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So let's have it then. I have to say that Ninja Gaiden 2 lvl 3-4 is the most insane i'v played. I could never get past the blowy mountain. And if a modern game? Shadows of damned EDIT: on insane! (lvl 3 and after)

So how about you? I know there are many more levels,missions. But these are just on top of my head.

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DMC3, final boss on DMD difficulty. Three hits and you're more or less boned. Wasn't a cheap fight, mind.

#3 Posted by Mystyr_E (1355 posts) -

GTA: San Andreas = Supply Lines

/topic over

#4 Posted by Sarkhan (1249 posts) -

Ah yes! I remember DMC 3. Never bought it though. But if i recall, my brother rented it and i said: fuck that. Is that with the glitch that EU/US got normal as hard?

#5 Posted by GloriousDinosaur (458 posts) -

@dudeglove: This, but only in vanilla DM3 - not the 'special edition'

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The Kid's level in Super Meat Boy

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@dudeglove said:
DMC3, final boss on DMD difficulty. Three hits and you're more or less boned. Wasn't a cheap fight, mind.
I thought you died in only one hit in Dante Must Die.
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@GloriousDinosaur said:

@dudeglove: This, but only in vanilla DM3 - not the 'special edition'

Did they "fix" it for the special edition? I know the insane lvl was normal. But i can't remember what version.

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I came in to mention Ninja Gaiden II, only to find it was the topic of the original post.

@Sarkhan said:

@GloriousDinosaur said:

@dudeglove: This, but only in vanilla DM3 - not the 'special edition'

Did they "fix" it for the special edition? I know the insane lvl was normal. But i can't remember what version.

I played the Special Edition on normal, without ever playing the original version of the game, and it was perfectly manageable. Fairly challenging, but nothing aggravatingly so. And I'm not super skilled at these kinds of games. I have to set the Ninja Gaiden games to easy to get through them.

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That god awful DDR game at the end of The Simpsons game. I played that fucker on the 360 and to match the arrows you could only use the terrible d-pad. Drove me nucking futs because I would hit the correct arrow only to have it not register that I hit it and fail the game. Which of course would require me to start again from square one on a 4-5 tier mini-game. What made it even more frustrating was that it was literally the last thing in the game to do and I just wanted it over with but this dam game was in the way! Really soured that game for me and took it form being a meh game to one that I actively hate now.

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Mile High Club - Call of Duty 4. Most difficult 60 seconds I've ever spent 2 hours trying to get through.

And some of the end levels of Mega Man X6, though that's more because that game fucking sucks. That motherfucking jello guy that sends the blocks all over the place? I hate that thing.

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Hardest that I eventually completed: The Kid's levels in SMB or Inferno II in Trials HD

Hardest that I'll probably never complete: a couple of the hard time attacks in Shadow of the Colossus (mainly #3 and #15)

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Getting to the first savepoint in Ninja Gaiden 2 chapter 2 on Master Ninja is the most trouble I have had with a game that I can remember. It is a eight minute section that took me over two hours to complete. It's brutal.

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Oh God, too many from Jak 2.

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The last boss in Godhand. OMFG.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

The Kid's level in Super Meat Boy

This. This! I spent hours doing the same 10 seconds or so over and over, almost getting a fucking RSI, just to get that stupid Kid.

That said, it was totally worth it.

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The Chocobo race in FFX where you have to get zero seconds on the clock took me a day and a half. OCD is a hell of a drug.

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A lot of the MGS1 Snake VR Missions in Metal Gear Solid 2 were pretty tough.

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@SexualBubblegumX said:

The last boss in Godhand. OMFG.

God. I always wanted that game. But when i had the money, i bought the wrong game.

#20 Posted by SexualBubblegumX (551 posts) -
It should only be about ten bucks used, so might be worth picking up. But That game punishes you so hard for making mistakes.
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Call of Duty 3 The Forrest. I still remember it to this day. On veteran that shit is almost impossible. It is luck and skill and patience. Mile High Club and the exit from the barn after killing Assad were hard but not like this. At crossing a road to get to a cabin full of Nazis had to keep using smoke grenades, trying to kill Nazis hiding behind trees, then getting a little closer through the forrest and get to the cabin and clear it out and then using a mortar to kill Nazis coming at you.

