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The only region I cant infect is Madagascar.

#2 Posted by cdfishman (259 posts) -

they do like to hold out, I have only once wiped out the world.

#3 Posted by torus (1106 posts) -

I infected madagascar. What I did was- I immediately removed all symptoms, then just left it running for about an hour or so. That way, I accumulated ~100 DNA points, but only infected 20-30 people. Then, I quickly purchased everything that would propagate the disease faster (some of the low-level symptoms, + all resistances). Madagascar got infected (by chance, I guess), and somehow my bacteria became immune to vaccine. Then I just bought the killing symptoms, and wiped out the population of earth. 

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I killed everybody except Cuba. Damn island nations :(

#5 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -

I always kill almost everybody except an island somewhere.