ryan or Giant Bomb to hear the news, especially considering some of them would have had the opportunity to meet Ryan and Jeff at PAX in Melbourne.

During last Tuesday's show, they mentioned the tragic news about Ryan, and I wanted to share the link with anyone who was interested:


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That's pretty awesome man.

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That girl is pretty hot.

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Fuck good game, junglist for lyfe!!!

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The production makes it feel like it's a VideoGame show from the 90's, was weird seeing them show new games like Magrunner and Gunpoint on there.

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That's cool. I must say, good game is a pretty good show for what it is. It's fairly simple, but it's fun easy watching. Hex is also kinda hot .

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The production makes it feel like it's a VideoGame show from the 90's, was weird seeing them show new games like Magrunner and Gunpoint on there.

YAH! Just want them to segment into the section where they show skits for reviews, and a show where all they show are trailers for 30 minutes.

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Good Game is pretty decent. I still feel bad for junglist though getting shafted to add Hex in for the 'hot chick' factor to draw in more viewers. To be fair to her she's done a really good job hosting the show and really does care about games. Still, poor junglist.

Nice to see the Ryan Davis tragedy warranting a mention.

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That there Hex lady saying, "Hollen Shed" made me laugh.

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It has been pretty awesome hearing Ryan being talked about on almost every game-related podcast the last couple of weeks. Even on non-game related shows (like the TWiT network and Framerate). I always knew he was a big deal, but had no idea just how much he influenced people. The two most comment things I've heard are mostly what the Idle Thumbs guys talked about, too: 1) Ryan Davis as lovable, kind, witty, acerbic in a way you didn't hate him for, didn't buy into the super-serious games bullshit and was the kind of game enthusiast and personality that either got people into the business or people in the business want to be more like and 2) Ryan Davis knew how to run a podcast in a way that was professional, compelling, exciting, and didn't just mirror tired old radio-format audio shows and people in the game and/or podcast game looked up to Ryan as an early example of how to do this superbly.

Ryan is someone that is going to be remembered for a very long damn time. There are great people in this hobby, but few of them shine like he did. Hell, for some of us, he was a pretty powerful example of a HUMAN BEING, period.