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#1 Posted by astrotriforce (1704 posts) -
#2 Posted by astrotriforce (1704 posts) -

Have you been gaming since 8-bit Mario stepped on the scene or even before then? 
NES was the start of my gaming obsession. I remember playing Super Mario Bros. while sleeping in my parents bed, eating a slice of cheese *thumbs up*

#3 Posted by Brendan (8546 posts) -

I just missed the mark:  I started gaming on the SNES.  I have played a ton of NES games though.
#4 Posted by Yummylee (23187 posts) -

No =( I started during the launch of the PS1. Though I did still manage to get me a Megadrive shortly after.

#5 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

The question is worded a little weird for the responses. Would have expected 3 options: Before, NES, After. 
NES here

#6 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I started with the NES.

#7 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

N64 came out 3 months after I was born. So I'm going to go with no.

#8 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

I'm 37. Take a wild guess :(.

#9 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

First gaming experiences were in arcades before the NES was released.  Didn't get a NES until 1990-ish, but I was hooked before that.

#10 Posted by Crono11 (1652 posts) -

I started gaming with the NES long after the SNES had come out. I was living in the past and loving it.

#11 Posted by abdo (1094 posts) -

NES and Commodore 64 here.

#12 Posted by Gaughan (97 posts) -

My first game console was a Sega Master System when I was around 5 years old. 
Thing is, the Sega Mega Drive was already out and my family was poor around then so I had to get the cheaper console.

#13 Posted by me3639 (1987 posts) -

First console would be the Atari 2600, but gaming imo didn't really start to mean anything until the commodore 64.  

#14 Edited by chibacityblues (62 posts) -

The    C64 was the first gaming system to call my own. I pretty much ignored the 16-32 bit consoles, cause I had an Amiga 500. The Amiga was a great system. Most of my best gaming memories come from that time.. First PC in 1991 - a date I still remember, because i bought Wing Commander II on launch day :-D 
 Great. Now I feel old. ^_^  

#15 Posted by kingclaw (783 posts) -

My first console was a NES....... in 1996!!!
So, no.

#16 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

Dude, Punch Out and Super Mario Brother 3 are two of my FAVORITE GAMES EVEEER!!! I loved the NES sooo much, ahhh, I miss the old days.

#17 Edited by Goldanas (558 posts) -

A better question might be did you start "Before NES" or "NES & up?" 
NES was what revitalized video games after the crash, re-popularized them, and catapulted them into the mainstream and casual audience with Super Mario Bros. 
I'm more interested in fining out who started playing video games when they were underground.

#18 Posted by JoMu (125 posts) -

 My first system was an Odyssey2. We had it for a while but my earliest memories of playing it were when I was around 7 years old. 
I think we got our NES 1 or 2 years after it had already been out.  

#19 Posted by RVonE (4753 posts) -

The first console (not really a console) I owned was a Commodore 64 back in 1987 or 88. Good times were had.
#20 Posted by odintal (1118 posts) -

This thread made me realize that I've been gaming for a quarter of a century. 

#21 Posted by LiquidSwords (2728 posts) -

I was playing arcade games before the NES was released. Even as a kid I wanted the perfect port of the game to the console.

#22 Posted by chibacityblues (62 posts) -

No better way to waste one's youth.

#23 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19809 posts) -

No, I started with the Nintendo 64.

#24 Posted by JSUMAN (126 posts) -

It must have been 1990 when we first got the NES.  I was three and mystified.

#25 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5744 posts) -

Genesis was mine although I do remember playing the NES but I think that was a bit later.

#26 Posted by uniform (1836 posts) -

I started gaming with the Atari 800XL, and frequenting Arcades which were popular stops in shopping malls in the eighties, but my interest in video games really took off with the NES and Sega Master System. I still remember initially not having a game on the Sega console, but it had this silly built in maze game. Ah nostalgia.

#27 Posted by Atomasist (2793 posts) -

I first started playing games on Genesis, only to get a PSX shortly after.

