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Posted by mracoon (5084 posts) 1 year, 6 months ago

Poll: GotG Round 2: The Last of Us vs. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (514 votes)

The Last of Us 71%
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective 32%

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Can Ghost Trick pull off an upset against Naught Dog's latest game or will it be the last time we see it in this tournament?

The Last of Us (2013)

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (2010)

Voting closes at 12pm GMT / 4am PST Sunday.

#1 Posted by AMyggen (4602 posts) -

This will be a bloodbath.

#2 Edited by Nasar7 (2963 posts) -

Brutal match-up. I'm going with Ghost Trick.

#3 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Ghost Trick needs all the help it can get on this one.

#4 Posted by RonGalaxy (3624 posts) -

Last of Us gonna POUND Ghost Trick

#5 Edited by CaLe (4246 posts) -

I've never played Ghost Trick. The praise it gets makes me want to though. Even still, the handwriting on the various notes in The Last of Us is very realistic and individualized. I have to vote for that.

#6 Posted by Demoskinos (16297 posts) -

Ghost Trick son

#7 Posted by Yummylee (23237 posts) -

Last of Us gonna POUND Ghost Trick

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#8 Posted by Mezmero (2348 posts) -

This right here is the single hardest pick in the entire 2nd round. Damn it if these are not 2 of the absolute best games in terms of writing, characters, and art direction. Ghost Trick probably has better music but Last of Us has some of the best voice acting this year which added so much more to that story. I can't think of a single portable experience as satisfying as Ghost Trick was in the past few years. Last Of Us used the concept of a zombie apocalypse to tell one of the most affecting video game stories I've seen. These games are both absolutely beautiful.

Aaaaaaaah why do I have to choose?! Sorry guys. I like zombies more than ghosts in most cases. This is the kind of vote where you need to go with your heart.

#9 Edited by Roboculus92 (546 posts) -

I guess you could say that Ghost Trick didn't stand a ghost of a chance....ok I'm going now.

#10 Posted by Vanick (333 posts) -

Last of Us for me. I never had the opportunity to play Ghost Trick.

#11 Edited by HH (828 posts) -

so it's pro-The Last of Us vs. anti-The Last of Us

#12 Edited by LackingSaint (1991 posts) -

The Last of Us is easily my favourite game of the year, easily in my top five of this generation. Time for you to Go, Ghost.

#13 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12714 posts) -

Yeah... Ghost Trick is screwed. And know what? I haven't played The Last of Us. I bet it's pretty great.

#14 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

The Last of Us, even though I don't own a PS3.

#15 Posted by Flappy (2404 posts) -


#16 Posted by Skooky (484 posts) -

I voted for Ghost Trick because it is a good game.

#17 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1748 posts) -

For how disparate these two games are overall, they are both narrative-driven experiences with excellent characters, writing, and art. This is a pretty tough choice for me, even with Ghost Trick being one of my favorite games ever. However, The Last of Us doesn't have any cute talking animals, so gotta go Ghost Trick!!!...even though I know it's going to end up losing here :(

#18 Posted by BeachThunder (13137 posts) -

Ghost Trick problems :(

#19 Posted by oldenglishC (1105 posts) -

ghosttricks cant eat.

#20 Posted by Castiel (2920 posts) -

I voted for TLOU because it is a good game.

#21 Posted by BaconGames (3775 posts) -

Damn Ghost Trick is one of my favorite games of the generation. In a way I wish I could have played TLOU so I can see if it's living up to the hype that people have for it right now.

#22 Posted by Box3ru13 (731 posts) -

I feel really bad not having played Ghost Trick and have heard great things about it which further leads to some shame on my part. In an alternate universe where I have played it and one where TLOU doesn't exist I'm sure I'd vote for it.

But guys, Naughty Dog's Magnum Opus is fucking incredible. Uncharted 2 was and still is one of the best games of this generation and before this year was thought to be ND's crowning jewel. They released Uncharted 3 which was great but a step down from 2. ND probably could've called it quits there for this gen and been satisfied with their results of releasing one of the better (if not best) trilogy of games for the generation.

Then they introduce a new IP towards the end of a overlong and stagnant console cycle. Have a post-apocalyptic setting with "zombies" (a tired, and utterly worn-out concept in 2013) and completely blow the fucking doors off the gaming world. They introduce great characters with memorable dialogue. Set the tone and gravity of this harsh world in a fine and poignant way, make stealth and its need not only fun but necessary because the danger is real and combat is something to be avoided.

Oh and it probably has one of the best stories in gaming. And the first 20 mins probably top any game ever, including God of War 3. This may read like hyperbole (and some of it may be) but its hard not to emphasize how fucking good TLOU is.

Sorry Ghost Trick but maybe in Earth 2 you win this round. Here on Earth 1 (or is it?) you do not.

#23 Posted by Leonshade (63 posts) -

Ghost Trick is losing... but wait! I can go back in time four minutes to save it!

#24 Posted by Pr1mus (4102 posts) -

Yeah... Ghost Trick is screwed. And know what? I haven't played The Last of Us. I bet it's pretty great.

There are a couple arbitrary water sections but otherwise yeah it's pretty great.

#25 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Think I need to play Ghost Trick. Like now.

#26 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12714 posts) -

@pr1mus said:
@arbitrarywater said:

Yeah... Ghost Trick is screwed. And know what? I haven't played The Last of Us. I bet it's pretty great.

There are a couple arbitrary water sections but otherwise yeah it's pretty great.

Oh no. Now I want to die.

#27 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2356 posts) -

Last of Us, I didn't play Ghost Trick.

#28 Posted by TheHT (12341 posts) -

sorry pooch.

#29 Edited by Brackynews (4243 posts) -

I love lamp.

So, Ghost Trick.

#30 Edited by Zeik (3240 posts) -

Both are great, but Ghost Trick needs more love.

#31 Posted by RecSpec (4611 posts) -

Sorry Sissel.

#32 Posted by depecheload (514 posts) -

Ghost Trick, because TLOU is a poorly controlled mess of a game with a trite story and forgettable characters.

#33 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

The Last of Us might be my game of the generation, so my vote pretty much automatically goes for it.

#34 Posted by nick_verissimo (1438 posts) -

Emotions have no place here! Last of Us gets the nod...

#35 Posted by DonutFever (3805 posts) -

It's a close one, but Ghost Trick. It's a unique playing game, with great characters, a great art style, and one of the best endings of this generation.

#36 Edited by L33T_HAXOR (498 posts) -

Ghost Trick is like the best game ever. So I'll vote for Ghost Trick.

#37 Posted by Nightriff (6312 posts) -

Last of Us, shouldn't be close

#38 Edited by Aegon (6651 posts) -

This ain't fair, mang. Haven't played Last of Us, but I'm voting for the Ghost.

Edit: Missile is upset, but he'll find a way. He always does.

#39 Posted by mracoon (5084 posts) -

The Last of Us lives to fight another day with 71% of the vote and 493 votes cast.