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Which one do you prefer and why?!

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GTA IV had way more ridiculous and awesome shit in it just because of the multiplayer. Saints Row the Third is the only one that was actually a pretty good product, and was still incredibly flawed. GTA IV had some pretty major issues, but not like SRT, in my opinion. I just wish that SRT had been more constant with the craziness and the great writing. The good parts were amazing, but there were like, two or three of them.

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I prefer GTA. No reason, I just feel they're all better games.

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I like both!

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I haven't played a Saints Row game. I think they look dumb.

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Shoulda been a poll.

As for my answer:

And for a bit more of a detailed answer, the driving in GTA IV was garbage, no checkpoints was absolute BS, and the radio sucked when compared to any other game in the series, even the original on PS1.

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I like them both equally. I love the gritty realism GTAIV tried to hit and if V continues down that road I will be very happy indeed. On the other hand I love the balls out craziness the SR franchise brings to the table and I feel that they've split away from each other in such crazy ways now that they're not battling each other any more; they're complimenting each other.

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GTA pre-2005. Just not a big fan of what they did with GTA 4, and only really played SR3. To me GTA will always be the good old days of 1 and 2. While 3 and Vice City was cool and all they just kept on losing more and more of the open world criminal gameplay. 1 and 2 was just purely running around doing random "jobs" and having fun with it, while the later ones have become more and more linear story-based experiences with bad/boring gameplay.

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I really like both, but overall if I'm choosing, I'm a GTA fan. GTA is always amazing / epic.

I don't feel Saints really got into its groove till The Third. Saints Row 2 was on its way for bringing the ridiculous, but The Third really sold it :P

In movie terms, the GTA series is an epic franchise like say The Godfather where Saints is more like Crank. (Nothing wrong with either of those btw)

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That really depends on what GTA and what Saints Row you are asking for. I really dislike a lot of things about GTA IV while I LOVE a lot of things about SR3. But at the same time, both the other Saints games are kind of crappy while all other GTA games are awesome.

I think SR3 is better than GTA IV but GTA IV is better than SR 1 and 2. But San Andreas rules them all.

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I've always had fun with the GTA series, but I think they have had some pretty big issues. Hopefully the next one will be a more polished project.

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Saints Row, as they look fun.

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I appreciate wacky shit but GTA all the way. Even the sloppy PC port of 4 that still requires too much CPU GPU RAM VRAM to move decently, I prefer over the Saints Row games. The remodelled (patched) driving in GTA4 PC was perfectly fine in my book, too, as was shooting and cover "mechanics".

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GTA no question. I find Saints Row very overrated.

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@ThunderSlash said:

I like both!


My favourite of each would be Vice City and Saints Row 2. <3

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Saint's Row, its mental and more pure fun.
GTA has the set pieces to make a sick game though, but everything that came after San Andreas did not hold my attention.

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It depends on the games in question. GTA III and Vice City? I choose GTA. Everything after Vice City? Saints Row The Third.

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Grand Theft Auto. It's one of the most consistently high quality franchises that we have in gaming (helped by Rockstar's slow pace, but hey!). Simply isn't anyone on Rockstar's level when it comes to open-world action games.

Saints Row on the other hand is mediocre at best. I had some fun with certain parts of Saints Row 2 I guess, but I felt 3 was actually kinda bad.

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GTA IV was and amazing game but I always had more fun with the Saints Row games.

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Pre-SR3 I would have said Saints Row, but it's jumped head first into the 'trying too hard' trap and is probably a busted flush at this point. GTA 4 was tonally schizophrenic and kinda shitty (good expansions though), but I think GTA has a much higher chance of becoming good again than the next Saints Row game does.

Close between Saints 2 and Vice City for which franchise has the best game. tl;dr: Mafia 1 wins.

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GTA up to and including Vice City. After that, Saints Row

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GTA. Except for moments in The Third, Saints Row games are pure garbage.

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GTA 4 blows any Saints Row game away imo.

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I like both.

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Up until today it would be a pretty close toss-up between them both but since JC2-MP beta started I have to say Just Cause 2. Once the JC2-MP mod is stable, GTA IV and SR3 will become a combined wasteland on PC.

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I have never liked the GTA series very much. Not sure why, but is has just never held my interest. I felt the same way about Saints Row till the most recent game (The Third). That one was pretty damn great.

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I only played SRTT and I thought it was very funny but the city was just too boland, something GTA never has a problem with. I always look forward to the detail and amazing design they pack into their cities. Can't wait to see GTA5, especially as we are getting countryside back a la San Andreas. Always feel GTA is the quality product, with more money time and skill invested but was very suprised with how much I enjoyed SRTT. It wasn't for the open world though which may well have not existed - there was nowhere interesting to go.

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I think I'd have to play a GTA game again to make a choice. That mostly depends on if you're talking all the previous 3D GTAs originating from the PS2/PC or GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City (not to be confused with Liberty City Stories, which should have just been a port of GTA 3), because Saints Row the Third kicks the crap out of all of the past GTAs with actually hilarious gameplay situations and adult humor.

Personally, however... I really love a good story, and I still loved Niko Bellick as a character because I *didn't* play him like the psychopath that most people seem to get their character disconnect from. I really, really remember liking GTA IV a lot. It dragged on and had its down moments, but the ups definitely stick in my mind.

