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So it was a year ago today that @rorie announced he was coming to Giant Bomb as Product Manager, I just wanted to call that out and say congratulations, its been great having you on the site this past year, it amazes me that even with a community as large as this I've still been able to get responses from you whenever I have a problem and I'm sure others appreciate your presence in the chat during live shows. So yeah, keep up the great work duder.

PS. I don't have a puppy but I do have a kitten so here's this picture of me and my kitted :D

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Who let the dogs out

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20,000+ PPP tumblr followers and where does a year go?

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Wow it's gone by so quick.

Wasn't sure at first but I have warmed to @rorie now, wish he would be in more content.

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Happy 1 year anniversary Rorie!

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It's all good, cats need love too.


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I love both Rorie and Puppies!

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thanks for reading the chat rorie

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We need to get another random puppy chat, that was a lot of fun watching

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Keep up the good work and thanks, Rorie!

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Rorie deserves all these great puppy pics above and below for the work he's done for GB over the last year! The site feels much more personal with him on board. Still curious to know his WPM considering how lightning fast he is with chat and notification responses.

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Sadly that only brings back the thought of we have been without Dave for a year. RIP RPCG, I will never get to see the end of Blade Runner now.

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@nightriff: Yeah I thought about mentioning Dave but thought that would just bring the mood down. Way to go man... lol

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Poor @rorie has patiently put up with my wiki-bug nagging ever since he came back. What a champ. And what a CHOMP!

Sorry about all the watermarks. I searched for 'puppy big mouth' and this was the first thing that came up.

Please stay forever - your laugh is excellent and makes every UPF better.

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Rorie is a top lad; he's always available in chat and that is greatly appreciated. Congrats Rorie!

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Are we doing this?

Anyway, congrats, @rorie! The site didn't hire you and then immediately close down a month later!

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Thanks for everything, Rorie! Go chomp a puppy!

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@flappy said:

Thanks for everything, Rorie! Go chomp a puppy!

How could you say something so vulgar to him? AND ON HIS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!?

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You're a Happy Year Giant Bomb Anniversary to Rorie!

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Puppies and Master of Magic, that's the Rorie way!

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Seems like it's been longer! Have a puppy!

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Happy anniversary!

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yay for Rorie.

Heres a picture of my bulldog.

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@ez123 said:

Happy anniversary!

I love this, this is amazing. Happy Anniversary Rorie!

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Rorie is the best... Keep up the great work.

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Happy One Year!

Thanks for all of the work you do helping out us moderators along with all of the other work you do to keep the wheels turning.

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Thanks guys! Been a (mostly) fun and (very) busy year this year. I'm glad to be here! Here's hoping I'm around for a while.

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I was such a huge fan of Screened, and hearing Rorie come on board was super exciting. Luckily he's been awesome to have here. Rorie's great.


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myt buddy Banjo put on his best bowtie for the occasion

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More puppy chat! Only way to celebrate!

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@flstyle said:

You're a Happy Year Giant Bomb Anniversary to Rorie!


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I'm late!

Having met Rorie a few times now (though he seems to always forget we've met) he's a super awesome guy who's as incredible off camera as he is on =D He's awesome with the community and pretty swell in general. Best wishes!

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@theht said:

It's all good, cats need love too.

Oh god, that was adorable!

You've done great, Rorie!

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:D You're awesome Rorie!

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I'm late!

It's never too late to tell a Rorie how super awesome he is.

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Congrats Rorie! Here's a pup. You deserve it.

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Adding to the puppy procession. Keep being awesome, Rorie!

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