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I apologize if a similar topic has already been discussed, but I was talking with several coworkers and we began talking about games we actively disliked that we felt compelled to finish, even if they weren't fun.  For me, the two games that immediately came to mind were "Metroid: Other M" and "Epic Mickey", but there have definitely been others.  I wonder how many people are in similar situations.

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Kinda can't remember ever doing so, maybe  some free games from the web that was a bit too unpolished or hard

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I trudged through Wet and GTA4 for the points.

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no, if i dont like a game i stop playing and start playing a game that brings me enjoyment.

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First Assassin's Creed.

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yea. Wet wasn't that great.

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Heavy Rain is the only time I can remember.

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Kingdom Hearts 2

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In retrospect, pretty much all of them, since they've consumed so much precious time of my life.
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Yep, F.E.A.R, Condemned and The Darkness.  Hated them all.  Hardly any games I've given up on but within a year: Fallout 3, Lost Planet and Far Cry 2 all ebayed in disgust.

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Oh yeah, The Force Unleashed I didn't like so much yet I still got through the story... twice!... I even bought that shittyrific jedi temple DLC 
I have a problem.. there, that's the first step outta the way.

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If I dislike the game but (on the Xbox360) the points are really easy I might sink a little more time in it to finish it if it's short (finishing in a few days or less) but usually if I don't like the game I'll just find out earlier by demo or borrowing it from friend or playing at friend's place then just avoid. I'll play a lot more games as long as I don't have to pay for them but these will have a low patience limit so I'm more inclined to not finish them as I can always find some game lying about that I've delayed finishing it off.

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Tons of times, the most recent one from memory being Dudes with Attitude. Fuck that game and fuck anybody with attitude. I don't care whether or not they're a dude; fuck them, regardless.

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@Abyssfull: Do you believe in a higher power?
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Devil May Cry 2...twice. once as dante, once as lucia. it was awful both times but i couldnt just not do it. 

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I don't think so. Most recently I tried to get through Farcry 2 multiple times, but absolutely hated it and could could not bring myself to do it. I guess I don't have the willpower to push myself through horrible games. 

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I could not stand Resistance: Fall of Man (2006), but I kept grinding thru it and eventually beat it after a week or so.

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I REALLY hated playing Reach's campaign the first time around. But I barreled through it on Heroic. 
I did another playthrough on Legendary solo, and enjoyed it slightly more. Mostly because I learned that I couldn't do anything without the Plasma Pistol.

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Yup Assassin's Creed and Heavenly Sword. And I thought Dead Space was kinda boring, still somehow hopeful for the sequel.

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Army of Two 40th Day.  I liked it a lot at first, but by the end I was ready to cut my eyes out, but I forced myself to finish it.

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@shadowknight508 said:
" I could not stand Resistance: Fall of Man (2006), but I kept grinding thru it and eventually beat it after a week or so. "
Urhhhhh, tell me about it.  My mate's got real anal OCD when he plays games and I had to sit there watching him play that boring fekking cack and even if he shot one round from a gun he'd run miles to get ammo for it.  It made me hate Resistance, but if someone said it's good I wouldn't be suprised as he destroys the fun of any game he plays.  In Ratchet and Clank 2 he'd smash every object in a world and if he went out and back into an area he'd smash everything again - and get this, he'd never buy a gun until he had at least 3 times what it would cost "just in case" he needed the money so he'd be running round with peashooters.  In GTA IV if his cars get a scratch he'll take them and get them fixed and always parks them outside a safehouse, and if he fails a mission he'll always reload it so he doesn't lose the money.  Taxis are out of the question.
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I thought my answer would be yes, way too much, but looking back over the last few years, I haven't done it too many times.   I'm actually kind of proud, since I've got some OCD / completionist tendencies.  Terminator Salvation is one that stands out...pretty easy 1000 points, so I just stuck with it.

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Yes. Yes. I actively hated Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom. I played the whole thing hoping it would get better. It didn't.
It doesn't even have cards in it. How do you make a Yu-Gi-Oh! game without fucking cards?

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Going through my collection lists now, I see Enter The Matrix (PS2), Shenmue (DC), Sonic Adventure (DC), and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GC). Kind of amazing, considering the number of games I've played. Granted, my lists are FAR from complete at this point, but I'm still surprised those were the only ones I found. But the main factor of that is simply that I don't finish most games that I don't like. If we were talking about games that I found kind of boring or nothing special yet didn't outright dislike but still finished, then there'd be quite a few more.

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Ninja Gaiden Black for the original xbox, there were no points, the game was awful, every mechanic was garbage, the story was crap but for some reason I finished it. I don't even remember why. I thought that maybe if I struggle just a bit more I would get to the "good" part, the part where all the high praise was. 
it never came....

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Wario Land Shake It.
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Brutal Legend.  I read the reviews so I knew what I was getting into when I got the game, but still thought I might like it.  I was actually enjoying it early on, but I started liking the game less and less as it started introducing more rts elements.

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Darksiders and Final Fantasy X.

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I beat both campaigns of Lord of the Rings Conquest because I hate myself.

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Halo 3. I just wanted to finish the game I paid for.

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Yep many times...probably most recent one was Mass Effect 2

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Yes. I try and trudge as far as I can through the games I've purchased, even if I'm not enjoying them.

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Alone in the dark(360) i hated it so much i wanted to beat it to prove a point. what that point was i don't know.

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Several times. Often because I was reviewing it, but often enough I did it just for some easy (or sometimes not so easy) achievement points.

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Unreal Championship for the original Xbox.  I was so pumped for that game being one of the first FPS games for Xbox Live.  Then I got it and absolutely hated the way everything controlled and looked.  I still slogged through all of the single player stuff.  Played multiplayer a few times and put it away forever.

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Fallout 3 (Platinum; that wasn't even the motivation) and Final Fantasy 13. Well, I never finished 13, but every now and then I boot it up so I can hate myself a little bit more for exposing myself to one of the prettiest and mechanically-aborted video games I've ever played.  
That says a lot from a guy who played Fairytale Fights, I think.

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No, why would someone play through a game that they actively dislike?

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Funnily enough I stumbled upon this topic while taking a break from the last stage of Comic Jumper, a game I have only actively disliked towards the end and now I'm so close I figure I should give it the old finishing try.  I'm taking this break out of necessity so my HAND WON'T FUCKING CRAMP.

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@TrippinBungalow said:
" No, why would someone play through a game that they actively dislike? "
Achievement addiction is a bitch.
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@Allprox said:
" First Assassin's Creed. "
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Bullet Witch, I hated that game but I rented it and wanted to finish it before bringing it back. The last boss took me over an hour to beat (without dying, just took that long) which made me hate the game even more!

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Mirror's Edge.

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Fable 3, recently. That game's just... bizarrely paced. But I finished it because I thought somewhere along the line fable will impress me... it didn't. It's too bad I loved the other two.

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yeah i did, it was 25 to life. 

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All the time.  Gotta keep the backlog down.

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@BaneFireLord said:
" @TrippinBungalow said:
" No, why would someone play through a game that they actively dislike? "
Achievement addiction is a bitch. "
This, and game sales. I totally fell for the sale on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for like 240 points. What a son of a bitch that game is.
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GTA 4 comes to mind.  I really didn't like it, but pushed my way to the end and was rather disappointed.  I get the ending, but I never really liked Niko, so that "resolution" didn't hold a lot of weight to me.

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Am not a huge fan of Bayonetta, but I still finished it.

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It depends on why I dislike a game. If I "dislike" it because the game is aggravatingly and cheaply hard, and yet I beat it anyway, then yes, because I totally beat Ninja Gaiden II (on easy).