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I am sitting here playing Super Meat Boy on the PC with a keyboard and I am thinking about crushing my monitor with a sledgehammer so I wonder, have you ever broken anything in real life because a game has aggrevated you?

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I broke a controller once due to me throwing it to the floor after I managed to get into three online battles, in a row, against the same guy, who was using Eddie, and spamming, in Tekken 6 and threw it to the floor in disbelief.

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Nope, never.  
They're just video games to me, nothing serious about them that could make me go insane like that. 

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I haven't ever broken anything because of a game, but I have stomped around a whole lot because of another game with the initials of "SMB." Super Monkey Ball.

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Just yelling FUCK, I've never done anything physical out of rage. Most recent example is not getting a hit on point-blank shotgun headshots in bfbc2Vietnam and having the other player turn around and kill me instead. I use the shotgun almost exclusively these days and have gold stars or wtvr using it but sometimes it just doesn't hit anything at all.

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Street Fighter 4 made me do that more than a few times.  I don't play fighting games and I tried getting into this when it first came out.  I tried playing single player on easy, only to have the thing glitch out (which I didn't know at the time) and suddenly jump to the hardest difficulty setting.  That caused some controller throwing.  Every CoD game I've played made me break a controller.  Fallout 2 did it as well.  What a fucking stupid game that was...  I tried playing it again yesterday and died fighting the first "boss."  Why?  Because I only had a 33% chance of hitting him, not to mention him blocking.  Fuck that game!  Just thinking about it makes me angry.

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i never understood people breaking controllers out of anger, i mean...you would need to get it fixed / get a replacement, i mean meh
i never rage in single player games only multiplayer, the ones that spring to mind are call of duty and street fighter 4....alot in call of duty, especially modern warfare 2

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Nope, i play games for fun, if i get frustrated i simply stop playing. Comeback later if i still can't get past it i stop playing for good.

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I threw my first controller just recently. Not being the most foreword thinking person regarding RPGs, I completely effed over my Dragon Age character's progression and got into an area where I died about ten times in a row. Lovely.

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Despite having a terrible temper under certain circumstances, I have never quite broken something due to a game. But games themselves never make me angry. It's things like lag that really piss me off. I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions under control, and people think I'm pretty calm, so when I do have the occasional outburst, it weirds people out. 
I have beat the shit out of some pillows though. I'll also throw things like socks as hard as I can, because I know they won't hurt anything.

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Playing Forza 3 and finding out to finish the game you would have to play 220 events.....that sucked.....and not even on my console.....  

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I don't know what it was, but Kingdom Hearts:  Re: Chain of Memories on the PS2 enraged me to the point that I broke two controllers by throwing them to the floor (on different days and different points in the game).  I still haven't beaten it because all I can associate with that game is pure rage.

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Playing Starcraft when I'm at home for the holidays is killing me. The internet connection here is absolutely terrible and I've screamed at my computer countless times. Trying to get my parents to call Shaw and tell them to get their shit in gear..

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When I was younger. I no longer get upset to the point of rage. I have to admit, I've come close when the game involves an online component. Having a bad streak of deaths in an FPS deathmatch, or having that one other player that seems like they're gunning for you for whatever reason and you're just not skilled enough to do anything to stop them.  The worst would be corpse camped in an mmo like WoW. These make it difficult to not at least become mildly frustrated, especially magnified when you don't have the sense to leave it alone and do something else.

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Haven't broken anything (yet), but Black Ops on Veteran is the most fucking enraging, maddening, god-damned-awful experience I've ever had. The design flaws in that campaign that specifically mean that you will die over and over again until you happen to just get lucky to pass certain parts are ridiculous.
What really iced my rage cake, and led to me stopping for a while (haven't picked it back up yet), is that, after spending over 2 hours getting through half of the campaign mission, and another 30+ mins on the second half, I got this "AI model x has more than 160 bones, check the console for details" bug that kicked me out to the main menu. And because CoD STILL SOMEHOW DOESN'T HAVE CHECKPOINT SAVES, I have to start the level over again.
Since then I've started the whole new rage cake that is multiplayer. But even the worst, laggiest, most frustrating multiplayer match has absolutely nothing on the almost-broken campaign, so I'm relatively calmer.

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Nearly smashed an Ipod Classic while trying to finish I Wanna Be The Guy. I did finish and my ipod is still ok.

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I never used to think I raged at all but according to my boyfriend I rage a lot whilst playing Black Ops lol. I've never broken anything though. Mostly just hissy fits here and there!

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I haven't raged since I was a little kid playing Dynasty Warriors. But don't get it twisted, I haven't stopped raging because I've gotten more mature. I've stopped raging because I just know to turn the game off before I get frustrated enough to break my monitor.

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You need to take a break.  
That comment was in no way a snarky comment. Rather, in my experience I've found if a game is starting to get under my skin to the point of anger, I need to step away from it and relax. They're games, at the end of the day, and you need to remember what's fun about the games and focus on that. If you try to will yourself through something that's upsetting you, then you're dwelling on the negative traits causing the frustration in the first place. Not a healthy way to play video games. 

