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I'm going to have a lot of spare time in the coming weeks and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on some good podcasts?

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besties from polygon.com

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I follow 3 gaming podcasts each from a different perspective.

The giantbombcast of course from the press perspective.

Idle thumbs is a great podcast, in depth discussion about games and some of their more esoteric aspects as well as a good dose of idiocy sprinkled throughout. From the perspective of developers/writers etc of videogames

and the Lincolncast/Scotchcast from the Giant Bomb Community is really good to get fellow gamers opinions and outlooks on news/games often the most helpful to put game consumption and purchasing in the context of regulay, non-games related jobs and lifestyle.

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and if you have time and want to break up your games with other podcasts I absolutely recommend the Comedy Bang Bang Podcast, a hilarious sketch comedy/improv podcast, in interview format, big comedy names as guests. Much like the show if you've ever seen it but with more of an emphasis on improv, usually devolving into insanity.

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Idle Thumbs is great.

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If you're somewhat into Lets plays you might like Retsutalk. They also talk about just gaming in general as well though. they are the only other podcast I listen to.


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Would you say you're looking for something charmingly garrulous?

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Not gaming related, but Brad references it on occasion, Hardcore History. I started listening to it this week. History, especially ancient history, is one of my weaker spots. I'm trying to fix that, and this podcast has been great so far. He's extremely personable, you don't feel like you're being talked down to, and the topics are absolutely fascinating. Although it does get a bit gruesome at times. I mean, it's hard to listen to the details of genocide for eight hours in a row. Also, man, things were kind of rapey.

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I second the Besties, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Vidjagame Apocalypse.

For non-gaming humor I would also recommend Laser Time (pop-culture themed humor/trivia), and "My Brother, My Brother, and Me".

For just interesting and funny individuals I recommend The Joe Rogan Experience, The Mega64 Podcast (the video podcast is preferable), Penn's Sunday School (Penn Jillette from Penn and Teller), and check out the Tested podcasts for half-serious and fun tech talk.

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Other than the ones already mentioned, the joystiq podcast is actually pretty good and so is cagcast. The indoor kids is great, though its about nerdy stuff in general not just video games.

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Yeah, vidjagame apocalypse is always fun, it's from the old Gamesradar guys if you ever read their site. I like the final score too http://finalscoreshow.com/

I feel like the fans of Talkradar/Laser Time are still kind of the black sheep of the podcast fandoms. Which is sad, because those guys are genuinely great.

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8-4 Play is a good listen as they usually cover games and topics stateside podcasts will gloss over. Idle Thumbs is and has always been great. Three Moves Ahead focuses on strategy games and while that's not my favorite genre the level of detail they go into is really interesting. And Tone Control seems to be giving the Dumptruck a run for its money in regards to majorly in-depth developer interviews.

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Besides the Bombcast I like Idle Thumbs, Gamers with Jobs and Weekend Confirmed.

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I'll wholeheartedly second Vidjagame apocalypse. Pretty much anything from the laser time network.

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While they're not the Bombcast, I like Player One and No Quarters a lot. Both are pretty informal and have the feeling of friends having a conversation.

I was a Weekend Confirmed and Rebel FM listener for awhile but they both kinda wore out their welcome.

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Weekend Confirmed, some of the guests can be a little annoying sometimes, but I enjoy me some Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata and Jeff Mattis.

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I actually found Gamers with Jobs podcast to be pretty good. I regularly cull my podcast list due to time constraint (look I listen to the bombcast and idle thumbs on repeat at least 2 to three times each week I'm a crazy person ok) and the GWJ crew always manage to stay in my list. I find their level of congeniality and their conversation style to mesh pleasantly into my ear holes.

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What does informal mean?

I like the CAGcast best next to the Bombcast. Weekend Confirmed, Gamers with Jobs, and 8-4 Play are solid options but I don't listen week in and week out. Retronauts has good episodes but also lately has been super boring and uninspired (keep putting that money to good use, guys!). All the other gaming podcasts I have listened to have been pretty bad

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Love the Besties over at Polygon

Those guys kill it, especially the early episodes where every few weeks they change the rules of the show.

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Have you heard about our Lord and Savior, the Giant Bombcast?

...please take this pamphlet.

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Retronauts has good episodes but also lately has been super boring and uninspired (keep putting that money to good use, guys!).

Oh thank god I'm not the only person who thought that.

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the core to a good podcast is they don't insult your intelligence, can stay on topic and when they talk about other things it feels natural. I miss the Brodeo, but hard to top the bombcast for now.

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I'll throw in another vote for the Besties.

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GIant Bombcast, your one stop shop for all the latest and greatest in Video Game news.

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@unclebenny said:

@artisanbreads said:

Retronauts has good episodes but also lately has been super boring and uninspired (keep putting that money to good use, guys!).

Oh thank god I'm not the only person who thought that.

It's embarrassing they took money from people and there's been a few episodes where they flat out say "Sorry, not much more to cover here" basically at the end and pack it in. And it's glaringly obvious they didn't prepare or just don't feel compelled to really make the shows great. Really ridiculous.

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I really like Crate & Crowbar (Former PC Gamer UK podcast guys) and Gamers With Jobs

Both are highly entertaining and pretty casual, insightful and often funny.

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i know this is almost entirely unrelated but MBMBAM always makes me look like a lunatic in public from cracking up so much

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I just started listening to Weekend Confirmed actually tonight. I'm enjoying what I've heard so far.

I also occasionally listen to the CAGCast as well as the Game Informer Podcast.

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In addition to Giant Bomb's podcasts I currently listen to:

  • Final Score - Cartoonist Scott Johnson has cultivated a great community around his Frog Pants podcast network and collaborates with its members to make a pretty unique and inclusive show. I'd also recommend checking out the Final Score Minecraft server.
  • Podcast Beyond - The heart of IGN, the vibrant, energetic Greg Miller and his the low key, opinionated, room mate Colin Moriarty talk Playstation.
  • Nintendo Voice Chat - IGN's Nintendo show not only talks about current news, but has in depth discussions about Nintendo's long history and is full of great music.

I've listened to these podcasts in the past and I'd still recommend them:

  • Indoor Kids - Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, and his wife, Emily V. Gordon talk with other comedians about games. They aren't from the games media, so this show focuses on their personal relationship with games.
  • PC Gamer - Many other shows overlook some of the finer details of PC Gaming.
  • Podcast Unlocked - Not as flashy as IGN's Playstation podcast, but still worth while for Xbox focused discussion.

If you're a fan of MMOs in general check out Massively's podcast or The Instance and WoW Insider for World of Warcraft specific shows.

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Rebel FM, Tell Em Steve Dave (not gaming..)