#1 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1667 posts) -

I recently got an iphone 5 and I'm not a fan of the podcast app that apple makes so I was wondering if someone could recommend any good podcast apps to me. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Enigma777 (6237 posts) -

I've been using Instacast for a few years and it's pretty good.

#3 Posted by project343 (2880 posts) -

I used Instacast for a while, but switched back to the default one when Apple made it not suck as much.

#4 Posted by LTSmash (706 posts) -

Instacast and Downcast are both very good.

#5 Posted by Asmo917 (500 posts) -

I'm also a fan of Instacast. Biggest feature I love is the ability to create playlists. Long drives are more tolerable when I can set up 8 hours of podcasts ahead of time.