#28 Posted by Rockanomics (1187 posts) -

First game I ever played was Exitebike if my memory is holding up.

#29 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I played since the SNES, but the NES was still around so I had my fair share of Mario Brothers 1-3 and Duckhunt =)

#30 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

No, but I caught up quickly. I started in the Genesis days, played a lot of that, then moved on to N64 as the first real console I've owned. 

#31 Posted by Thumbrunner (135 posts) -

The answers to this question make me think I'm crazy. 
The Atari 2600 started my gaming hobby off. I have been riding the wave ever since.

#32 Posted by Sjosz (489 posts) -

Yes, started with the first Super Mario Bros. and Duckhunt. 
Sadly, at a friend's place, my first owned console became the SNES with Super Mario World.

#33 Posted by Snipzor (3471 posts) -

I'm a late gamer (SNES) for my age. Although in theory I could have been there for the NES and just not know about it. Stupid memory being all stupid.

#34 Posted by Scrawnto (2489 posts) -

No, I probably started during the time of the SNES. After all, it came out when I was 2 years old. I started playing games too early for me to remember what the first game I played was. I might have actually started playing games on the PC, but I'm not sure. I've played games for as long as I can remember.

#35 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -

I've been gaming since before games were invented, at least on Earth.

#36 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

My first console was a Master System, so yes. I was always behind a generation with video games until a few years ago. 

#37 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1025 posts) -

having only two options, being yes and no, hardly seems appropriate for this question. i do like these questions though so keep at it. 
but i think yes means since NES, so i picked yes :D

#38 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

yes, i think duck hunt was my first game. i don't remember but there were a lot of NES that i played. i had contra, supermario / duck hunt cartridge, ninja turtles, there were a lot of them. i have to say good times good times..

#39 Posted by LoggerRythm (191 posts) -

Rockin' since the 2600 and still going.  I didn't game on the PC until the late 90's simply because of the fact that when some guys I knew had one and played it, they had to type in the execute every time and I just wanted to the simple console style of plug and play, I had advanced ADD that made me not sit still long enough to type anything or care.  
(Back in the day I think they actually called that being a kid and didn't try to drug your ass every time you were restless or did something stupid.)

#40 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2351 posts) -

The NES was the first console for me. Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 were the games I played back in '92. It's funny how damn tough NES games were back then, only beat Spider-Man and the Sinister Six.

#41 Posted by Marmaladebrat (353 posts) -

I guess I have been gaming for quote some time. I had a Colecovision, Vic 20, Apple II GS when I was a kid.
#42 Posted by Fajita_Jim (1517 posts) -

Yes. My first game machine was a Sears branded Pong clone. After that, the Atari 2600 (original wood-grain model, ugh), and then on to bigger and better things with the NES and C64.

#43 Posted by BionicMonster (1042 posts) -

SNES and Game Boy

#44 Posted by vosco (56 posts) -

My first system was an Atari 2600.  Favorite games were Berserk, Demon Attack, and Night Driver

#45 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

No; I started with the PS1.

#46 Posted by Claude (16614 posts) -

Yes, I started in 70's. Pong at a friend's house and then my family bought an Atari 2600.

#47 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

~1980 on the 2600 was my first gaming and I thought it was pretty awesome at the time
so 2600, nothing for pretty big gap, then the NES kinda late in the game, then nothing for another gap, then to the Amiga 500, a 486 PC, gap, PS1, PS2, nothing again for awhile, then a 360 about 1yr after launch
I've had some pretty weird stretches in there but I keep coming back to gaming.

#48 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12586 posts) -

Nope. I started with the N64, although I had cousins with SNESs, so I still had plenty of retro exposure.

#49 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

Im 30 , I started plyaing with the NES at about 7 or 8... 
What got me hooked were, Super Mario Bros. , Zelda 1 , FF1 and Metroid...
#50 Posted by Stray (118 posts) -

Started on Intellivision and Atari and then moved the C64 for years until I started gaming again on NES