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Metro last light could be up there too

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I've only played Two games so far to completion in 2013. Injustice and Anarchy Reigns...... Anarchy Reigns Game of the Year 2013

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Guys I think wasteland2 will be the winner of GOTY. Thoughts?

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According to devs and publishers, every game is the best game ever made, so... GOTY goes to everything, I guess.

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It's way too early to tell. Though, I imagine the 2013 GOTY talk will get heated.

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Maybe wait until both are out?

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Watch Dogs is going to be better than GTA 5. I can feel it.

I'm leaning the other way.

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Does anyone know the finish rate of GTA 4? I bet it's lower than Dark Souls.

I would like to know the amount of people who got past that awful shoot out in the abandoned hospital without cheating. I can't think of another game with such a random difficulty spike in it. After that the rest of the game was easy.

It took me a ton of tries but eventually got it without cheating by running out of there as fast as possible while also dodging dudes and occasionally discharging a shotgun. What a terrible mission.

You guys seriously had trouble with that? Maybe I was just used to the game at that point, but I got it my first try. I'm genuinely surprised, here.

I agree. I thought that part was really easy. The only part I thought was hard in that whole game was the version of the final mission I chose on my first playthough. I chose the ending where you drive a boat rather than a bike, and I hate driving boats in that game.

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You are forgetting divekick, son.

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revolutionary 3 character switching

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No, but the GOTY Edition of GTAV for XBONE and PS4 will definitely earn a RROTY in 2014.

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I suspect that neither Bioshcok Infinite nor Last of Us will win a GOTY on ign or GB. The hype train will hurt them and I have seen no gameplay innovations from either.

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Jesus Christ I can't even get to the title screen before invisible competitions like this start up.

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Fucking pointless dribble.

needs BounceTek

And a really disturbing Cyber-Lebron with a mouth that seems to move in unnatural ways.

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I've already prepared custom outrage rants for each member of the GB crew in the event that whoever reviews GTA V gives it less than 5 stars. It's very important to me that reviewers accurate reflect my overblown expectations and I'm not afraid to let them know it