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I've been playing NOTPRON on and off since 2005 and I've only gotten to level 12 out of 140.

Its one of the hardest, most creative, and most satisfying puzzle games I've ever played. According to the site only 0.0001% of players have finished it.

I was wondering if anyone around here has experienced or finished it. If so, share your thoughts.

Wouldnt it be great to see Jeff and the guys did a quick look of it or maybe Dave since its technically an eastern block PC game?

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not pron ? not interested !

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@envane said:

not pron ? not interested !

lol Notpron.. gtfo. You trying to dirty up my whack machine?

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I remember playing this a long time ago. It's pretty interesting. I didn't realize that it had so many levels. FEZ definitely has the same vibe going for it with all it's puzzles.

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Oh wow, I remember this site. I recall getting a decent ways into it. It was pretty neat at the time. It has definitely been a long while though since last I was here.

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I had a few friends who were really into Notpron back when it launched. I don't think they ever solved the whole thing, though.

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I got to level 4. Done for today, potentially forever.

That site is pretty fucking cool though, I wonder how crazy it gets later on.

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I've played a few of those website games over the years, they are pretty cool. Don't think I have the patience or the knowledge to try to finish one though.

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I believe I got close to 80% through years ago, I went back recently and could remember many of the truly unique solutions.

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Many years ago, I played it obsessively for a couple of days, but only made it to around level 40. One of my friends finished it (although blames it for her PhD taking a year longer than it was meant to!)

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I too have been playing it on and off since 2005. Got to about level 70 last year then started working with my friend and now we're up to -22. The levels go to 82 then from 0 to -44 and then 14 more. 141 levels I think.

It's absolutely incredible but insanely difficult.