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Bomb Truck in Driv3r was one that sticks out in my mind. It took me 3 days to finish that game and 6 hours of that was chasing a truck that was throwing bombs out the back. Maybe I was just bad at games back then. At the time I had only been a gamer for 6 months.

The final race tier of Ridge Racer is also tough. They claim the odds of winning the races are 1 in 200000. One of them took me 5 months to beat. The rubber banding was so bad. I had about 10 races that I was less than .005 seconds behind the winner and didn't even make the podium.

#23 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3302 posts) -

Probably Mile High Club.

#24 Posted by stryker1121 (1783 posts) -

The last mission in Red Faction: Guerrilla was hard as nails for me. You're getting bombarded from all sides (you get a tank for part of the mission) and basically you're struggling up this windy road to get the last boss. Took me ages.

I'd also give an angry nod to the bit in Dead Island where you have to protect the chief. I'll be whining about this fight til I stop gaming, cuz it was the most frustrating gaming exp i've had in years. Utterly broken, insane difficulty spike that I firmly believe was not play-tested for solo players. I got thru it by luck and teeth-grinding stubbornness. A near game-breaker, that one.

#25 Posted by Pop (2690 posts) -

The Kid stages in Super Meat Boy made me so angry, I broke the run button on my controller cause I was pressing it so hard, it took me like 8 hours to beat in the span of 3 days.

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Blood on Extra Crispy difficulty. Holy mother of shit.

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Maybe the last tier of Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2. It took so long but my partner and I eventually made it and got the full 1000 points.

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Some of the later boards on Modern Warfare like sniping at that amusement park waiting for a pick up. Gah!!! Freakin' dogs were annoying. After beating Force Unleashed in the hardest setting there is an unlock for an even harder setting. One part where they first introduce those Robot Troopers (have to pause here, getting flashbacks). I had to stop playing it. Loved the game but that part alone had me smacking the floor like an ape hopping up and down.

Have a fresh copy of God Hand on my shelf still waiting for me.

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Call of duty 4 - Mile High Club

Call of duty Black Ops - Mission controlling tank before the end

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Jordan on Expert guitar in GH2. I spent sooooo long trying to beat that. Actually accomplishing it made me feel simultaneously awesome and terrible for spending so much time with a plastic guitar :D

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Mile High Club took me a while, It took me over a year of attempts here and there.

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Cortana level in Halo was so dumb and hard I hate it, but I think is that mission in GTA San Andreas where you need to fly the RC plane damn! I couldn't complete that one on the PC did it later on Xbox but man .... Buuulshit!

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Fucking Blighttown.

Anyone who knows what that is can relate.

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@Willin said:

Fucking Blighttown.

Anyone who knows what that is can relate.

im kinda surprised dark souls didn't come up sooner

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As i remeber.My Hero on run 2.Insane!

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megaman X final boss. i couldn't ever get threw it that i gave up. i remember playing that game forever to get there.

#37 Posted by themangalist (1853 posts) -

GTA:SA's flight school was one of the most frustrating things I've ever had to go with.

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A lot of Cod levels on veteran are so damn horrible, but they're mostly doable with a bit of luck. There are a ton of levels in Jak 2 that are the worst, but almost nothing I have ever played compares to a bit on an oil rig looking thing in Bionic Commando (2009) on the highest difficulty.

There are a bunch of accurate snipers that can kill you in one hit, 4 or 5 Hadoukening, flying mechs that can kill you in one hit, lots of standard solders that can kill you in two hits and the sea underneath you which is 99% of the time instant death. So you have to swing and creep your way across this area with very limited ammo fighting and killing everything in your path that takes insane amounts of ammo/ throwing things to kill... it seriously takes about an hour to get across this pretty small area that can be done in about 5 mins on normal, and then when you get through it all there's two gorilla mechs to fight. Just one of the most punishing checkpoints I have ever come across in a game. The rest of the level is mega hard, and there are other parts earlier on in the story that are ridiculous with enemy spam (library), but this part is fucked, especially if the prior checkpoint left you with very little ammo.

The game gets significantly easier afterwards.

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@Mystyr_E said:

GTA: San Andreas = Supply Lines

/topic over

flight stick is the answer. beat it in one try after hooking that up. pc gaming ftw.

#40 Posted by Muerthoz (364 posts) -

The speeder bike level in Battletoads.

