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The "8 bit" level on Super Mario Galaxy

Opening hour or so of Bioshock

The final 20 or 30 minutes of The Walking Dead (I'd say the whole thing, but since you're trying to edit...)

The Scarecrow scenes in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Any level from Braid

Zombies in Black Ops

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i'm going to use musical cues for mine, as it helps me remember.

-stepping out into skyrim for the first time, and aside from the adrenaline of the main theme, walking around to this.

-me2: the final assault has some killer moments, but i distinctly remember thinking "this game is going to be fucking incredible" when i stepped into the club with this playing.

-i realize this won't be super popular, but when this kicked in during the intro to brutal legend, the metalhead in me threw up the horns.

-this doesn't count but i'll say it anyway. the dream sequence from sword and sworcery.

-this also doesn't count...but standing outside the city in machinarium.

-y'all already mentioned the end of portal.

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Maybe not that great, bus surely memorable.

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I just want to say that if they had pulled the gosh darn trigger in MGS4 then that would be my favourite moment by far.

Stepping out of the sewer in Oblivion is probably my actual favourite.

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@damisterchief said:

^ This guy knows what's up. One of the very best single player level this generation. Of course the atomic bomb and subsequent crawling out of the downed chopper is pretty incredible too.

Otherwise everything i can think of as already been said. My favorite remains going to the fucking moon in Portal 2!

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  • The Darkness 2 - All the asylum moments.

Oh crap, I forgot about that. Seriously under-appreciated game. I must have spent an hour or so just going through everyone's dialogue in the asylum and reading all of the posters.

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@pie said:

Stepping out of the sewer in Oblivion is probably my actual favourite.

That's huge for me as well. People rightly flock to the Fallout 3 moment where you look out over the scorched earth--that is a stunning moment in it's own right--but I remember seeing that verdant arboreal hillside sloping up and around the lake of the Imperial City for the first time. I could almost feel the spring warmth and could nearly smell the sap crystallizing in the tree branches. And that was the first time I thought, "Okay, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is what games are supposed to look like."

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This generation has been downright depressing. The fact people are highlighting Call Of Duty says it all really... sad.

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My friend, putting the entire thing under a spoiler bar doesn't tell people what game it is you're spoiling. You should un-spoiler the last two words (Portal 2) so people can know what game is spoiled and depending on whether they've beaten it or not, they decide whether to read or not. Just seeing a white block makes readers instinctively want to unravel the mystery and it might turn out to be a game they wish to beat and not have spoiled! Your answer may be that "hey, don't take the risk then," but then nobody would highlight and read your spoiler and it will go unnoticed.

I know I went on for too long with this, I'm not being a jerk or anything there's no tone, but I think this issue is rather interesting. Lol.

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So many to list so here goes, in no particular order ...

Conclusion of John Marston's story in Red Dead Redemption

The Suicide Mission in Mass Effect 2

All Ghillied Up in COD4: Modern Warfare

Solid Snake's climactic battle with Liquid at the end of MGS4

Divebombing from a tall building in any Assassin's Creed game

Uncharted 2's ice climbing level with the huge rotating statues and Shambala's reveal. Concurrently, seeing the silhouette of Iram of the Pillars in the desert sandstorm in Uncharted 3.

Visari's speech that opens up Killzone 2

The end to Prince of Persia 2008

I'm probably forgetting a few moments, but I'll post them when I remember them.


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That part where I aimed down the sight and headshotted some dude.

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That part where I aimed down the sight and headshotted some dude.

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Well they are alot but i will post what i remember:

Far Cry 3: Burning the weed field

Max Payne 3: Airport mission

The Walking Dead: The whole season

Bayonetta: Everything in it

Tomb Raider: The intro!!

MGS4: Back to shadow moses

Thats all in my mind right now. yeah I played alot of games

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I think my favorite moments from this generation both came from Bethesda games and parallel each other nicely, and that's when you first step out into the sunshine in both Oblivion and Fallout 3. Those games pretty much defined what made me such a huge fan of this generation of consoles and I can't wait to have that experience again with the next generation of big-ass first person RPGs.

I'm also gonna throw in the introductions of both Borderlands games.

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Skyrim: Capturing a dragon's soul for the first time.

Uncharted 2: The building collapsing while you're fighting in it.

Walking Dead: Stay Close to Me.

Slender: Losing.

Minecraft: Exploding a bunch of TNT.

Borderlands 2: Throwing a loaded Torgue gun.

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Goodness, there are so many... the one that effected me the most was the level, "A Thousand Cuts" from kane and lynch 2. I didn't see it coming... at all.

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Hmm. For some reason only part of the comment posted.

Borderlands 2: The fight with Angel and Roland's death.

Motorstorm 2: Catching sick air.

Braid: Solving a very difficult puzzle.

Bioshock 2: Playing as a little sister.

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I hope Giant Bomb does some sort of best of the generation awards at the end of the year. It will probably be their only chance.

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The "proper" or non-canon ending of Dragon Age: Origins where you slay the dragon, are killed and your companions then have a memorial service for you. Also if you romanced they are standing nearby weeping for you which is even more touching (for best option go with Leliana for video sakes.) A Also have to agree with people saying Mordin in both cases for ME3. Probably the opening for GoW3 where you ride the titan to war against Olympus. Let's see maybe the homicide reveal in L.A. Noire which was the best part of the game. And most definitely you should get a video of the bull sequence/ gatling gun from Yakuza 3. Or at least Saejima's intro in Yakuza 4. If no one knows what I am talking about check them out they're amazing. Um and one last one I guess, the ending of the original infamous where you find out that Kessler was future you. Fucking awesome. That is all for now.

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This generation has been downright depressing. The fact people are highlighting Call Of Duty says it all really... sad.

I'm getting pretty damned tired of people saying things like, "This generation of games is crap," or "Games are going downhill." Yes, it is pretty sad when people are sighting CoD in their 'best moments of this generation of games, but to generalize and call the whole thing a wash is just pissing me off. In the last year alone we've seen great games in virtually every genre of games, be it PC, console, or handheld (I'm merely speculating on the latter, as the last handheld I owned was a PSP which I play for a total of 45 minutes). Sure, there has been a ton of bland generic shooters aimed at the mindless armchair general, but let us remember CoD 4 and MW2 (to an extent), were pretty good games, not mind blowing, but pretty good. Just because these people can't seem to go out of their comfort zone and try something new doesn't mean that this gen was trash. If you still think it is, maybe you should try something new, I was pretty happy with this gen.

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Man reading through this has reminded me of so many good moments.

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Oh and maybe XCOM the first time mutons appear and your balls/heart drops. Then the massacre begins lol.

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Another vote for the Defending the stage scene in Alan Wake.

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Microwave hallway.

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Another one I just remembered is from Lost Planet 2. One of the worst games I ever played managed to spawn possibly my favorite co-op multi-player moment ever in gaming. That battle where you're firing that giant gun on the train (possibly because I was gunning). I had three buddies with me and I remember the frantic yelling between us to load the gun, turn it or cool it. Co-op at its finest. It's just weird that it came from such a rubbish game.