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Prior to this week it had only ever happened to me with Final Fantasy VII. I was in the last dungeon and had saved at a point where I didn't have enough health or potions to fight my way back up and out of the dungeon, and if I fought my way to the bottom it was the first in a series of boss battles I had no chance of surviving.

But I've been re-playing Tomb Raider on PS4, just a few weeks after playing it through PS+, and until this post was playing on Hard under the impression there was a trophy tied to difficulty (there apparently isn't, and so I'm switching to Normal). I've been fighting dudes in Shantytown for three days now. I've tried everything; holing up in a little room somewhere, going guerrilla ballistic, running all the way across the map and letting the enemies come to me slowly...I've spent 10 seconds on this fight and 10 minutes, both wrapping up in a greyed screen and Lara's death rattle.

Unlike that FFVII situation which was a victim of circumstances and luck as much as anything, this is the first time outside of purposefully soul crushing games in the 16 bit days like Contra III that I've felt like I just can. not. win. I never expected to find this feeling in a damn HD generation action platformer, often the most straight forward types of games around, but here I am. I don't normally play games on Hard but after having a ton of fun with inFamous on Hard I figured I'd give it a shot...but man. I will never beat this fight if I don't crank down the difficulty (I never died during this fight on normal, adding even more to my pain).

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Funny enough for me its Final Fantasy 1. I've been able to fight all the way to the last boss, but with my party I just can't beat him. My warrior and monk aren't putting out enough damage and it would take 42 turns with my black mage to kill him off IF he doesn't heal himself up. I thought about going back out of the dungeon to get some new spells or see if there's a better weapon I can get for my melee guys, but to do that I'll have to fight all four fiends on the way back out and then on the way back in again. I just don't have the will to do that right now.

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I got stuck at the second to last mission of Advance Wars for like 2 years before I revisited it and restarted. That fight was crazy difficult for teenage me. A guy who can reduce a chunk of your troop's health from 10 to 2 every turn? That shit was nuts.

Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts are also 2 games that made me stop playing for at least a year before I got back to them and got past that hurdle. In Final Fantasy X it was that Evrae fight and for Kingdom Hearts it was that Riku fight.

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Yes, pretty recently actually. In Superbrothers, I couldn't get the sprites to show up in the Bright Moon dream. I followed three walkthroughs including a video Let's-Play. After a handful of trips between the moon grotto and the cabin, trying different things, I just got tired of seeing the same screens (you walk really really slow in that game. And when you tab out it pauses).

I was probably doing something wrong. But eff it.

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Final Fantasy 8: Just left the future city to go stop Ultimecia. Didn't heal up before leaving, and the ship they put you on crashes into this big complex, saves the game, and then IMMEDIATELY goes into a boss battle with Seifer's cronies.

Knights of the Old Republic: Got on the Star Forge, hadn't saved in hours, ran out of heals, got autosaved right before a big room full of sith assholes. Maybe it wasn't autosave. I dunno.

Both were near the endgame, or at least I think so, so I was pretty bummed when they happened.

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It's probably not the most recent time this happened, but the one that stands out in my memory is Front Mission 4, which I absolutely could not beat.

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Can't beat the second to last mission in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, its a bitch and fuck that game!

I spent about an hour and than gave up on beating the last boss in Heavenly Sword back in the day. Boss was a complete bitch to play.

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If I can, I tend to keep multiple saves to make sure that doesn't happen.

Also, I always make extra sure to only move a game's plot along when I'm satisfied with my current status if I can at all help it. Usually that means "more health potions than a sane man needs and full health/magic/ammo/whatever."

At first I couldn't think of any moments where I got completely stuck, but I can think of one - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I got stuck fighting Riku. Apparently I had avoided too many battles, or hadn't leveled enough, or something, but I just couldn't beat him. Riku in the original Kingdom Hearts is a real dick (fuck that guy), but I banged my head against it enough to finally beat him without putting the game down. Doesn't help that it was the middle of summer, I was in middle school, and that's prime-time for memories of banging your head against a boss in a long game for hours on end until you finally get lucky or come up with a strategy for beating him.

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For about two years I couldn't beat Final Fantasy II. I got to the final boss and his attacks not only do damage but heal himself. Apparently his weakness is the blood sword. If your attacks also heal you and you're doing more damage then you are also out healing him and will eventually win. I had sold the only two blood swords available. I wasn't able to level up my weapon abilities or spells because I was killing everything in one or two turns. The solution to this turned out to be go to the first town, buy the shittiest weapons, have long battles to level up your abilities with said weapon types.

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I may get tarred and feathered for admitting this. Here it goes: the second boss on Dark Souls 1 made me quit. No matter what I tried, I could not fucking defeat the Taurus Demon. I tried numerous times rolling past him after the first drop attack from the tower. Each time I tried, it would jump backwards and one shot me with its fucking club. I even tried some of that lightning dust on my sword. Yes, it did mighty fine damage to it but the result was the same no matter what: total failure. There was only one time where it glitched for a short period of time, allowing me to climb up the ladder for a second drop attack. I did that and then it proceeded to do a home run swing with its giant club and instantly kill my hallowed out character.

