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Poll: GotG Final: Dark Souls vs. Mass Effect 2 (1848 votes)

Dark Souls 48%
Mass Effect 2 52%

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And so we reach the conclusion of the Giant Bomb Community Game of the Generation. We've had highs and lows over the last fortnight as the bracket was whittled down from 64 games to these final two. A massive 46,448 votes have been cast and hundreds of posts made debating, arguing and complaining about the choices the community has made. I'd like to thank everyone who voted and posted because it wouldn't have been any fun without all the community participation. From the beginning I was always more interested in why people voted for a game rather than what they voted for and the last two weeks have produced a lot of great, often heated discussion about the games that have come out in the last eight years. I think we can all at least agree that it's been an amazing generation for video games.

So duders, will it be Dark Souls or Mass Effect 2 that takes the incredibly important title of Game of the Generation?

Dark Souls (2011)

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Voting closes at midnight GMT / 4pm PST Thursday.

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Here's why Mass Effect should win.

Dark Souls's tagline is "Prepare to Die." Well, guess what you're doing in Mass Effect 2. Getting ready for a suicide mission.

Next up, I don't think anyone in Dark Souls will fight for Humanity more than the Illusive Man.

Praising the sun? Ha.

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Hmm, I embeded Quick Looks for both the games but they don't seem to be showing up. Oh well, we'll just have to use our imaginations.

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Praise the sun!

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but I must vote for ME2.

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Mass Effect 2 was a great game, Dark Souls is pretty much perfect.

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Screw it!

I voted Dark Souls! Why? Because it should have been Mass Effect 1!

Either way, these are both fantastic games, and I will support either one that wins.

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If Dark Souls wins, I'll be very sad.

Jeff would not approve of this!

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Wow, guys, it had to come down to these. Mass Effect 2, but probably only because my 360 died before I could finish Dark Souls.

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Considering Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, though, I had to go with it...

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That was a tough chooice but I voted to me2. I've finished it MANY times. And Dark Souls only 2. Just more emotions in me

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Damn, maybe my two favorite games. Dark Souls is just easier to jump into and play though I think.

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I voted for both of these every step of the way, so for me, this is a good matchup. Mass Effect 2 is and has always been my pick for the winner of the whole thing.

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I really liked ME2, but I really love Dark Souls.

(I love Fallout 3 and BioShock more than either.)

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Praise the sun!

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And this is where I turn against Dark Souls. I'm sorry.

Mass Effect 2.

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Well, Dark Souls is an actual good game so I gotta vote for that.

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The first Mass Effect was the good one. Dark Souls is king.

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This should just end up in a straight tie.

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I.... I can't.... DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

Edit: In the end, I think I made the only true choice.


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Burn in shit ME2!

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No need to argue or present a case, cause everyone is going to be set before coming in here and it won't do any good. It will suffice to simply say that I would be thrilled for Dark Souls to take this. Praise the motherfuckin sun.

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Praise the Sun!!! \±/

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Praise the sun.

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Someone else posted this in the previous poll and it is such an amazing fan made trailer.

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Let's bring it home Mass Effect!

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Mass effect 2 is actually fun to play and has a story so i vote for that

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I'm all in on Dark Souls. I liked Mass Effect 2, but it didn't grab me like the first did. Not sure why! The only game I would have picked over Dark Souls was RDR.

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This is insanity

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Praise the sun!

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People who vote for ME2 over Dark Souls must simply be

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Again, never played Dark Souls. So, ME2 gets my vote. But if I could pick my own, it would be The Witcher 2.

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Sci-fi is more interesting than fantasy, got to go with Mass Effect. Love both games though.

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Prepare to .... be disappointed =/

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I never thought I would vote Mass Effect 2 for any poll ever (other than a negative one) after the first time I played through it (and after watching my roommate play the whole stupid game). Then I was bored and decided to play through it again and play it super seriously and try hard to get into it. I totally did and now the game has my full respect. It's shallow at places and, because of what Mass Effect 3 did with the character, the story ended up being pretty pointless (collecting dudes that you see for like 15 minutes in the sequel then never play with again), but the game was hella fun. Dark Souls on the other hand I can't play because they refuse to release any sort of demo and I'm not going to compromise my new computer to pirate it to try it out, but I got Demon's Souls from Ps+ and I absolutely hated it. Because the Dark Souls fans are in full force, I have started a strong manly campaign called #anythingbutdarksouls.

It's been a rousing failure thus far so Dark Souls will probably win for some reason, but this is the last push of the Dark Souls hate army.

Also why do Giantbomb's polls suck at math?

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Dark Souls is winning, welcome to the internet.

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I've only beaten ME2 but I really loved Demon's Souls. And I have beaten that. So I voted for Dark Souls.

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Dark Souls let's you do stuff like this.

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Will it be the good one? Or will it be the one with the Vinny-hosted feature currently running on Giant Bomb? Place bets now!

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I'm sorry.

- Dark Souls

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ME2 no question for me - not that I'd mind if Dark Souls won.

Both are great!

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@jimbo said:

Will it be the good one? Or will it be the one with the Vinny-hosted feature currently running on Giant Bomb? Place bets now!

**note: not an exclusive or.