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I was reading what some people had to say about what the Wii U needs to survive, and one of the biggest ideas was that it needed a system seller which got me thinking...

I have never bought a system for one game. I've bought them for a couple of games, or for the promise of games in the future , but I have never personally seen any one game as a system seller. I have to believe they exist, but I've never seen any one game that would make me buy a system.

So now I ask all of you: Have you ever bought a system for one game? Why?

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I've currently got an Xbox One pre-ordered just for the new Forza. I'm sure other games will come along that I'll enjoy, but I'll still be happy if Forza is the only game I ever get for it.

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i bought a 360 for dead rising. ima go play it now.

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Twice. I bought a PSP for P3P and a Vita for Persona 4 Golden.

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I bought a Gamecube for Resident Evil 4, then two months later they announced it was coming out for the ps2 aswell. Was not a happy bunny. Still, got to play some other great games on the system so was worth it in the end.

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After reading about Halo and then playing Halo in a store (outdoor beach level, in the warthog), I bought the original Xbox because I wanted to play that. Of course I got games for it after that / rented games. But no Halo, no buy.

(Interestingly, I'm not really that into Halo anymore. I had my fun with it, now it feels like: been there, done that.)

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I mostly initially bought my PS3 for Metal Gear Solid 4.

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I bought my Neo Geo for Samurai Showdown 2. Still have it to this day.

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Playstation 2 for kingdom hearts

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A PS3 for Tools of Destruction, but I knew MGS4 was also on the horizon.

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I bought the Wii U to play Monster Hunter. That doesn't mean it's the only game I'll ever play on the system though, but it's probably not gonna be more than 2-3 games/year.

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I got my PS3 originally for Infamous, alot of games have come since then but at the time I had played Prototype and Infamous just looked so much better.

@nux said:

Twice. I bought a PSP for P3P and a Vita for Persona 4 Golden.

This too.

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I Had no interest in console gaming until Gears of War 2 was announced as a 360 exclusive, i loved Gears 1 on pc and wanted to play Gears 2 and thats why i own a 360 today. Not long after i changed my attitude about console gaming and eventually switched to my 360 as my primary gaming system

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I've been very close to buying a Vita just for Persona 4 Golden, but I've held off so far.

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Well, I bought my PS3 last year mainly jut because I wanted to play The Last of Us, but there were enough other games I was interested in that I didn't feel like I was literally only getting it for one game.

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Any Nintendo system for Fire Emblem.

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I bought the Xbox 360 just to play The Orange Box. I had bought Half Life 2 for the original XBox a few weeks before without knowing anything about it, played it, loved it, and then found out about episodes one and two. The 360 had already been out a few years and I had no intentions of buying it before then.

I also bought an ipad mini in January when I heard Frozen Synapse was coming out for it.

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I bought a PS3 for Ratchet and Clank. That is it. Eventually I branched out and picked up some downloadable games. But, since nobody was online with a ps3 and everyone I knew was on an Xbox I stuck with that for the rest of the console crap.

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360 for Mass Effect.

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PS3 for Lair, thank god other games came out because that was disappointing as hell

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Genesis/megadrive for Streets of Rage 2, Dreamcast for Marvel vs Capcom 2, PS2 for Gran Turismo 4. A friend bought a Saturn just for Guardian Heroes.

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A Gamecube for Metroid Prime. There were other games I had a little interest in, but really I wanted Metroid Prime.

It did not disappoint.

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Forza 2 made me reallllllly want a 360. I wouldn't say I bought the system just for that game but it pushed me to save up for one as soon as I could.

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PS1 for FF7. I actually rented a PS1 and my roommates rented that game. After returning the system and game, I promptly drove to Best Buy and purchased both.

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I bought an Ipad mini mainly to play Super Hexagon.

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I didn't buy a PS3 only for Infamous, but that was the main thing that drew me in.

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PS3 for Lair, thank god other games came out because that was disappointing as hell

this made me laugh

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No, but I just might if GTA V doesn't show up on the PC.

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I bought a 3DS pretty much exclusively for Fire Emblem, but the rest of the games it has aren't half bad either.

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More than one. Well I ended up getting more than one game and more than one game interested me at launch which added to the value but even if they were not available I would have still bought them for one game.

N64 - Super Mario 64 - Rented the Japanese console and game for $25/day prior to being available in the US.

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure - Japanese imported console and games. $~700 with 3 games and tax. By far, the most expensive launch entry for me.

Xbox - Halo - Cheapest launch price since the PSX for me since it came out in the USA first.

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I believe the Super Mario 64 demo played at KB Toys led me to want the system, yet I never owned or played it. By the time my folks got me a 64, Goldeneye was out and that's all I played for a while, then Rush 2, WWF,

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I think we all have....

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I bought a new pc just so I could play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Man, that game turned out to be such a bummer. It wasn't all bad though since it got me into playing WoW.

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I bought a 3DS pretty much exclusively for Fire Emblem, but the rest of the games it has aren't half bad either.

Same here, even if I've only played four games for it.

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I bought a 3DS entirely for Animal Crossing, though 2 years early. I basically bought my N64 just for Mario 64 since I didn't wanna play Pilotwings.

PS2 is a maybe, since only GTA:Vice City motivated me to buy it, but I knew I'd be playing plenty of other games on it too.

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I had a PSX when I was young, but ended up selling it for some reason. When Final Fantasy 9 came out, I had to get another just to play it. Too bad I was disappointed by it after playing the hell out of FF7 and FF8.

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Bought a Gamecube for Rogue Leader. That and Tony Hawk 3.

My left thumb is still recovering from that.

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No. Sometimes I might upgrade my computer because of a game, but I haven't bought a whole console for a game.

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Sort of... I bought my PS3 initially for MGS4 and Demon's Souls..

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I bought a Xbox 360 for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Totally worth it! I played it for six months to one year, and loved it to death.

Before it, I bought a Gameboy Color for Pokemon Gold and also loved it.

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@afabs515 said:

Playstation 2 for kingdom hearts

Yup, same here.

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Id say the Xbox 360, I originally bought it because I wanted to continue playing the Halo games. Also Nintendo handhelds, I buy them for Pokemon.

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I picked up the x360 in ~2010 for Halo (had played Halo CE on the first xbox, felt nostalgic).

That turned out to be a bad idea though >.>. The three consoles I have (x360, PS3, Wii U) are all at a max of ~30hrs of games played on them.

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I got the GameCube for Smash Bros. Melee. I found other stuff for it that I liked, but that was the main reason I picked it up.

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Bought an Xbox 360 for Oblivion. Probably will buy a WiiU for Wind Waker HD.

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believe I grabbed a ps3 specifically for metal gear solid 4.

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I bought a Wii U, for what I must assume was Zombi U because very few other games have come out for that system that I haven't played elsewhere.

Also a PSP for Final Fantasy Tactics.