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I can only get one game cuz of money problems and i don't know which one. Please put your opinion and why. Tanks

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I'd go for GTA4, never did play much Far Cry 2 though.

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Far Cry 2 is a pretty slow burn, takes a while to pick up, but it's pretty awesome. 

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@Breadfan said:
Far Cry 2 is a pretty slow burn, takes a while to pick up, but it's pretty awesome. 
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Far Cry 2 has the most annoying A.I. in any video game that I have played. They will pin point you from miles away. Others have different problems such as the respawning enemies and the endless driving, but they paled for me.

GTA 4 on the other hand is rather spectacular.

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GTA IV. It's really good.

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GTA IV has more content for the buck, but it all boils down to taste. Also the episodes of liberty city add ons are quite good.

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Far Cry 2. GTA is basically guaranteed to get re-released somewhere down the line, but Far Cry 2 will sadly just get forgotten as time goes on.

A shame, really, because it does a lot of things that are awesome.

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GTA 4.

Far Cry 2 is entertaining, but GTA will make you weep tears of joy.

Seriously. It's fantastic.

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Far Cry 2 is kind of poopy.

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They are both total shit but I'd rather play a far cry game than a gta game any day.

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GTV 4 is one of my favorite games ever. I'd recommend it over most games.

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GTA pretty good game. Fun just chillin driving around the city.

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It really boils down to preference. GTA 4 is a solid game. It's like a GTA game but more serious, and plays better than any GTA game in the past. Also, the DLC is awesome as mentioned previously.

Far Cry 2 on the other hand is a game that sometimes transcends moments in GTA 4, but has a lot of frustrations you need to push through, like constantly needing to blow past checkpoints, and annoying AI.

Again. Let's compare Starcraft 2 to Angry birds.

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I really enjoyed FC2; I have never had any interest in GTA.

@Phatmac said:



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GTA IV, even though I liked FC2 despite it's flaws.

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GTA IV dude, no comparison (quality wise).

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GTA 4, far cry 2 is terrible.

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Many people may make the argument that Far Cry 2 is a more enjoyable game.

Regardless, you need to experience GTA IV. It's a necessity.

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@Phatmac said:


My thoughts exactly...
Anyway I'm fully biased towards GTA IV, because I think it's quite brilliant in it's art direction, writing, extended world stuff, etc. Far Cry 2 had some really ambitious mechanics and ideas, looks really nice and plays alright but in the end the horrible AI, generic feel and frustrating elements completely squandered it's potential, to the point where the game's director uploaded a video where he defended the game stating "it's exactly what we set out to make!" which I always found a bit sad. Learn to take the criticism, god. So again, GTA IV (and it's DLC) are great, I've finished all of it way too many times. The game got better the more I invested in all the detail of the place, the roadmap, the cross-media fake franchises, the radio shows. Even the names of the streets are puns or references to actual NY. I loooved it.
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Totally different games duder.

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While I do like Far Cry 2, GTA IV is in a different class

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Far Cry 2 was incredible, fuck GTA IV.

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Most people will obviously root for GTA4 - but for me personally, I enjoyed Far Cry 2 a hell of a lot more than I did with GTA4

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Far cry 2 is one of the worst games I've ever played.

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GTA IV is amazing. As someone who has played both, I'd recommend the grandest of thefts de auto.

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Grand Theft Auto IV has improved combat, a huge, believable sanbox setting that has an intriguing way of having humor in the periphery while also maintaining much seriousness, an incredible storyline with a good mixture of real characters and cartoons, terrific expansion packs, and an amazingly diverse set of multiplayer options to dick around with for a long time. Far Cry 2 is not a good game, to put it briefly. Also, they're two different games so proceed with caution.

Taking all that into account, I would choose Grand Theft Auto IV by far,

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Get both.

When you upgrade and buy cool weapons far cry 2 is a great chill game, setting the dry grass and trees on fire and firing off explosions and causing chaos, it all looks spectacular and only brain dead scrubs who want only scripted events in their FPS games ala COD didn't like it.

GTA4 is a masterpiece. Glorious graphics, gameplay that never gets old, a world which is filled with great modern day urban city-living stories; and the controller is in your hands, therefore running over hookers is an option that never gets old.

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GTA IV is a better game, so get that. It's also longer and the open world has a lot more going on in it, so yeah.

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@Phatmac said:


Yeah, pretty much.

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I liked Farcry 2 more, though I wouldn't say it is the better game.

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GTA 4 by far

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I'd say GTA IV. I thought Far Cry 2 was pretty cool but overall I enjoyed playing GTA IV more.

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It really is a matter of taste. GTA IV is way more polished, but i enjoyed Far Cry 2 waaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

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Do you care at all about gameplay?  If so, then get Far Cry 2.

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Do you want to play a game where every mechanic basically boils down to feeling like you're controlling a drunk bull on ice? Neither do I.

Get Far Cry 2 instead. It's pretty great.

And if you want to go for the classic open-world format, get Saints Row: The Third. The fun factor, mechanics and characters blow the entire Grand Theft Auto series out of the water, and, Saints Row 2, unfortunately.

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GTA 4 for story, Far Cry 2 for action.

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GTA 4, game is one of my favorite of the last 5 years.

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Both are great games, but I think that GTA IV is overall a more satisfying experience. Far Cry 2 has a lot of very good subtle touches, and some great moments, but it never comes together as well as GTA.

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I think Far Cry 2 may have aged better than GTA4. I regularly play the former (It's bar none my favourite shooter. Fantastic immersion and a real feeling of consequence), whereas when I tried to replay the latter, I found myself frustrated with design issues which have aged very poorly. Things like poor check-pointing really way down GTA4's experience in all the instalments other than Gay Tony, whereas I think Far Cry 2 really stands out as a solidly interesting design. It's one I come back to many times. I thought GTA4 would be one of those, but alas, it doesn't stand up to many tests of time.

That being said, these are both very fine games. Get one, and play the hell out of it.

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@jeresur: Do you want a decent immigrant being corrupted by America story with kinda bland mission design or an open sub Saharan African country with a subdued but cool story, good shooting, great feeling of place, and adventure? I like Far Cry 2 better, but they are really different games. One is all about balls-to-wall driving and shooting with somber or satirical writing. The other is measured movement and pace through a really dangerous world, but when you crest a hill, see the sunset beaming across the land and zebras in the grass--it's pretty magical.

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Running around in Far Cry 2 was like being on vacation with a big gun.