I'd rather play Saints Row: the Third, and I'd rather experience GTA IV. Like I said, comparing past GTA games to SR3 is a no-contest win for the latter.

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Since Saint's Row found it own voice it's a completely different game. There's no need to choose and I'll be buying the next installment of both.

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GTA IV was terrible and if that's a sign of things to come, I guess I'm gonna have to be in teh Saint's Row camp. I loved SR2 and The Third.

Screw GTA anyway, Rockstar needs to be working on a sequel to Bully instead. Still my favorite game of theirs.

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@SpaceInsomniac said:

Shoulda been a poll.

As for my answer:

And for a bit more of a detailed answer, the driving in GTA IV was garbage, no checkpoints was absolute BS, and the radio sucked when compared to any other game in the series, even the original on PS1.

Summed it up for me exactly. Gta 4 had an enjoyable story, but it was a boring game otherwise. I don't need a game to be crazy, over-the-top, or unrealistic to be fun. I just need it to be fun first.

Saints all the way (though I didn't really like SR1)

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Am I the only one who finds these allegiance threads really dumb? I play and enjoy both games, but for very different reasons.

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I like both. But, even though it was not listed, I like the Mafia series over both GTA and SR.

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Saints Row hands down. Always has been. I enjoy the characters/story more, I like the more arcadey feel of the game, I like the sense of humor more, I like the fact that I actually can enjoy the game, and just everything else. Can't stand GTA.

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It's all about Vice City and Saints Row 2 for me

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To me, Saints Row is to GTA as Space Balls is to Star Wars. I find it hilarious and fun, but still enjoy the original concept better.

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I've only played GTA4 and SR3, but I thought they were both pretty good.

Having said that, I definitely preferred GTA4. SR3 was just too repetative :/

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GTA without a doubt

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GTA easily.

the complete and total disconnect from reality and over the topness of saints row rubs me the wrong way. comes off as trying WAY too hard. like a little kid desperately trying to get your attention so he's putting on stupid outfits and acting "wacky"

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Untill one of them lets me crash a blimp into the unsuspecting masses below, I shall remain neutral on the matter.

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I would of probably said Saints Row if it wasn't for the third one. It was all good and fun, but too much wacky shit all the time kinda made it less fun.

Also some of the characters in Saints Row completely change personality from the first and second one to the third with no explanation. I didn't actually relaise they were meant to be the same person till later on.

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Saints Row all the way. Anyone writing it off without playing Saints Row 2 is missing out. I think I might actually like that one more than The Third.

Honestly, after realizing just how good Saints Row 2 was, I have to wonder why it wasn't getting more attention before. I'd say they had GTA beat by a mile even back then.

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Bought All GTA games

Bought All Saint's Row Games

Never Finished A GTA Game

Finished All Saint's Row Games

I would say I am a Saint through and through, GTA bores me, I seem to buy into the hype surrounding each game, like I do with Halo, will probably happen again on both fronts. smfh.

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When I finished SR3 back to GTA4 which I finished first but wanted to replay made me realise that SR3 spoiled me and I liked it.

With GTA 4 you press Y or Triangle on a car and Niko has to run all the way up to the car (even more annoying if its moving) open the door, pull the driver out and then move off (or smash window and hot wire if it's parked). And the car may or may not handle like hot garbage. And then they give you the pistol after you have to do multiple escort missions, learn how to fist fight and go on a date (1-2 hours in).

SR3 you run and press Y or Triangle and you dropkick in through the windscreen or window and the ex-driver gets catapulted out all while the vehicle is moving.

Plus it throws you the option for a lot of weapons from the start (laser variants get added later) but adds a curve by making you able to level up those weapons for additional damage meaning you still get better weapons as you play through the game.

I liked both at the times I played them, but SR3 feels way much more fun than what GTA4 was. GTA5 may raise my expectations but currently SR3 (not so much SR and SR2 personally) takes the crown.

Edit: That said I'll play both that come out and judge accordingly afterwards. YEAH

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GTA for the realism, and SR for the hilarious things that happen in co-op.

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I haven't played both (yet) :D

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I'm a GTA guy , driving arround Liberty City with the nice Jazz station not doing crazy stuff (runing people over and such) was and still is super fun to me and kinda stress relieving. The high production values, the writting (in IV at least), the gags, the controls, the missions, the cop chases there's a ton of stuff to do overall pretty good games, they give you some choices on how you decide to have fun with it.

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GTA games prior to 4 are better than Saints Row. Saints Row (all 3 of them) is better than GTA IV.  I like GTA IV I just like goofy games better. 
I'm playing through San Andreas right now and am having more fun than I did with either GTA IV or Saints Row The Third. 
If you are looking for realism, Mafia 1 for PC is better than GTA IV. It had speed limits, realistic weapon spread, a much better damage model (you could even damage the transmission in the car and leak out gas if your tank got hit). Not to mention the atmosphere of that game was almost perfect.

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I liked GTA before GTAIV. GTAIV stripped all the fun out of the game in favor of "realism" and a shitty story that thought it was far better than it actually was.

Saint's Row: The Third was my first SR and that is absolutely my choice between the two series' now. It takes the fun from the earlier GTAs and amps it up, it actually controls well, and it doesn't bother with a pretentious story.