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What is the hardest game(s) you ever played?

Mine is Ninja Gaiden, I was foolish enough to rent it and think that I could pull it off in a week, got stuck on the first boss then quit...and also an old NES game that I can´t remember the name of, you played as a knight against ghost and skeletons and stuff, got stuck on the dragon at the end of the third level :P

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Touhou series, no questions asked. Play insane mode and you'll cry blood.

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insane mode is never fun :)

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Easy question for me: Ninja Gaiden 1-3 on NES. Those were hardcore games.
I remember uttering my first curse word as a child was on the last stage when the birds kept knocking me into the pits during my jumps.

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Uhm.. I don't know. Devil May Cry 3, probably.

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Disgaeamad said:
"Touhou series, no questions asked. Play insane mode and you'll cry blood.
Some people I know here in Japan are super into that, and I just nod and wince in pain when I see them play it
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The first release of DMC3 and Ninja Gaiden

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Ninja Gaiden

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Too many insanely hard games, but recently it would be Ikaruga, that stuff is hella tough!

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Ghost and Goblins or whatever it was called.

It's well known as being one of the hardest games ever.

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DMC3 was really danm tough on me I hardly could make it past the 3rd boss.

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Yeah, Ninja Gaiden is insanely hard. Back then it made me rage because the camera and the whole dial-a-combo madness didn't help either.

Thank god I borrowed it from a friend and never actually bought it.

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Ninja Gaiden was pretty damn hard... there are a few more for me but I can't remember off the top of my head.

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I have not played NG, but my hardest is probably NG2. That game made my brain bleed as i boiled with frustration. I have never screamed at a game before i played NG2 on mentor.

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Ninja Gaiden for xbox. Although i did beat every difficulty and all the master tournaments. (no brag :)

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I Wanna Be the Guy

I can guarantee it shits on any other game mentioned in this thread. Google it if you don't believe me.
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That game is brutal

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definitely ninja gaiden, that game was ridiculous.

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I wanna be the Guy! This Game has ruined one Keyboard, one cheap PC Controller and almost cost me my 24" LCD. Fuck that game.
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I'm playing NG2 at the moment, it seems more bastardish that the first one, but maybe that's just because I haven't played the first one since I beat it.

Honorable mention goes to Breath Of Fire Five, a game made ridiculously hard but a fundamentally idiotic structure that requires you to go so far in the game, and re-start again and again, giving yourself an experience boost at the start of the game each time.

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Schizoid on Uber Schizoid mode is insane

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Ninja Gaiden is just fucking crazy.

I was this [ ] close to suicide.

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Dude, I'm surprised no one has said Battletoads for the nes yet.

So, uh, Battletoads.

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Umm...Battletoads and Halo 2 on legendary.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma I would've played it on easy but I didn't wanna wear the pink ribbon

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Batman returns for the Atari LYNX. Seriously, either the game designers knew nothing about game design, or they meant it as a cruel joke.

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Some Terminator game, I cant remember the title.

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4 Wheel Thunder for the Dreamcast.

My thumb was in PAIN after playing that game. To this day I have yet to beat the single player championship and unlock everything.

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I've gotten through about eight screens of I Wanna be the Guy.
But on a more traditional gaming level, Ghosts and Goblins. I was never able to finish that.

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I used to think that Megaman was hard but I played it recently and it wasn´t really that tough...

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super ghouls n' ghosts still kicks my ass. Though i can get pretty far.

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Ikaruga. Serious fucking business

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Ninja Gaiden ...flippen heck

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I would say Tetris, its impossible for my brain to process after a certain point. Another choice for me is Call of Duty 4 on Veteran; thats because the game becomes so cheap at that point.

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Breath of fire 4.... Fou-lu was a mofo...

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IllegalMedic said:
"I would say Tetris, its impossible for my brain to process after a certain point. Another choice for me is Call of Duty 4 on Veteran; thats because the game becomes so cheap at that point."

COD 4 is the most fun on Veteran cause it´s realistic, but yeah it´s fucking hard
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Hmm Battletoads or Shinobi on the ps2...i thought Ninja Gaiden wasnt too tough until you hit hard....damn those cat women

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma, or Viewtiful Joe on the GC. The difficultly leap from kid to adult difficulty was immense. And one of the last levels is to beat the 4 previous bosses in a row without dying as well as an extra one. They're hard enough on their own, but put together it was nigh-on-fucking-impossible.

My most frustrating experience was probably getting the big boss emblem on MGS4. Enemies can hear you from about 10 miles away if you do anything other than sneak. I had to reset so many times.

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My hardest game that I ever played would probably be Ninja Gaiden 2 for the NES. Although the last time that I did beat this I was about six years old.

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All Shinobi's and Contra.

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Ninja Gaiden

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Kid Icarus.

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Driver 2. The car chases were extremely brutal to do. You had to be near perfect.

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Has to be System Shock 2. Not only scared me shitless, but I was barely able to survive five minutes.

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Ninja Gaiden or DMC 3.  The Call of Duty games on veteran were pretty insane too but ninja gaiden is just nuts. 

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Ninja Gaiden Black. That game seriously kicked my ass. I wanted to love that game, but I hate dying.

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In my teenage years I found a lot of games hard. But I was also doing class-A drugs at the time, so the idea of even completing a level seemed pointless when you could run against a wall for 30-odd minutes and giggle.

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Uhm...a lot. But the first one that jumps to my mind is Trauma Center. Maybe because I'm playing the squeal right now...