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Poll: Have you ever been... beyond the grave? (99 votes)

Yes, I played Gungrave, starring the well-known character, Beyond-The-Grave. 20%
No. 24%
No, but I've had a near death experience. 6%
No 49%
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Gungrave was fucking SICK in its day.

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Yes, I am Vincent Price.

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I just bought this game for some reason, it arrived in the mail today. The two "No"s are the work of god. Perhaps my fat, buttery finger slipped but really it seemed that the poll just posted itself. But after I laughed a while I thought maybe there really is a difference between "No." and "No".

Anyway if you've played it, is it any good? My PS2 is not accessible today so I've got time to think about it.

@darkshaper really? Tight. Like the game right? Or what it was based on?

@blu3v3nom07 Why is it very curious? Have you also been thinking about Gungrave? Perhaps you too should go beyond the grave.

@dochaus Just kidding, I don't know. I recently watched the Vampire Hunter D anime because I also bought that game (still en route though). I wasn't planning on watching the Gungrave anime though. Should I consider it? I don't like a lot of anime, but some of it I like a lot.

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It has been years since I played either of the Gungrave games but I remember them being really fun but fairly short and really shallow. I also remember the anime being alright. Fuck, now I need to go dig up my old copy of Gungrave.

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Its very curious you make this post.. But no, I haven't played this. Seems cool.

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Does watching the anime (and an LP of the game) count? Because the anime was actually interesting.

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The anime is interesting. Actually reminds me I have to finish that sometime... but I never played the games, no.

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@geraltitude: I don't exactly wanna explain it to you.. But there was an incident earlier on the forums.. It took up most all of the day.

So., I thought about that, because of your title. So., The whole thing is, regrettable. Sorry.

I'll sure look into playing this.

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I played the first game on the PS2. It was a rental and, as a rental, it was great.

This thread also reminds me that I should check it the anime which is on Netflix for anyone else thinking about it.

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@geraltitude: the anime is more of a prequel to the game though it does cover some of the same ground. More The Godfather than Devil May Cry though the artwork initially lead me to believe otherwise.

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Gungrave is an absolutely incredible anime, my favorite of any I've seen, and is grossly underrated. Also, the games are pretty rad. Well, at least Overdose is.

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@dochaus said:

Does watching the anime (and an LP of the game) count? Because the anime was actually interesting.

I watched maybe half of the anime and gave up because of the weird pacing. Is it worth it to go back and finish watching the series?

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No, but I have technically been dead for the past 14 years. Go figure.

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I watched the anime.

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The first one is pretty good for a game you only press square in. I appreciated the story and style of the whole thing and it only takes less than an hour to beat. The sequel though which is Gungrave Overdose was a step forward in gameplay but a step backwards in what I thought made Gungrave great. The anime itself is alright as a crime story, though I never seen it all the way through.

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love the fun devil may cry style they have going

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This is what your poll reminds me of:

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I picked the more popular no.

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Fucking Gungrave...That game was nuts.

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Yes and yes. I have checked out Gungrave, watched the anime, and had a near-death experience.

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What is this, the beginning of a The Twilight Zone episode?

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I have played 2 Gungrave games but I don't remember too much beside long ass cut scenes where I had to press x to go on with dialogs.

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Did anyone else read the thread title in their head in a goofy Vincent Price voice? So spooooooky~

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I watched the anime and was totally into the gangster half but when it turns into the Gungrave half it just felt like it was sacrificing all of its character development in favor of anime action shit.