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Poll: Graphic style for upcoming game, which do you prefer? (86 votes)

The Top One 45%
The Bottom One 56%

So... although we continue work on Hybris we are also working on a side-project and we are on the process of selecting graphic style.

Which one do you prefer and why? As always, be absolutely blunt and comment anything you want. It is a work in progress so I will value your input.

Oh, it is supposed to be a comedic action platformer but a violent one.

#1 Posted by AlexW00d (6236 posts) -

What's the difference? They just look like 2 different areas of the same game with the same art style.

Maybe you meant setting?

#2 Posted by Jeust (10550 posts) -

Apparently the first one. It is brighter.

Great graphics, very pretty. Great luck!

#3 Posted by Fear_the_Booboo (434 posts) -

The first one. Brighter and looks more fun to explore. Both look good though. Good luck with your game.

#4 Posted by wewantsthering (1564 posts) -

Top one overall, but I like the grass in the bottom one.

#5 Posted by Willza92 (262 posts) -

Would probably be better if you had the two different art styles taken from the same part of the game. The first one seems to ooze more character, the second seems more indie/ arts and crafts. I prefer the first, but my initial reaction was that they were the same art style, but taken from different parts of the levels. If internally you aren't 100% on this art style and your alternate is similar, perhaps you need to create something even more different and see what you think about that. Good luck.

#6 Posted by Marokai (2899 posts) -

Like others so far, I think I prefer the top one overall, but much prefer the grass on the bottom. Combining the two would be wonderful, I think.

#7 Posted by probablytuna (3614 posts) -

Can't really notice the difference between the two styles, but I guess I prefer the second one.

#8 Posted by ADAMWD (581 posts) -

Use the grass from the second on the first.

#9 Edited by Broomhitches (173 posts) -

The top one looks great.

#10 Posted by TooWalrus (13167 posts) -

This is really cool, it's a lot like @symptomz interpretation of Pokemon (before he failed the challenge.) Are those pipes legal? That said, I like the darker tone of the bottom image better. Specifically the color of the mushrooms.

#11 Posted by Zlimness (553 posts) -

I prefer the second. The individual objects in the first option doesn't blend well together. It looks like images just stacked on top of each other. Maybe it's because everything is so sharp.

#12 Posted by TheHT (11142 posts) -

I like the brightness of the first one. Adding some hyperviolence to that would really pop.

#13 Posted by TyCobb (1966 posts) -

2nd! Everything just seems to go together. First one is OK, but not near as good as the second.

#14 Posted by Rxanadu (507 posts) -

I like the top one, as it fits more with your description of the game in general ("[It] is supposed to be a comedic action platformer but a violent one"). The bright colors in the first picture properly emphasize the tone you seem to be going for, whereas the bottom picture seems to depict a darker setting with a more serious tone.

Than again, as some of the previous commentors have pointed out, both screenshots be in the same game: they use similar tiles for the platforms, and the art style is practically the same. I wonder if what you're truly trying to ask is which screenshot properly depicts the tone the game is trying to present. If this is the question you're trying to ask, then I would answer with my previous answer.

Regardless, I hope my and everyone else's feedback help you in developing your game for the better.

#15 Posted by Veektarius (4772 posts) -

I don't think I'd prefer anything about the first one if you took out the giant penis monster.

#16 Posted by development (2246 posts) -

@adamwd said:

Use the grass from the second on the first.

Was thinking this same thing

#17 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3228 posts) -

Yeah bro the grass is better in the lower image.

I also found the lower image nicer looking, but the top image may fit a comedy more, with it's classic Mario-style background.

#18 Edited by MightyMayorMike (423 posts) -

The first one gives me a better impression in general. It's full of interesting stuff. The second looks like an empty corner of a level you're supposed to ignore.

Edit: now reading through the comments I do like the grass in the second one and how dark and somber it is. Just now noticed the bodies hanging in the background. I find I like them both! The 2nd feels like a night cycle to the first, almost.

#19 Posted by ADAMWD (581 posts) -

Just noticed the Bowser skeleton in the second picture, nice touch.

#20 Edited by MegaLombax (387 posts) -

I like the 2nd one. It seems to have more details in the design i.e. the skeletons, people hanging from the cliff, etc. I like how you made the background of the 2nd screen layered with different shades/silhouettes, which, in my opinion, leaves more room to be more creative with the backdrop without the risk of confusing the player between the actual level and the background. Also, I like how in the 2nd screen, the top platform actually gives a shadow effect on the area beneath it. Appreciate small details like this.

#21 Posted by crithon (3128 posts) -

the top one is too bright, bottom one is easier to fallow for a longer gameplay session.

#22 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6398 posts) -

I like the Veggie-Tales looking thing from the first photo but other than that they look like two different levels to the same game and not completely disparate styles. I like the darkness from the bottom one, personally.

#23 Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials (2373 posts) -

The Mario looking background in the first image is a bit on-the-nose. Riffing on Mario should be done with a light touch these days because it's been done so much.

#24 Posted by TobbRobb (4601 posts) -

I don't feel like there is a major artistic difference betwen the two. But I do like the bottom one more. Feels a little less cartoony.

#25 Posted by mozzle (159 posts) -

I dislike dark games. I like the style of the bottom one, but the brightness of the top one.

#26 Posted by SharkEthic (1043 posts) -

@alexw00d said:

What's the difference? They just look like 2 different areas of the same game with the same art style.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

#27 Posted by billymagnum (799 posts) -

top has way more personality and has way more potential for creativity

#28 Edited by MonetaryDread (2015 posts) -

I prefer the grass on the bottom screen, though the background reminds me of a high-res Genesis game. The top is more colourful, and I feel has a more distinct personality.

Not a fan of the Mario pipes though.