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#1 Posted by BeefyGrandmole (396 posts) -

Man these are getting pretty hard.

#2 Posted by Yummylee (23491 posts) -

...You monster.

#3 Edited by Vanick (333 posts) -

I have to go with Red Dead on this one. Uncharted 2 is a fantastic game but I had more fun and more memorable moments in Red Dead.

#4 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Red Dead man, I cannot vote against it. Absolutely gorgeous visuals, one of the best soundtracks, an insanely immersive setting and those characters... Not to mention that the free-roam multiplayer is arguably still the best I've ever played.

#5 Posted by 49th (3116 posts) -

I want Uncharted 2 to win.

#6 Posted by Zero_ (2016 posts) -

Guys guys... remember when you were in that building shooting dudes, and a helicopter shot rockets at you, causing the entire building and all the shit inside to jump around and collapse? In 2009!?

#7 Edited by Stonyman65 (3080 posts) -

I love them both but I voted for Uncharted 2 simply because I had more fun playing it. It was a tough decision though.

#8 Edited by MildMolasses (3192 posts) -

Uncharted. Red Dead was good and all, but it's really most memorable for a great ending to me. Uncharted was Baller Time nuts through-out the whole thing

#9 Edited by RonGalaxy (3685 posts) -

Thats just mean :(

#10 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Man, shit is getting REAL SON. Toughest decision so far personally. I think.....I think Unchated gets it.

#11 Edited by CaLe (4313 posts) -

A modern day cowboy is no match for the real thing.

#12 Edited by DukesT3 (2012 posts) -

Aw shit.. thats really fucking hard but I have to go with Red Dead on this.. or.. or both?!!?

#13 Posted by mercutio123 (507 posts) -


#14 Edited by Anund (1036 posts) -

I'm voting Uncharted, but I think it's doomed, if nothing else because it's a console exclusive fighting it off against an awesome multi platform title. I really loved Red Dead Redemption as well. Tough choice.

#15 Posted by SamStrife (1328 posts) -

That Uncharted is losing to Red Dead shows how crazy this whole affair is.

#16 Posted by falling_fast (2601 posts) -

dude, red dead. no contest.

#17 Edited by TheHT (12565 posts) -

Great ending vs. great everything. Uncharted son.

#18 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7430 posts) -

Uncharted 2 is much better for any number of reasons; even if you really like Red Dead Uncharted 2 is near flawless (and if you find Uncharted's gameplay problematic in some way Red Dead is much worse on every front). Red Dead is a good game and might win this poll for some reason but Uncharted 2 is 3rd person shooter heaven.

Edit: The reason Uncharted 2 is losing is because people that don't have a PS3 are voting I suspect. That'll also be the reason ME2 has some chance of beating the Last of Us. In retrospect the PS3 is now a much better purchase solely because of Naughty Dog + Demon's Souls/almost every 360 exclusive came out on PC.

#19 Posted by slyspider (1568 posts) -

Fuck the end of every uncharted game. That singlehandly killed the game for me. Red dead.

#20 Posted by CptBedlam (4485 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: I played UC2 and 3 and thought they were "good" but not great. TLOU is the much better ND game. And RDR is just the most immersive game I have played this generation.

#21 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7430 posts) -

@cptbedlam: One person ain't everyone. You should try ACIV though.

#22 Posted by triviaman09 (816 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption should be the GotG. Making a fun, playable open-world Western is an achievement in itself, but the world Rockstar built in that game is brutal, whimsical, and believable all at the same time. RDR is an achievement on every level, and even though I don't think it will win, it absolutely should.

As for Uncharted 2, it's a great shooter and it's beautifully paced and an amazing game, but how can you compare what is ultimately a collection of really great set-pieces, to the world full of wildlife, random encounters, incredible and strange characters, and beautiful vistas that happen seemingly out of nowhere in RDR? I know that's a reductive way to look at Uncharted, but we kind of have to get reductive this late in the bracket.

#23 Edited by outerabiz (685 posts) -

red dead, had one of the most memorable endings of anything ever. It was also a great game, and it got me deep into watching old western movies.

Uncharted was a great looking roller coaster with bad combat. After i finished it i thought, "jeez, fucking finally!" because of it's horrible horrible ending with blue bulletsponge monsters or whatever it was.

#24 Edited by CptBedlam (4485 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: Do you mean Assassin's Creed 4? If so, then no way. The setting looks great but it's still an AC game with almost everything I hate about those games, and some of those things are downright immersion-crushing. Also, from what I've seen the world-building is not nearly as good as in RDR. But I will try it at some point.

#25 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

I LOVED Uncharted 2, and haven't played Red Dead. ...it must be fantastic.

#26 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7430 posts) -

@cptbedlam: Well it depends if you mean immersion like the fourth wall is never broken and its super serious all the time (The Last of Us probably wins that category) or immersion like "Holy fuck I can't stop playing this" (Dark Souls, Skyrim, or ACIV tossup).

