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 I'm not going to subscribe to whiskey media (right away) but I loved the BLLSL. 
I'm a big Giantbomb fan (as most of us are) but the live show opened my eyes to the other sites. 

I have never read, nor do i have any interest in comic books. But I really enjoyed Comic Vines segments on the live show! I thought they were cool as!  
The comic news for the week was interesting and tied in well with movies and games. And the stuff about valuations on comic books was good too! 
(not usually my thing, but definitely didn't hurt the show! Quite the opposite) 
I've also never visited Tested, but know I will after this week, their segments were both funny and informative. 
I've already started editing the wikis at screened and can definitely see myself wasting *alot* of time there. 
So subscription models aside - Did you come away from the BLLSL thinking that you might go and check out some of the other Whiskey sites?     

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It was hella fun, but I'm still not going to pull magic money of out my never ending money wallet. :P

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I just meant, 'Subscription models aside'  do you think you will go check out some of the other whiskey sites?
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Sorry, it's late. Only read the first couple lines.
I'm already a member of all the sites. I don't spend nearly as much time on them, but they're all awesome as far as I'm concerned.

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It did open my eyes to how desperate they are for money yeah.

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i found it funny watching the tested guys and i havent yet seen all the stuff from screened. the comic vine stuff went over my head a little like "who would win out of these two superheroes" as that goes to a nerdiness level beyond my understanding of marvel making spiderman and xmen and dc making batman. giant bomb was solid. the 11 string bassist was great. why the lack of anime vice presence? i presume they don't have a group that want to appear as on camera personalities or the nature of their content (anime, manga, japanese stuff) limited what they'd be able to do on the show without grabbing some anime/manga makers straight from japan?
anyways i thought it (what i have seen of it so far, about half the show in bits and pieces) was great. im definitely keen to see something similar in the future. and now... back to TNT! :) (ps. get the tested guys on TNT more often!)

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This thread has nothing to do with Whiskey Media's subscription plan! 
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I didn't get a chance to see the Live show (work is a beach) but for whatever reason, after creating my multipass, have decided to look at Screened, and maybe Tested. Don't know why, I always knew about them, but I may as well now. 'Specially since I plan to subscribe which will give me stuff on all of the sites. I like me some technology and tv shows/movies. 
Sorry Vine and Vice, I'm just not a fan of the drawn story medium.

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Well, I'm pretty much In like Flint. I only ever logged on to GB. I always saw the other Whiskey sites at the bottom, but never cared. Heard Will Smith over here a couple time, liked his style, but still never ventured out of GB. The whole BLLSL made me realize there are some other good personalities around here with good content as well.
Basically this whole thing made me do what it was meant to. I'm gonna subscribe. I feel the content of ALL sites are worth the price of admission. Expendable income isn't so stretched that I can't afford this. And lets not kid ourselves, this whole thing was an advertisement... albeit a good one.

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I had occasionally visited Tested and Screened, and seeing what the Tested guys did during their segments makes me want to visit their site more. Unfortunate I tended to duck out during Comic Vine segments, and I never saw any of the riffing the Screened guys were doing. :(

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I'm genuinely surprised more people aren't looking at Tested, not so much for the videos but for the articles. Matt Braga's stuff over there is fucking gold.

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I can't say that my eyes were opened. Although thats only because I don't think they can possibly open any further than they already were. I've always loved the Whiskey sites. :P

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Dude from CV was so wasted at the end lol. I like the CV people, but I don't like comics so it's the only site I don't use very much.

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Are you, by chance, Australian? 
And to answer your question, I was already visiting most of the other sites almost every day, although only when a picture/article in the links at the bottom of this page caught my attention.
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Man if you have never been to the other sites, you're missing out. Although besides Giantbomb I think Tested's format works the best.

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I've been fans of tested and screened before. I've always liked Alex and Rorie from the GS era and the Tested guys are pretty good too. I'm not a comic book fan at all so it's hard getting into that site.

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Tested is pretty interesting, I knew that before, but I think I'll check it out a little more often now. 
Screened is alright, too, but not really for me as a european. Everything about what's on US TV, netflix and all that does not affect me and the rest is a lot of movie chitchat I don't really care about.
I don't have any interest in Comic Vine, because I'm just not into comics. Also I think they had the hardest job yesterday. Hard for them and their subject to entertain an alien audience.
edit: Oh and what it opened my eyes for is how big Giantbomb is compared to the other sites! Comic Vine has 60k registered users, but had 200 viewers max. Screened and Tested were at around 400-500, but they are pretty new. So really, Giantbomb seems to be the core of this whole company and I didn't know that.

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I enjoy all the whiskey sites (Expect anime vice, its just not my thing). Although Giantbomb is my favorite,  I really like the tested guys and alex and rorie were two of my favorite gamespot  editors. Comicvine has got me reading comics again and they really pump out content fast over there. 
The BLLSL was great and im happy to give my 50 bucks a year 

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I've been a frequent visitor of both Tested and Screened since they launched, and I have no interest in comic books. 
So I guess the answer to your question is: not really.

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I liked it but no disrespect I thought the comic vice guys were boring n not fun segments...but I'm not a comic guy so that could be the reason I don't like them..tested is always fun but screened has become my favorite, Alex n Matt on the podcast are funny as hell...but the reason paid was for GB, I luv vinny, Jeff, brad n Ryan

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I used Tested and GB before the BLLSL, but I might try to use Screened more now after seeing it.

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@pabsi9 said:
"...but I'm not a comic guy so that could be the reason I don't like them"
No, they were just bad segments.  I like comics, I like Comic Vine as a site, but their later segments were brutal.  
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@Detrian said:
" It did open my eyes to how desperate they are for money yeah. "
And that's what?  A measure of them failing in your eyes?
You'd prefer that they lied to you and told you everything was fine right up until they suddenly shut down?