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I've just finished work on my Halo Reach map called Aerial Assault and I just wanted to share it with the community, it took a lot of work so I'd like people to play it. It's essentially an Invasion map but I made it a bit different, the basic layout it two floating bases that hold the attackers and the defenders. The attackers have banshees, a falcon, and jet pack pick ups to make their way across the void between the two and assault the enemy base. The defenders have a shade turret, a rocket launcher, several turrets, a gauss cannon and some other special weapons to help in defence. It would seem the defenders are over powered but the turrets and special weapons don't re-spawn whereas the Banshees do. 
The bases were constructed over a long period of time as they aren't simple blocks. The attackers have a nice base but the defenders have what I essentially constructed to be a ship of sorts. The first objective is to board and take the main deck, then you move on to the bridge and finally go for the power core in the centre of the ship.
I'd like it if you played it but I'd also like some feedback in terms of design and balance. I've tried to go by feel, to work out scenarios in my head, but that can't really compare to having a bunch of people diving in and  playing.
The map can be found here:  

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Thanks, just downloaded it!