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Posted by mracoon (4973 posts) 11 months, 17 days ago

Poll: GotG Round 1: Journey vs. LittleBigPlanet (576 votes)

Journey 81%
LittleBigPlanet 19%

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Another PS3-exclusive head-to-head albeit a much less violent pairing.

Journey (2012)

What the community has to say:

Journey is a excellent game that everyone with a Playstation 3 should play, it is the only game that I have ever played that completes it's goal to the fullest extent and strives for and achieves excellence in every facet. You have to go into this game with an open, and willing mind and must set aside the time to complete it from start to finish. I can simply not give this game enough praise. After playing Journey you can see why it took 3 years to create a game that lasts an hour and a half, it takes time to create a masterpiece.

From user review by @enchantedecho

LittleBigPlanet (2008)

What the community has to say:

Little Big Planet was a potentially disastrous experiment; few games ask so much of the people who are meant to play them. But the experiment worked, as few games have gotten so much back from their communities. And by uniting the different regions of the actual world together on the PSN to play together, Little Big Planet more than lives up to its name.

From user review by @lordgodalming

Voting closes at midnight GMT / 4pm PST Thursday.

#1 Posted by Milkman (17073 posts) -

Those floaty controls in LittleBigPlanet really sucked.


#2 Posted by Belegorm (476 posts) -

I loved Journey, I only played it once but it was beautiful. I got LittleBigPlanet, but didn't enjoy it much (particularly using the analogue stick to move in a 2D game instead of the D-pad.

#3 Posted by AMyggen (3360 posts) -

I liked LBP more on paper than in practice. Journey was absolutely wonderful, playing through that for the first time with some random player helping me the whole way was one of my favourite gaming experiences this gen. Journey, easily.

#4 Edited by CaLe (4023 posts) -

Journey didn't make me lose my shit, but it was certainly a unique experience. I don't have the time to fully enjoy LBP, though I appreciated what it did. I vote Journey.

#5 Edited by MooseyMcMan (11339 posts) -

I voted for LittleBigPlanet, because someone had to.

Never played Journey beyond a demo that I didn't like.

#6 Posted by Nightriff (5164 posts) -

Journey, one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

LBP shouldn't even be in this thing, plays terrible and I don't have the patience to create levels.

#7 Posted by Pr1mus (3953 posts) -

I voted for the good game instead of the bad one.

#8 Posted by GunstarRed (5327 posts) -

One of these games is dare I say it... a masterpiece. And the other is a really charming piece of shit.

#9 Edited by Red (5995 posts) -

This is the only community decision I've disagreed with. LittleBigPlanet was a limitlessly charming and entertaining game. Journey had some spectacular moments, but I also encountered kind of a game breaking glitch and didn't have much of a desire to play it afterwards.

#10 Posted by RecSpec (3864 posts) -

I spent soooooo much money on LittleBigPlanet. But I can't vote for it over Journey, even if I didn't find it that fascinating.

#11 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -


#12 Posted by crithon (3348 posts) -

hmmmm, little big planet is something I put a lot of time and effort into it, but then show it to a casual gamer and they react "Why is the jumping so odd?"

#13 Posted by Sterling (2511 posts) -

Journey should win the whole thing. Lets make it happen people. Lets rig the votes!

#14 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (446 posts) -

I love the creative aspect of LittleBigPlanet, but the part where you have to play it is fucking terrible. And Journey is an absolutely breathtaking experience.

#15 Posted by Buneroid (428 posts) -

LBP is one of the only games anyone in my family wanted to play. Also my super annoying cousin came over and wanted to play it all the time... so maybe that's a negative. I still voted for Journey even though I haven't played it yet just because I think I'll enjoy it more. LBP was cool, but I never got that into it.

#16 Posted by GnomeonFire (772 posts) -

I hated the time I spent with LBP.

#17 Posted by Kain55 (133 posts) -

I want to like LBP so much more than I do. It's charming as hell and clever to boot, but it plays like garbage and never drew me in. Journey on the other hand literally gave me chills and left me in awe. Easy choice for me even if I wish it wasn't.

#18 Posted by spraynardtatum (3312 posts) -

I played Journey every night for a month. So I've beaten that game at least 30 times.

#19 Posted by Sinusoidal (1680 posts) -

Give Little Big Planet the platforming mechanics of something like Rayman and it coulda been a contendah!

