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"70's Filter"
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1920 x 1200 Wallpaper

Individual Characters

Ryan, Luchamutt, Jeff, Alex, Matt, Drew, Vinny, Patrick, Brad

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This is un-fucking-believable

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Holy fucking shit, this is rad as balls.

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Awesome job. Patrick as Shaggy was a particularly inspired touch. Though, uh, talking of touching...

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@mento: Haha, yeah...should have noticed! Made the update. Thanks for the feedback!

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RYAN! doesn't roll off the tongue as well as BAHNEY!

Why is Vinny the only real looking dude there?

PS I'd buy some Luchy-snacks.

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Great job duder! I love that Brad has a spider on his phone and that Ryan has New Balance shoes. Nice touches.

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That is flippin rad

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This is really cool, @silentz0r. The detail is awesome. It's a little odd seeing @brad without an untucked plaid shirt and denim jeans, but the style is mesmerizing. Great job!

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I love this, well done!

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Patrick Shaggy looks sorta like it could also double as Drew Shaggy.

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PILOT: Jeff just wants to drive his car with his feet, but there's scorpions and spiders that keep biting him!

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Shaggy Scoops is the best part.

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Oh Giant Bomb never change!EVER!

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This is fucking awesome! Great job, dude!

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I would love to see a Race Bannon style Drew.

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holy shit

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Damn! Great job!

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DAAAAAAMN. That's pretty impressive. Props.

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This is a glorious work of art.

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@stealthraptor: Great Idea! I was trying to think who would fit Drew well. That will be coming in the near future.

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This is some of the best GB fan art out there! Great job!

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I love this so fucking much.

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@marino This deserves a community spotlight! :D Awesome job duder!

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Mad drawing skillz!

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Scoopy snacks?

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Wow, that's pretty awesome.

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Great Job Duder! I especially like Luchamutt - really great stuff.


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This was a great idea. That being said, does it seem to anyone else like Jeff's and Ryan's hair colors should be switched?

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Not too sure about the choice for Vinny, but fun to look at nonetheless

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Wow dude, that couldn't be more perfect.

Edit: Except it could use some Alex and Rorie.

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Very nice!

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This is incredible!

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I uncontrollably had to cover my mouth with my hand from severe laughter.

@mikkaq said:

Shaggy Scoops is the best part.

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Ugh, how disgusting.

Good work!

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So fucking cool.

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I really like Jeff Flintstone, Ryan Rubble and Brad Jetson. That's freaking awesome!

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Shaggy inspired Patrick is perfect.

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Thank you. This is the greatest thing that I've seen all week. Amazing work, duder.