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So as we all know EA is shutting down this game. 
I feel sad. 
This was the first game i ever played online on a console, the game where i met alot of great people on that i still call my friends till this day. 
I must have played this game for over a 1000 hours across 4 years. It was such a great game. 
Last time i jumped into it, yes it was a little shady after playing so much starcraft2 but it was still LOTR. 
My LOTR, the one i will never forget.

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Played this game so damn much on the PC. I still have fond memories of going uber turtle as the elves against 3 allied brutal AI goblins and winning (post game screen showed that I had killed just under 11,000 goblins in 2 hours). 
Such a good game.

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For PC too? 

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Wow! That makes me sad. I guess I'd never play this game again in a post-SC2 world... but I still think LOTRBFMEII was the best RTS ever made for a console. Also, it had the greatest acronym. 
The summer after this game came out I probably played it a few hours a day for almost two months, and almost went insane. My Tower Guard wall + Boromir's Horn of Gondor stun + Ithilian ranger volley strategy was so awesome. Also, the 3 vs 1 castle matches were the most epic multiplayer matches I've ever played (seeing as one game could go on for like 6 hours).

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I've got it sitting on my shelf, stolen from my roommate. I always planed to play it someday... but I guess that's never going to happen.

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I looked under my bed and discovered that I do indeed have this game for the xbox 
I remember liking it but I think I never really got into it that much 
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BFME2 was the first 360 game i ever owned :(

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" For PC too?  "

Are you asking whether EA's shutting down the multiplayer on the PC too? If that's what you're asking, then yeah. Their license with Middle-earth Enterprises (formerly Tolkien Enterprises) expired, "forcing us to shutdown the online services for The Lord of the Rings™ games". Fun.