#20 Posted by BisonHero (6674 posts) -

Oh man, what a super fair matchup. /sarcasm

Whatever, this is what LBP deserves. Kudos for making a cute-looking game with a cool creation engine that people were using to make logic machines well before Minecraft, but the actual platforming gameplay of LBP has been terrible in every single installment.

#21 Edited by Coafi (1490 posts) -

Journey, because it was such a great journey.

#22 Posted by Liquidus (946 posts) -

Journey is absolutely incredible. LittleBig Planet is a great idea with interesting tools but I hate the way it plays and it's arts and crafts motif. Give me proper free reign on creation tools or don't bother.

#23 Edited by chrissedoff (2153 posts) -

I'm very happy to see Journey winning this. Journey paired reasonably fun platforming with a genuinely emotionally affecting experience in an artful, subtle way that didn't rely on a narrative to inform the player how he/she should feel. That is unique and amazing.

LittleBigPlanet, on the other hand, was crippled by bad controls, which was the foundation necessary to make all their brilliant and well-executed ideas work. The floaty mushiness of the jumping and movement led me to conclude that it was a bad game, quite frankly, and it's painful to think about how a few different lines of code would have made the difference between a great game and one I can't enjoy. If only they placed higher value on creating a tight, fun platformer than ensuring that everyone could import their old levels into LittleBiigPlanet 2, they would have made a legendarily great game that people would still be talking about. You wouldn't be able to escape LittleBigPlanet videos on YouTube if it controlled like a Super Mario game. Instead, it feels like it's been mostly forgotten.

#24 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

I really didn't hate the way LBP controlled.

#25 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7099 posts) -

LBP was really hurt by it's floaty controls. Journey is one of the most beautiful and unique experiences I've ever had with the medium and I still listen to the soundtrack every so often. I vote for Journey.

#26 Edited by Castiel (2671 posts) -


#27 Edited by mems1224 (264 posts) -

Journey is one of the most overrated games this gen. LBP had floaty controls but I at least enjoyed my time with it.

#28 Posted by Atlas (2454 posts) -

Journey is a seminal game, a breath of fresh air, and for all its brevity it's also one of the most memorable games of the generation.

#29 Posted by LackingSaint (1833 posts) -

Not sure why LBP1 was chosen instead of 2, considering 2 is better in every way. That said, it's still just not quite enough for me to like it more than Journey. Sorry, Sackboy.

#30 Posted by Y2Ken (1195 posts) -

I have to vote LBP. Some of the stuff that users made with that game was mindblowing. Doing stuff I didn't think was even possible with the tools provided.

Also I loved the floaty controls personally. They gave it a more unique feel rather than just feeling like any other platformer. Journey is pretty great too, though.

#31 Edited by Yummylee (22131 posts) -

This just made me realise that Puppeteer isn't on here... Now that's some damned injustice, right there! Though it probably would have lost out to just about anything on that list, given that there's like a sole bloody 12 of us or something who played it.

#32 Posted by 49th (2790 posts) -

As much as I enjoyed Journey I spent a shit load of time playing LittleBigPlanet and bought stupid costumes. It was one of the first 'next-gen' games I played.

#33 Edited by ImmortalSaiyan (4690 posts) -

@milkman said:

Those floaty controls in LittleBigPlanet really sucked.


Ahuh. Journey is exceptional and Little Big planet is a neat creation tool with a lot of charm but with poor controls making it a poor gameplay experience.

#34 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5825 posts) -

Journey for me.

#35 Posted by chilibean_3 (1660 posts) -

This is a bigger blow out than I expected.

#36 Posted by Guesty_01 (382 posts) -

I can totally aprechiate what LBP is and does, but the experience of Journey was magic. The audio and visuals were exceptional.

#37 Posted by Vanick (332 posts) -
@yummylee said:

This just made me realise that Puppeteer isn't on here... Now that's some damned injustice, right there! Though it probably would have lost out to just about anything on that list, given that there's like a sole bloody 12 of us or something who played it.

I'm one of those 12 and I loved it.

#38 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (1144 posts) -

LittleBigPlanet kicked off the whole idea of the player making the game, not just playing the game. It was one of the best experiences I had the generation, and had a very underappreciated soundtrack to boot.

#39 Posted by mracoon (4973 posts) -

Journey had the longest scarf and wins with 82% of the vote and 568 votes cast.