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What do you think will get game of the year?
I'm thinking MGS4,Gears 2 or resistance 2.

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GTA because it popular even though its not that great.

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gta 4 no doubt

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Castle Crashers
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Well right now it's clearly between GTAIV and MGSIV. Between the two I think GTA will win, because more people have played it, being multi-platform and all that.

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FightMyMonkey said:
"LBP please!!!!!!!!!!!

although i hope MGS4 too"
LBP is gonna rock but I dont think its gonna get GOTY....
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gta 4 - hands down

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gta 4 - hands down

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Too early to tell, Q3-Q4 is going to be a crockpot of genius and awesome.

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Heath Ledger...? 

But seriously...I'm thinking Grand Theft Auto IV.
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Spore deserves it for extreme innovation, player empowerment, ambition and originality
Doubt it will receive it though

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Hmmm I think either MGS4, Spore, or Little Big Planet will get it.

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Gears 2, MGS4 or maybe Spore

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Simply put..... MGS4, hands down the best game this year. So far anyway.....

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Grand Theft Auto IV


Metal Gear Solid 4
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GTA4 will most likely win, cuz it appeals to the hardcore as well as the casual gamers. 

Metal gear is to niche imo.  I feel the same way about LBP too though I do hope LBP would win GOTY.

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Little Big Planet or GTA

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MGS4 for sure, blew me away, best game I have ever played.

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please, the gears of war 2 marketing machine guarantees GOTY.
besides the first game was goty and this one is "Bigger, Badder, and More Badass" so...

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LittleBigPlanet could because of the innovation but it's a toss up between Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand Theft Auto 4.

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GoW2, MGS4, Spore, or GTA4 will probably each get their fair share number of GOTY awards.
Alas GTA4 will more than likely get the most GOTY awards which is fine with me

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Little big planet, i so want that game and its like nothing ive seen on a console.

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I actually have a feeling Little Big Planet will be a big contender for that crown, in spite of competition from GOW2, MGS4, and GTA4.

Where's the love for Fallout 3? I'm thinking that's gonna be in the running pretty heavily too.

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Um...let's wait for the entire gauntlet of games to drop this year before making a judgment.  Perhaps the biggest issue is the fact that there are enough games coming out later in the year that may be intriguing.  Prognosticating now would be a disservice to the games down the line.

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People's vote will go to GTA IV. My choice is MGS4 (so far).
Editor's pick should go to Haze. Obviously.

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GTA IV is a shoe-in.

It lived up to the hype, and it just a well rounded and straight up awesome game.

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I'm thinking its going to be a tossup between Gears 2 and MGS4.

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Batman said:
"I'm thinking its going to be a tossup between Gears 2 and MGS4.
BTW 'Batman' was going to be my username -_-
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LouChou said:
Where's the love for Fallout 3? I'm thinking that's gonna be in the running pretty heavily too.
Most people haven't been too positive of what's been shown of Fallout 3. We'll see.
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It's most likely gonna be between GTA4 and MGS4 atm, other than that I'm not for sure, things can change at anytime.

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I have no idea. GTA4 is currently still my pick, but there are a good few games coming out that may top it.

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Most likely will be either GTA4, MGS4 or Gears of War 2.

Though I hope Spore and LittleBigPlanet get a mention, because they're the most creative games in years.

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I think MGS4 will winning game of the year is pretty much in the bag at this point.  I think Spore will get a lot of developer awards just like Portal did last year.

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Fallout 3

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Grand Theft Auto: IV
Metal Gear Solid 4
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GTA4, MGS4, and Gears 2.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 and LiitleBigPlanet both have strong chances.

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MGS4 or GTA4

and whatever other game coming out this year that get's a 10/10 from the majority of places.

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GTA will likely get it. I could see the Giant Bomb dudes really liking Fallout 3 as well.

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Grand Theft Auto 4

By Far.

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If i had to give 10 nominations it would be
3. GOW 2
4. Fable II
5 Fallout 3
6. Restiance 2
7: Spore
8: DMC4
9. LBP
10.Guitar Hero IV

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Gears 2
Winner : So hard to tell.