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Hey all. Coonce and I threw together this tiny app to let you guys try and guess the game of the year. We'll be using the cumulative user guesses to do something fun for the videos we make this year. We'll award some prizes if anyone actually manages to guess them all correct.


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"Oh this should be easy"

*Gets to Drew*

"Well, fuck."

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This is fraudulent.

There's no option to choose for you Snider.

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Drew is the wildcard.

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@Anthal said:

"Oh this should be easy"

*Gets to Drew*

"Well, fuck."

Haha Same here. I have no idea what Drew has been playing and enjoying. The only thing I could guess is a racing game.

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I think I picked a good one for Drew, but who can say.

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@Icicle7x3 said:

Drew is the wildcard.

Indeed, I hope he goes off the board and breaks the contest.

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I'm not sure about Vinny but I think the rest of my picks are pretty solid; I hope the thing I picked for Vinny is true though!

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Drew!!!!! What do you like?!?!?!

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I'm totally stuck on Alex and Drew...

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This is kinda tough, not sure what Drew or Alex have been playing. Vinny is a real wildcard, and its always tough to tell what Ryan likes.

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Vinny and Alex.. I can't base it just off review scores! :(

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This is fun. I hope there are some people who do get them all. Drew, Alex and Ryan are all really tough to read.

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Had a difficult time with a few of them, but I'm just as interested to see how the data is used so I don't really care.

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I actually think Jeff's is the hardest: Skylanders or Trackmania 2?

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Jeff is actually kinda hard as well ... we know he likes the weird stuff but I think he might go with a more rational choice ultimately? But then again Track Mania doesn't have mania in the title for nothing...

Let's just hope someone entered Saints Row The Third for EVERYONE :)

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I think my guesses were probably too safe. I hope I'm wrong just so there is more interesting discussion.

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I have no idea what drew likes!

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This is so hard for everyone. Skyrim is basically the go to if you arent sure but I feel like Jeff could go Track Mania 2, Ryan could go Saints Row, Brad...dude IDK, and who knows maybe Vinney could choose Dark Souls or something else that isnt Skyrim...or just Skyrim. Drew and Alex are anyones guess. Oh, and Skyward sword for Patrick? No? DUDE IDK!

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I'm pretty sure Brad's will be Skyrim and I felt pretty good with Ryan at Batman, but beyond that I don't really know.

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I think I've guessed your faves, feels good man. Can't wait to see the data that comes out of it - got a huge kick out of what other users picked last year!

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Vinny with Rocksmith? Huh? Well?...okay, Witcher 2 it is.

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There's only one game I can think of that Drew even talked about this year.

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This was such a good idea, but I am totally stumped on Drew.

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It bums me out that none of them will probably pick Portal 2. As for Drew, I went with Forza 4. He's into those racing kind of games right?

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@Dtat: Well he did the quick looks for Dirt 3 and Stronghold 3 I think. He was also on that Anno 2070 QL I think.

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Well damn this is tough. Don't hear from Drew enough to know what he's been into.

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Vinny - Witcher 2 (I can hope)

Ryan - Saints Row 3

Brad - Dead Space 2

Drew - Dirt 3 (hoping again)

Jeff - Skyrim

Alex - Rayman Origins or NBA 2k12

Patrick - Wappy Dog

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Felt pretty confident about most of my guesses. Alex and drew I have no clue about though. Then I got to this page and started reading everyone's guesses and now I'm not too sure.

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I think Brad would be locked down for Skyrim. Everyone else is kind of wildcards from how I've read them as of late. Damn!

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I though this was going to be easy, but I realized I can't really guess on Vinny, Ryan, Alex, and Drew....

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Drew could go for a fps OR a driving game, erghh!!!

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Hard one! Jeff he could go for Saints Row 3 given how much he talks about playing it on the podcast but Skyrim is there too , is Brad still a fan of Uncharted 3?, The Witcher 2 or Dark Souls for Vinny? also everybody liked Bastion and Portal 2 , and Drew liked? .... damnit

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You should do a top 10 list again, Dave.

I put down Saints Row for both Jeff and Ryan, because it's more their style than Skyrim (although I do think Skyrim is almost guaranteed to win overall). Obviously Skyrim for Brad. The rest are too hard for me right now because I haven't listened to the last couple podcasts.

One thing I will say though: Bastion is likely to be at least one person's GOTY. Maybe Drew's. He did pick Limbo last year.

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I just put Skyrim for them all!

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This would be a lot easier if there was a complete list of 2011 releases. I've forgotten so much and whom played what. Like Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP and the other mobile gems or the hardcore PC games.

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Mine seemed pretty much split down the middle for Bastion and Skyrim...

...except Ryan. I put Saints Row The Third. Nothing else seemed quite appropriate like that did.

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@DoctorWelch said:

This is so hard for everyone. Skyrim is basically the go to if you arent sure but I feel like Jeff could go Track Mania 2, Ryan could go Saints Row, Brad...dude IDK, and who knows maybe Vinney could choose Dark Souls or something else that isnt Skyrim...or just Skyrim. Drew and Alex are anyones guess. Oh, and Skyward sword for Patrick? No? DUDE IDK!

Basically this, except that I think Patrick probably goes Skyrim over Skyward.
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Wow, that was pretty tough. I feel okay about a few of them, but... nah. I reckon I've got a lot wrong. Resisted putting Skylanders for Jeff.

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Ended up going with:

Vinny - Dark Souls

Ryan - Portal 2

Brad - Skyrim

Drew - Dirt 3

Jeff - Saints Row

Alex - Saints Row

Patrick - Skyrim

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I went with everyone voting for Skyrim.

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Here are my picks:

  • Vinny - Wheelman
  • Brad - Skyrim
  • Jeff - Trackmania 2
  • Ryan - Saint's Row: The Third
  • Patrick - Skyward Sword
  • Drew - Witcher 2
  • Alex - WWE '12
  • Overall - Skyrim

I'm pretty sure I have this one in the bag.

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Here's mine:

Vinny - Witcher 2 (this is probably not it but I want it to be it so much)

Brad - Skyrim

Jeff - Saints Row: The Third

Ryan - Saints Row: The Third

Patrick - Skyrim

Drew - Bastion

Alex - Rayman: Origins

Overall: Skyrim

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@Animasta: Almost exactly the same as mine. I've got Jeff with Trackmania 2, Patrick with Superbrothers S&S EP, and Drew with Portal 2.

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Got to Drew, picked one pretty fast. 
Then came Alex and I picked something with My Little Pony... What?

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I just put Batman: Arkham City down for everyone. Almost everyone at least.

Although for a moment I nearly put Ryan down for Chrono Trigger and Vinny for Phantasmagoria.

Those two games may, or may not be able to partake into the 2011 GOTY race. But who can say for certain?

Also, I'm bad at guessing these, I can't even remember what games came out this year.

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@SaturdayNightSpecials: I actually put Bastion for Drew based mostly around picking Limbo last year.

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Alex is doing portal 2. CAlling it.