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Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: GotG Round 1: BioShock vs. Mirror's Edge (776 votes)

BioShock 80%
Mirror's Edge 20%

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One game takes place deep below ground, the other high above it. Just thought you should know.

BioShock (2007)

Bioshock is the closest thing to art in the world of videogames. Not merely because of its fantastic effects, and art-deco style, but this is the only narrative that a movie or book could not accomplish without the same end affect. The only way this piece of fiction could have been executed is though interactive entertainment, and you will understand this once you approach the game's climax. This is a towering example of how engaging story, and multi layered characters can dramatically improve a game's quality. Bioshock is a rollercoaster that immediately grabs you, and never lets go during this exploration of horror, and madness. 2K didn't just deliver us a shooter that's fun to play, but they delivered the new benchmark in what makes a game worthwhile for your time and money. Bioshock stands as a tremendous example on the rules in which a single player game should go by, a convergence of action packed entertaining gameplay, engrossing narrative, and characters who are both superb and believable. With the combination of tremendous quality in writing, sound, and visuals, you feel as if Rapture could truly exist. With all this said and done, would you kindly delve into the depths of one of 2007's finest?

From user review by epicsteve

Mirror's Edge (2008)

What the community has to say:

Mirror's Edge is an incredibly unique experience that is extremely important in the age of an extremely over-saturate game market. We're constantly being flooded by the same types of games and an endless stream of sequels that rarely do anything new. That's not to say any of these games are bad, but they drown out innovation by constantly playing it safe - as well as wearing out their welcome. Games like Mirror's Edge don't come around very often, and when they do we'd be best not to ignore them, lest we want games that take a chance and break the mold to fade into obscurity.

From user review by knightsofround

Voting closes at 12pm GMT / 4am PST Saturday.

#51 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5161 posts) -

Mirrors Edge had some really cool concepts and ideas and it did a lot of good things right but it wasn't a very good game.

#52 Posted by Buneroid (429 posts) -

I tried playing the first Bioshock but I just didn't find it fun. Probably because I tried playing it so long after it came out I don't know. Mirror's Edge was 10x more fun for me the second time I played through it on pc because

1. I didn't get stuck at parts not knowing where to go since I remembered from last time.

2. I played it on PC the second time and it looked amazing.

#53 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

Bioshock: so overrated.

#54 Posted by Dalai (7092 posts) -

I guess I don't need to make an argument for Bioshock. You guys voted correctly.

#55 Posted by mrfluke (5389 posts) -

this is an unfair matchup for mirrors edge lol bioshock takes this easily.

#56 Posted by bkbroiler (1650 posts) -

I don't love Bioshock that much, but I only really like the first 3 or 4 levels of Mirror's Edge, so... Bioshock!

#57 Edited by chrissedoff (2179 posts) -

I wasn't crazy about Bioshock, honestly. It really lost its edge in its second half. It's better than Mirror's Edge, though. I'm glad there's a sequel to it coming up, because it had lots of potential. Unfortunately, they really goofed up Mirror's Edge with too much combat and too many frustrating platforming sequences. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, having to slow down really saps all the fun from the game. Plus the story was real bad and dumb.

#58 Edited by Graham_Nix (111 posts) -

Ooh, I voted Bioshock because I was really impressed by it, but now I'm kinda regretting it. Mirror's Edge has (at least for a game worthy of GOTY consideration) some pretty deep lows, but it has also some very high highs. When everything - the mechanics, aesthetics, level design, sound design and music - works together, Mirror's Edge is breathtaking.

Unfortunately, the game fumbles it's momentum (figuratively, I mean) too often with ill-advised indoor sections that require precise first-person platforming, which is a real shame. Hopefully Mirror's Edge 2 can nail the experience throughout!

#59 Posted by StingingVelvet (574 posts) -

As much as I LOOOOVE Mirror's Edge this is an easy vote for Bioshock. Bioshock was just amazing from start to finish. I even liked the boss fight everyone bitches about.

#60 Posted by Chuncho_Munos (45 posts) -

I feel that somehow Bioshock was just a tad better than mirrors edge in my opinion, but Mirrors Edge is so hugely underrated by so many that it deserves to be on a game of the generation list to get some more recognition.

#61 Posted by JEC03 (919 posts) -

Mirrors Edge for me it just felt refreshing playing something that felt different I love the visual style and the soundtrack for the game.As far as Bioshock liked it but was annoyed by some of the characters liked infinite much more but Mirror's Edge is great really looking forward to playing it on the Oculus rift someday.

#62 Posted by thatdutchguy (1283 posts) -

Bioshock was the game of that decade ... no ?

#63 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3110 posts) -

A fantastic game with a bad ending versus a mediocre game with a cool aesthetic. Bioshock wins handily.

#64 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

Mirror's Edge? Really?

#65 Edited by noizy (747 posts) -

I don't know why, but I tried to get into Bioshock, and every time I tried I just can't care. I don't know why. I wanted to.

#66 Posted by Elwoodan (885 posts) -

I'm not a fanboi for much, but Mirrors Edge is one of those things.

#67 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -

Bioshock for sure, it's an amazing game through and through. The atmosphere, characters and gameplay are all top notch.

Mirrors edge on the other hand was a fun game, but it doesn't compete with Bioshock at all.

#68 Posted by BaconGames (3607 posts) -

I think it's fair to not fall onto BioShock as if it's the greatest thing ever but Mirror's Edge to me demanded a sequel to actually make the game compelling whereas BioShock was a gargantuan game this generation across the board. Granted, it's been interesting to see the arc of that exact franchise go from revelatory to somewhat stale as the pace of game storytelling has seemingly accelerated but the original is still outstanding.

I also threw in my lot for asking why this is here in the first place over games like Mark of the Ninja, Pac-Man CE DX, Dirt 2, and Bad Company but I didn't expect it to survive the first round anyway.

#69 Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) -

BioShock takes a commanding win with 80% of the vote and 734 votes cast.