#27 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

FUCK....I cannot vote :/

#28 Posted by Bulby33 (654 posts) -

This is the toughest poll yet, by far. I think both of these games are absolutely fantastic, and picking one is going to be a really difficult decision but....

Uncharted 2. Blew me away back in 2009. Red Dead is freakin' awesome, too, but Uncharted 2 was mind blowing.

#29 Edited by CptBedlam (4485 posts) -

@fredchuckdave: Out of those games only TLOU and DS deserve to be mentioned in this regard. And while TLOU does a lot of things very right, it's still trumped by RDR and DS in this category. It's really only a toss-up between those two games.

#30 Posted by laserguy (481 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption in 2015.

#31 Posted by RobotHamster (4237 posts) -

Yea this is a really tough choice. But I see Red Dead winning simply because it's multi-platform and just more people have played it, anything console exclusive while being incredible is going to have a tough time.

#32 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

Both have great presentation but the more I think about them the more I realize that I don't want to play either ever again. I probably will though since I'm a trophy or two away from S ranking both.

#33 Posted by Mezmero (2401 posts) -

This right here is horrible. How can you force the GB community to choose between these games? Who gave you the right? Oh yeah, we did. This is the single hardest of all the polls. Two of the hands down best action games of this generation. Great main characters, great narratives, and great game play. I'm seriously thinking about abstaining.

#34 Posted by HH (865 posts) -

any chance we can get a *see results* option next round?

i didn't finish either of these games, so I'm not voting.

#35 Posted by Spoonman671 (5134 posts) -

I prefer games that don't control like PS2 games.

#36 Posted by Nasar7 (2999 posts) -

I love both these games for wildly different reasons. Uncharted 2, I guess?

#37 Posted by spankingaddict (2835 posts) -

Uncharted 2 . Easier decision than I thought .

#38 Posted by HatKing (6516 posts) -

Both are pretty damn amazing. I played the Uncharted series really late, so maybe it didn't have quite the same impact on me. Red Dead just might be one of my favorite games ever.

#39 Posted by jkz (4083 posts) -

I fucking love Uncharted, but this Gen was Sleeping Dogs, Dark/Demon's Souls, and Red Dead, for me. Uncharted 2 really is an amazing achievement that can't be commended enough; it just didn't have that special *thing* to make me want to keep coming back to explore and just have fun with it.

#40 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7430 posts) -

@hh: Good for you! Right now its 59/41 in favor of Red Dead; that cross gen support.

#41 Posted by Liam89 (35 posts) -

Is Red Dead really gonna take it? I hope so.

#42 Posted by ZolRoyce (1151 posts) -

I'll take Uncharted 2's visuals any day and the gameplay that ISN'T hoards of bad guys thrown at you (which sadly is a common occurrence in that game) but man Red Deads storyline is so good and I don't even mean the over arching storyline that's just alright, but the character interaction is just great on an emotional level Uncharted never really felt like it hit. Got to vote with emotion on this one.

#43 Posted by Milkman (18002 posts) -

I was never bored playing Uncharted 2 so I voted for that.

#44 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

RDR is one of the most furiously boring padded games I have ever played.

First few hours and ending are great, I'll give it that.

#45 Posted by Aegon (6748 posts) -

Why must you do this.

#46 Edited by Turtlebird95 (3139 posts) -

Cougar Cabin.

#47 Posted by light_grenade (129 posts) -
#48 Posted by Mento (3239 posts) -

Not really sure why RDR's still in this contest to be honest. Uncharted 2's the easy pick, as silly as it was at times. I feel like it represented its genre better, for one thing, and at no point lagged atrociously (cough Mexico cough ending that forced you to go from point A to point B to point C to point D to point E cough there's clearly something caught in my throat, possibly cougar fur from yet another instant cougar death after travelling three miles across a featureless plain forcing me to start the whole journey over cough).

#49 Posted by Box3ru13 (732 posts) -

I think RDR is Rockstar's best game this gen. And yet it still can't compete with Uncharted 2. Okay it can but it doesn't hold up.

People like to bring up Bioshock's poor FPshooting as a reason it doesn't deserve to move on often, then RDR doesn't for a similar reason. Its combat its downright awful. The cover system is vastly inferior to U2, the aiming is as well. Weapons are a push because its very apples/oranges but U2 has the benefit of not having any stupid turret sections.

U2 train level is the epitome of game defining magnificence, everyone remembers how well-thought and designed that level is. RDR's by contrast is completely forgettable as is most of the Mexican section. The ending and first third of RDR are great and deserve all the praise including best late title-card ever.

But the entirety of U2 is from top to bottom outstanding. The MP is also better in U2 than RDR again simply because its more fun to shoot in U2 than RDR.

I don't get how RDR is winning the poll at this point aside from not as many people playing U2. RDR wasn't even the best game the year it came out much less a better game than Uncharted 2.

#50 Posted by awesomeusername (4536 posts) -

This poll is rigged if Uncharted is losing! Seriously, Uncharted 2 guys! Either way, I think TLOU deserves to win and if both of these games get knocked out this round, I hate you guys. Honestly.