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Posted by mracoon (4967 posts) 9 months, 9 days ago

Poll: GotG Round 1: The Walking Dead - Season One vs. Alan Wake (686 votes)

The Walking Dead - Season One 79%
Alan Wake 21%

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We're into the final eight matches of round 1.

The Walking Dead - Season One (2012)

What the community has to say:

Telltale have made what I consider their most complete and powerful game ever in The Walking Dead. They truly understand the source material and have adapted in wonderfully for the medium, and the passion that they have oozes from this title. The Walking Dead is a game that build upon its character driven focus and fills its events with emotion that really gets the player attached and invested in the story of Lee.

From user review by @thesilentgod

Alan Wake (2010)

What the community has to say:

This game combines the best elements of gameplay, story, characters, atmosphere, and music into a beautiful work of art. The game will leave you wanting more in a good way and each time you play it will find something you might have missed previously that will help you understand more about what is going on and why. Truly one of the best games that I have played in a long time.

From user review by @atsnead

Voting closes at 12pm GMT / 4am PST Thursday.

#51 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I vote Alan Wake, Walking Dead doesn't get a free pass for all the horrible performance and bugs just because it had an enjoyable story.

#52 Posted by jkz (4008 posts) -

You guys....I really loved Alan Wake

#53 Posted by GnomeonFire (709 posts) -

Walking Dead, no contest here. I got bored halfway through Alan Wake and just stopped.

#54 Posted by Kain55 (124 posts) -

The gameplay in Alan Wake I find to be kind of terrible. The lack of gameplay in The Walking Dead makes it somewhat better. I voted for that, but I honestly don't hold The Walking Dead in that high of regard.

#55 Posted by Clonedzero (4198 posts) -

Alan Wake is an interesting game.

Walking Dead is a choose your own adventure book. I loved it, but it's hardly a "game". Someones gonna yell at me for that, but come on.

#56 Posted by Falconer (1683 posts) -

TWD is a technical piece of GARBAAAAAAAAAGE. It's amazing that game was even released, and nothing was fixed by the time the fifth episode came out.

Alan Wake gets my vote. It spoke to me more, and it was actually playable.

#57 Posted by bigjeffrey (4910 posts) -

You guys....I really loved Alan Wake

#58 Edited by AlecOfTheWest (278 posts) -

Alan Wake, on accouny of it actually having gameplay.

#59 Posted by Y2Ken (1115 posts) -

I think this is the only poll in this bracket where I haven't played one of the games; and I haven't played either of them.

That said, I've seen a little of both, and from that and hearing plenty of chatter on both titles I feel comfortable picking TWD.

In fact, y'know what sways me to it? Those articles Scoops did on the player decisions. I didn't even play the game but I found those discussions fucking fascinating.

#60 Edited by JesusHammer (126 posts) -

Alan Wake was my GOTY of 2010. While I loved The Walking Dead's story and even though Alan Wake's gameplay was repetitive it at least had the gameplay there. I really hope S2 of TWD has more actual gameplay and not just QTE's and some of the easiest puzzles I've seen in a video game.

#61 Posted by mracoon (4967 posts) -

TWD takes a big win with 79% of the vote and 674 votes cast.