#41 Posted by Sbaitso (608 posts) -

@Willin: oh blight town isn't so bad. It's just annoying, not hard.

Some of the later levels in Rainbow6 3: Raven Shield are pretty fucked. Maybe not the hardest I've ever played, but that's whats coming to mind right now. Some of the GRAW2(PC) levels are similarly fucked as well.

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The run to the Chopper in MW2 after you download the databits from the Estate.

#43 Posted by Phatmac (5920 posts) -

The Library level in Halo on Expert…

#44 Posted by GenocidalKitten (244 posts) -

This probably isn't the most difficult level I've ever played but, it was the most awesome to complete.

In MW3 the spec ops mission called overwatch ( I think all I know for sure is that it was in the last tier of them) Basically one player was sniping and launching predator missiles (In this case my brother) and one player was disarming little bomb looking things in a juggernaut suit (me) of which there were 8 (I think) all randomly placed.

The map was an open area with few spots to hide, I could wander around it and disarm bombs, the other player spawns a rooftop really far behind the disarmer.

The enemies constantly re-spawn, and when you disarm a bomb a big wave sometimes with choppers and tanks will come at you. We were doing it on veteran and spent 4 hours straight trying to complete it.

It ended up turning into my brother sniping people constantly, and me hiding in a little crevice, popping out killing a few people then nearly dying, and hiding again untill the enemies seemed pushed back far enough for me to risk running to the closest bomb disarming it and running back.

Another huge issue were the dogs, they would come late enough into the mission that when they'd jump on me I would be way to panicky to click the stick in at the right time so, it would be up to my brother to shoot them off as they were doing the bite animation, we failed the mission 4 times because of my dog failures.

It came down to me disarming the last bomb, far into enemy territory. I was so close to disarming, it the bar was almost there then.......... BAM a dog jumped on me, terrified I clicked the stick early, as the dog was lunging for my neck I threw my controller on my bed across the room. Somehow my brother managed to shoot the dog as it was killing me I then ran across the room grabbed my controller and disarmed it.

That mission complete screen was so satisfying!

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I haven't run into too many games past the 8-bit era that stopped me cold but the boss in the second to last level in Sol Feace thrashed me so soundly that I couldn't even comprehend how to beat him without a cheat code. Those extra hard Trauma Center 2 levels that unlock after you finish the game were well beyond my abilities, too.

@Muerthoz said:

The speeder bike level in Battletoads.

I'm pretty sure that is the correct answer, though.

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Ninja Gaiden (i haven't played 2 and 3) master ninja difficulty... any fiend challenge room! Or try some bosses, 1 hit from EVERYTHING. Though it does get easier as you go along so i'd say chapters 3-8, any of those will have you running for your money.

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The second to last boss (death) in NG1 on Master Ninja.

Also, Hill 400, CoD2 Veteran.

Oh, and anyone who says anything from Dark Souls is a big baby man.

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All of super gouls 'n ghosts. It's one of the top 5 hardest games of all time.

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@SexualBubblegumX said:

The last boss in Godhand. OMFG.

Damn, yes. That game is RELENTLESS.

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@MikeGosot said:

@dudeglove said:
DMC3, final boss on DMD difficulty. Three hits and you're more or less boned. Wasn't a cheap fight, mind.
I thought you died in only one hit in Dante Must Die.

That's Heaven or Hell mode (which opens up after DMD, I think?), where everything dies in one hit no matter how much damage they take, including you. Basically it's a speed run with pistols, but you have to be wary of bullshit traps like those ones with blades midway through the game.

With Vergil, if you have a full life bar, most of his attacks on DMD will take off a painful amount. Plus, there's no invincibility period, so attacks immediately stack i.e. stunlock = raegqiut. In other words, I spent a ludicrous amount of time grinding orbs to buy health/devil trigger stars beforehand. (It was the days before youtube had videos of people finishing him off in about five minutes. I distinctly remember it taking me at least twenty). I still haven't seen someone beat him on DMD with gunslinger.

@Sarkhan said:

@GloriousDinosaur said:

@dudeglove: This, but only in vanilla DM3 - not the 'special edition'

Did they "fix" it for the special edition? I know the insane lvl was normal. But i can't remember what version.

As far as I'm aware, special edition made vanilla easy the normal difficulty, and normal hard. Bit of a shame, really, because part of the appeal lies in the difficulty.