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This is the official Giantbomb E3 appreciation thread. Excellent work, guys. My ha is off to you all. 

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I quite enjoyed the E3 GiantBomb coverage. 

Only thing that would have made it better is Live Broadcast of the press conferences. 
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Why do random people think their threads are official?

Anyway, I enjoyed GB's coverage of E3. Much props to the "dudes."

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i hated the poscasts this year they were so much better last year more focused and longer and really helped explain e3 and all of the games there. Also in one of the podcasts that women was on it was most annoying podcasr in the world her voice and thoughts were terrible how can people like her ahhh. Next year hopefully more like last years more about games games games and less bullshit.

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@6n00bkilla9: are you telling me that last podcast wasn't amazing

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The best moment for them was the "NEVER" thing during the podcast


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well it was all good though would have liked to seen the nintendo booth.

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@Khyzath: I agree, I'd also like to see all of the random videos that haven't been uploaded such as Jeff losing on King of fighters and Brad winning on the basketball.
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As far as coverage, I liked G4's better but to be fair they have a lot more resources.  Of course Giant Bomb had the best commentary though. The interview with the BioWare doctors is awesome.

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The best moment?

'That translator is semi-hot'

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@natetodamax said:
" The best moment for them was the "NEVER" thing during the podcast

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@angelkanarias said:
@natetodamax said:
" The best moment for them was the "NEVER" thing during the podcast

yeah that was easily one of the funniest things i've ever seen. i'm gonna watch it again, and laugh my ass off all over again. 
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I love the "Giant Bomb is awesome" kind-of thread. Here's another.

Giant Bomb is awesome and amazing, and their E3 coverage is another reason for why it is so.

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Those Bombcasts were awesome. Best coverage of E3 I haver ever witnessed.

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Okay, we get it. You guys really like Giant Bomb but must we have 5 different threads about it?