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Well has a video game ever made you cry, if so what one?

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Red Dead Redemption got me teary eyed near the end when finding Abigale

When you kill dutch and are able to go see your wife and A pops up in the map and that damn music plays, it was red

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Solace hit a note with me last year, completely unexpected.
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Yeah, when I was little, megaman 1 was so hard to me that I raged and cried. 

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I'm quite a emotional person, and there have been a few moments in games where I have shed some tears.  
The worst was MGS2, Emma..

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Shattered memories got me pretty close to tears at the end...
EDIT: alright fine i did cry :(

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@Hizang: MAN that was the worst. It was like she was mah own sister. The connection we shared, foiled by that asshat Vamp. Man, even the badass hand-shake-hug that Snake and Otacon made me cry.

That game made me question who I was on a sub-molecular level.

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When I tried to get Privateer 2: the darkening to work on my PC but I had to keep going back to editing config.sys and autoexec.bat files on my boot disk to get it working.
It too me so long to work that bitch out.

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No, but one game got close. Cave Story, missing the tow rope. Actually, the whole game is kind of a downer, but especially then got to me. 

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Sure, it doesn't even have to be real a tearjerker.

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Halo Reach got me a little teary eyed when I was reading the note from the Bungie Staff at the end of the game. 

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I wouldn't say I've ever cried over a game before. The ending to Persona 3 managed to bum me the fuck out for a dew days though.

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BioShock 1/2  Good Ending.

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The "What would you do for love" trailer for Heavy Rain got me pretty close. Too bad the game didn't live up to that trailer. Red Dead Redemption got me with the whole "son follows the father" thing Especially after the whole buildup of happiness that seemed to go on for hours after what should have been the end.

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Yes. It's happened a few times but I think the clearest instance I can recall right now was getting the good ending for Bioshock 2.

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Several times, but only time I remember is Nier.

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FFX ending I got a little choked up, not going to lie.

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Not really no, but I was sad/pissed that:

Shinjiro died in Persona 3

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@Hizang said:

I'm quite a emotional person, and there have been a few moments in games where I have shed some tears.  
The worst was MGS2, Emma..

Really? I found that so bad it came close to embarrasing.  
MGS 4 on the other hand, at first I almost cred but then I almost raged.  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
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Red Dead Redemption left me sobbing.

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I think Nier would probably be the closest, but I have never actually cried during a video game.

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What!? "Yes" is leading? Bunch of sissies... 
No, a video game has never made me cry. The only thing that seriously bummed me out was what happens to someone near the end of Persona 4.

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I think not
but the good ending of inamous 2 was pretty sad

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Halo: Reach, after I realized that the multiplayer sucked.

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Not exactly a game, but Steam sales make me shed a man-tear of happiness. Just thought I would share.

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No, but a few games have come pretty close.

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I don't remember if I actually cried, but GTA 4 definitely got me close.

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lost odyssey after like an hour rofl. depressing as shit. hl2 ep2 got me, too.

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Final Fantasy X

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I cried for about two hours after finishing Red Dead.

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No video game has ever made me cry.

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i got teary eyed when i played crisis core

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There were points in Persona 3 FES where I was on the verge of tears.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 was the first crying moment for me(first implying that this has happened more then once)

The ending really blew my mind, it really hit a nerve inside that always gets me every time I watch it.

Persona 3FES/4/P3P All had there fair share of tire jerking on me, & this may shock you but P3P got the most out of me(yes multiple times, playing as a female in the game really opens up a whole lot of backstory for a some key characters. Mainly the guys in the party bc you can't have a S-link with them as a Male MC)

Lost Odyssey, from start to finish is nothing but sad sad sad moments. I actually had to stop reading the "1000 Years of Dreams" bc each one of them had tirey parts to them. Which is a bummer bc they were so well written, also there were so many of them & it took a long time to read them so skipped them after about half way through.

LA Noire almost did, the acting is just SO FUCKING GOOD!!!

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Silent Hill 3.

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I did feel a void being created the moment I finished FFIX, though. It was one of the few games where I felt strong emotional attachment to the characters.

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Not as far as I can remember no.

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I can't think of any.

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Some can actually get my choked up, but actually shedding a tear over a game is a different story. 

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Not crying, so much as watery eyes... 
Shadow of the Colossus

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RDR when going home for the first time.
Mass Effect 1, especially the ending, Mass Effect 2's opening and Tali's mission, oh and Jack's romance is fantastic, one of the best ever Bio made.
Dragon Age 1 ending.
Zelda's the worst tho, whenever I hear the theme I get misty eyed, bloody magic!

Lots more probably.

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Not yet, but I'm no stranger to getting a little misty-eyed. I think I might get attached to characters too easily.

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@theguy said:
Not as far as I can remember no.