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I'm not even sure what is going on here but its fucking amazing. If this is the kind of stuff we can expect from Ps4 streaming then I'm in!

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It's too early in the morning to even try to understand what's going on here.

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*sees that it's Battlefield 4, realizes lack of interest in Battlefield, closes tab*

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Great now I have to pick everything back up from that disappointment.

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Beautiful voice

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@demoskinos said:

@video_game_king: Except. Its not battlefield 4 at all!

Yes that made that a pretty funny response.

In reality, it is something really dumb and not funny. So either way close that tab.

I guess we ended up at the same place anyways VGK.

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Closing - not only is this essentially spam, but vague thread titles that force users to click on your topic (and then the video) just to find out what they're about are frowned upon big time.

Please review the forum rules and the YouTube spam topic before posting any further topics, thanks.