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Nope. I'll admit Super Meat Boy can be very frustrating but I'm just not the kind of guy who gets mad at games.

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I yell from time to time. The only time I broke a controller was when I was fighting the last boss in Dead or Alive 4. Once I realized what I did, I went out to get a new controller at GameStop, trading the game in towards it.

Eff that game. Eff that boss.

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Not since I was a kid thankfully.

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I've raged, but it never lasts for more than a few seconds and I never break anything. On the rare occasion I've thrown a controller, it was always into the couch because I don't want to have to buy a new one. My frugal side is more powerful than my angry side.

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I once threw my 360 controller at a friend I was hanging with because she kept bothering me while I was trying to kill some noobs in Gears.  

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@Sir_Ragnarok: The thing is, with blops I know it's not going to get any better, so I'm just trying to get through it.
Although I will say, sleep is a wonderful aid. I was up till like 7AM one night and frustrated as hell on Khe Sanh, went to bed, woke up later, and actually managed to beat it.
I've also raged a lot at games that my friends consistently beat me at, like SSFIV and Madden.
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Never broken anything but Super Meat Boy has caused me to throw out many a string of expletives. 

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For some reason whilst playing Meat Boy I stay relatively calm, Theres an occasional swear word here and there but thats about it. Pixel Junk Eden on the other hand nearly made me kick a TV over. I have told anyone if they see me playing that game again to walk up to the console and just switch it off.
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No, but that's probably because I haven't played Super Meat Boy yet.

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No, only my wife seems capable of doing that.  It's her Super Power, you might say.

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I never get angry over anything ever and have been accused on multiple occasions of being a robot BUT...
...Monster Hunter once made me throw my PSP into a wall and now the battery cover falls off all the time.  I don't even remember what happened that pissed me off.  That's what over 1000 hours logged will do to you I guess.

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When I was small I used to bite my Gameboy Colour, it is now covered in bite marks.

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New Vegas because it's fucking broken

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Yes. once i destroyed my $2,000 HDTV, but it was ok because my dad had a warranty.

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I was always calm with SMB; there was never anything to lose, and you had as many tries as you wanted. 
Now, SSF4 on the other hand... Oh, boy!

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My friend has broken about 8 Dual Shock 3's as a result of Fifa/Pro Evo, no joke. He's fucking nuts.

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First time it happened was vs mr robot midget jedi in The Force Unleashed 1 on the highest setting, goddamnit he was annoying!
Also, any Call of Duty game online, filled with campers and cheap asses, so not fun to play that game.
Oh and World of Warcraft, I kicked chairs yo!

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Mario Party (any godforsaken version).  makes me want to punch friends!!

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@example1013 said:
" Haven't broken anything (yet), but Black Ops on Veteran is the most fucking enraging, maddening, god-damned-awful experience I've ever had. "
World At War's Veteran campaign would like a word with you. Black Ops on Veteran is NOTHING compared to WaW, at least Blops didn't have an absolutely ludicrous amount of grenade spam.
On topic though, I don't think I've ever physically broken something or anything like that because of a game. I usually just swear. Very loudly.
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Sometimes, if I'm reeeeeally stuck
But in my option it's a good thing, when you finally manage to get through it feels really good

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Besides the usual swears and fits (which I am ashamed of and am trying to stop) I once accidentally snapped a game in two while trying to get it out of the case and threw it in anger.

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Upto yet, I'm 23 years old, and the nearest I've come is to grip my control pads' arms really, really tightly whilst gritting my teeth and hatefully whispering "Which group of ass-holes created the ally AI in this FUCKING game! And why didn't they make it more intelligent for harder difficulties?!"  
Gears of War 2 on Insane difficulty. 
I was playing Online Co-op with a good friend of mine, in a section where your team has to split off into teams of two and you're both on your own with an AI to "help" you out. 
Now for some reason the AI decides that it'd be a smart idea to run into a crowd of those big dudes that carry shields and something that's close to a mace, basically a grenade (instead of a metal ball with spikes) that's attached to a chain. 
Anyway, for some reason the AI decides that it'd be a smart idea to run into a crowd of those big dudes armed only with a shotgun of all guns. 
This wouldn't be so bad if the game didn't rely on us reviving their stupid AI asses every time they went down or return us to the most recent checkpoint.
once they've been revived though they only go and continue to run back into the same group of short range enemies and stand in one spot whilst doing shamelessly small amounts of damage to them yet again. Etc, etc...  
We managed it, but it took us a very long while and a lot of patience to do, plus a months break between tries.

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I tried braking my controller for NG Black and 2 by twisting it or slamming it to my thigh

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Call of Duty ...............................its so fun sometimes

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I just yell and curse comically

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Yup. Years ago, dropped an old ps2 controller to the floor and stomped on it once. It shattered into little pieces and I immediately felt like a total asshole.