My problem is I don't have the time or the patience and time to learn every nuance and pattern in those super difficult, highly rewarding games like I used to. I used to enjoy them 8+ years ago.

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I've never gotten stuck at a portion of a game which can be overcome simply by playing better. I do however get stuck in Adventure games, or games that require you to learn a whole lot of new systems before progressing. I don't like them because of this.

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Resident evil 2? on the N64... I was young, I was lost, I had no ammo, and in the next room there was a scary monster that wanted to eat me.

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The final area and boss fight of KOTOR got me for a while. The final area threw what seemed like dozens of decent strength enemies at you without a chance to recuperate, and Malak was a sumbitch, but I'm such a hoarder that I had hundreds of unused shields and stims and medkits, and was able to get through it. Pretty much drained me of every last one, though.

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The original Tomb Raider had a section where the timing of the jumps had to be very precise. After half an hour I gave up. I did return to the game a year later and got back to that part. Only lasted 15 minutes that time and never attempted it again.

I usually find at least one boss in the Souls games will get me to stop playing, sometimes for a month or more, but I always come back to it and eventually beat it. The freaking Capra Demon in Dark Souls drove me insane for ages. That being said I actually find most of the boss battles in the Souls games to be my least favourite part.

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Me and my brother could never beat the last boss in banjo tooie. We both tried to beat it for a couple weeks but eventually just quit. I don't even think it was that hard of a boss battle, I just think we suck at games.

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I've gotten stuck in a couple of Call of Duty games on veteran. Most notably CoD 4 and the bit where you have to make your way across a farm and the final timed mission through the bunker. With an insane amount of patience I finally beat them.

There's a part in God of War 3 that has prevented me from finishing it where you have to fight waves of enemies and then avoid spikes on the floor by hanging off of harpies. I just can't beat it. I dunno if I'm doing it wrong or if the controls are inaccurate. It kinda bothers me that I have never beaten that game because I have found every other part of that game incredibly easy.

I play a bunch of older games and I get stuck in them all the time.

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Jak II. If I recall correctly, it was some mission where you had to escape from the cops while on a hoverbike. I just couldn't beat it no matter how many hours and days I spent trying.

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Ninja Gaiden Black is the only game I can think of where I got so stuck that I could not move on. Right near the end it was, fighting that huge skull demon thing while jumping around on platforms. Was getting ruined every time, and did not have any health potions. Even tried to run back to earlier areas to collect health potions, but there was nothing around to collect. Bailed on the game completely soon after.

EDIT: I'd throw in the cradle level on GoldenEye as another example, though I did beat the game on a lower difficulty setting. But on OO Agent difficulty it was just impossible- Trevaylan (sp) is a bullet sponge and you had to chase him to that one specific spot to kill him while dozens of other goons take shots at you. Played for days, maybe weeks trying to beat it, but just could not do it.

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I will never beat the final boss in Little King's Story because fuck the final boss in Little King's Story. Also, fuck Shao Kahn (MK9).

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Yup happens to me fairly regularly since I tend to play games on Hard.

Usually when it has happened to me it happens at the last boss since some games have a dramatic spike in difficulty there.

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Jak II. If I recall correctly, it was some mission where you had to escape from the cops while on a hoverbike. I just couldn't beat it no matter how many hours and days I spent trying.

Yeah, I think this happened to me. I may have actually beaten that part at one point though, unless I'm just thinking of a similar mission in Jak 3...the memory is fuzzy.

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The first time I remember that ever happening was in Shining Force for the Genesis. It was at the beginning of the second chapter where you first run into the zombies. I remember thinking it was the hardest thing ever and I quit and came back so many times. I don't remember how long it took me to get passed it, but it feels like it was years. (Keep in mind it was basically my first experience with an RPG.)

Even now, when I can beat it pretty easily, I still tense up a little when I get there. Same for that Mannequin fight.

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The first Silent Hill had a puzzle in it that I just could not figure out for hours and hours.

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It's hard to tell. I have a couple of instances of hard situations where I gave up from lack of interest and only tried it a few times. Can't recall any specific places where I've banged my head against something without eventually succeeding. Possibly Ninja Gaiden 2. But most of my memories from the NG games repressed and traumatic. So I'm not ready to call it impossible yet.

Vanilla Diablo 3 on Inferno was a fun one as well. Now that was just fucked.

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Most recently was in God of War Ascension. I got to a point where you have to run through a gauntlet of fights with no checkpoint in between or chance to heal, etc. I never had enough magic reserves or health to make it through those fights. I definitely remember there being several gorgons where it seemed like no matter what you did you were gonna take some damage. I kinda wasn't feeling that game anyway so I just said screw it and gave up.

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Final Fantasy II I think. Same situation you got into. Save at a time when you are not fully healed and there's a boss ahead. And going back leads you to some enemies that are too hard to beat with my current items.

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I always keep trying. I've rarely given up on something because of the difficulty, with the rare exceptions being harder difficulties in Japanese games (for some reason those are the most brutal). For that specific part by the way, if you can upgrade to explosive arrows, do that. It made that part a breeze even on the hardest difficulty