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#151 Posted by hwy_61 (920 posts) -

So much talent. Fuckin a, brother. As we say in the Chi, you snapped.

#152 Posted by walterbennet (152 posts) -

loling at Brad.

#153 Edited by fetchfox (1214 posts) -

Superbly done. Current fun-people-I-watch-stupid-much-of combined with childhood memories!

#154 Posted by pyromagnestir (4194 posts) -


#155 Edited by Darson (439 posts) -

All of these new cartoon versions of the Bomb Squad are making me trip my shit.

#156 Posted by Superkenon (1349 posts) -

I love ... and this is going to sound weird ... I love Brad's pelvic region. The angle of the line, the overall shape it gives his body.

You said it so I didn't have to.

#157 Posted by prencher (104 posts) -

This is awesome.

Although I think Vinny looks more like Seth MacFarlane than Vinny.

#158 Posted by DrDarkStryfe (1079 posts) -

This community, man, this community.

Incredible work.

#159 Posted by tavistavistavis (37 posts) -

The brad character cracks me up for some reason, ha

#160 Edited by cloudymusic (1041 posts) -

Oh man, Drew. Perfect.

#161 Edited by skelington_ (292 posts) -

Mission complete! With the whole cast present, NOW it's a perfect composition. Sublime work - colour me hugely impressed. I need to see this on-set someplace prominent. ^5

#162 Edited by Brackynews (4037 posts) -

Shaggy inspired Patrick is perfect.


#163 Edited by Hero_Swe (1110 posts) -

This needs some form of Dave in it. It just has to have Dave.

#164 Posted by Silver-Streak (1328 posts) -

@hero_swe @silentz0r A good majority of people forget this, however: Captain Planet is a Hanna Barbera show. I am pretty sure Dave as Captain Planet is the right stance, but I'm not sure if it's the right character. He'd almost fit better as Dr. Quest. Or another good pull would be Thundarr the Barbarian, due to Hardcore Dave.

For Silentz0r: I'm kind of surprised Rorie isn't depicted as Muttley, rather than Scrappy, as Scrappy is apparently generally disliked, where as Muttley, while usually having bad luck, was liked extensively. Regardless of that, everyone looks fantastic.

#165 Posted by FirebirdINF (275 posts) -

That is very good. Can this be the new podcast art, please? Just need to change the name of the podcast and presto!

#166 Edited by Grimmie92 (145 posts) -

brilliant! now get it printed onto a billboard in your town or city

#167 Edited by Video_Game_King (35793 posts) -

@darson said:

All of these new cartoon versions of the Bomb Squad are making me trip my shit.

Next up: Shoeny Toons, where Brad Shoemaker becomes every Looney Tunes character ever.

#168 Posted by Mezmero (1764 posts) -

This is incredible! I laughed uncontrollably on the first viewing. Old school characters mapped perfectly on these goofballs who cover games. 10 stars out of 5.

#169 Edited by suicidesnowman (21 posts) -

Art like this makes me giddy inside.

#170 Posted by BooDoug187 (339 posts) -

That is cool, I'm thinking this would be more like "Giant Bomb Fun Hour!" where its like 8 mini Hanna Barbara shows cramed into one. I can almost see what each show would be:

Jeff and Ryan: Two everyday joes get into wacky hijinx, often times getting on the nevers of their well meaning neighbor, Brad

Spooky Spooks Crew!: Patrick, Vinny, and Luchadog keep getting warped into spoooky games, it always ends with Vinny unmasking the game's monster, and it always seems to be Old Man Winters, the guy who owned the abandoned amusement park.

Matt and Al: Matt the Dog somehow unleased crazy wild man Al. Al rocks out and goes crazy and Matt tries to keep Al in check... unless there are some cute puppies, then all bets are off!

and last but not least:

Drew the Rocket Boy: Join Drew as he flies around the world on his rocket pack, getting into zany advetures!

Would love to see some cartoon versions of some of the guest and friends of Giant Bomb, also I think you should make Hardcore Dave be the Race Bannon character!

#171 Posted by razielrioux (125 posts) -

Brilliant! I am secretly jealous of your talent...well, less of a secret now isn't it?

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#173 Posted by wafflez (521 posts) -

I want a poster of this. NOW.

#174 Edited by EVO (3847 posts) -

Awesome work, but the line work on Ryan seems thicker than the rest, and the composition could be better.

#175 Posted by JamesJeux007 (467 posts) -

To quote someone : "That was SWEEEEEEEEEEEET".

#176 Posted by 1Gorebash1 (73 posts) -

Superb work!

#177 Posted by Winternet (8000 posts) -

Alex is surprisingly similar to real Alex.

#178 Edited by bowielee (33 posts) -

@pop said:

I really like Jeff Flintstone, Ryan Rubble and Brad Jetson. That's freaking awesome!

I get Mr. Spacely for Ryan. Vinnie is perfect as the Fred of the group.

#179 Edited by Residentrevil2 (431 posts) -

Excellent work!

#180 Posted by seven881 (1 posts) -

me likey

#181 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5120 posts) -

I love Giant Bomb fan art so much!!

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This is nuts, great work.

#184 Edited by TruthTellah (8384 posts) -

Woah. Now that the whole crew is there, this is even better. Amazing work.

#185 Posted by Ted_Mosby (73 posts) -

Right click, save as, set as wallpaper.

#186 Edited by el_tajij (705 posts) -

Wow, that is absolutely amazing!

#187 Posted by ThatRoss (19 posts) -


#188 Posted by Zaccheus (1784 posts) -

Amazing stuff.

#189 Posted by Space_Sandwich (108 posts) -

Phenomenal work! I personally see Vinny as a Jabberjaw for some reason. Now if only you could put all of these characters into an episode of Whacky Racers...