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Xbox Live Indie Games have a really bad reputation for other being one off joke games where it is just pictures of cats and farting, zombie games, dating sims, and minecraft clones. But have any of you duders found anything that you actually enjoyed?

Like 1 game that come to mind are Dead Pixel which was kinda like an 8 bit left 4 dead with light rpg elements full of Resident Evil and Deadly Premonition references. For 1$ it was pretty good.

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Call of Cthulhu, breath of death, solar 1 and 2, beat hazard, miner dig deep (out long before minecraft was popular and nothin like it). Those are all games I can think

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Sorry cant edit from my phone and hit enter by mistake.

Those are all games I can think of just off the top of my head. You defiantly have to look a bit harder on that service but there are some pleasant surprises. I usually pick up a few on Christmas eve to mess around with. Johnny biscuit or something is another that just popped into my head. Check them Out

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I bought Wizorb, and Aban Hawking and 1000's Spikes. They are pretty good

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Epic Dungeon(now called Cursed Loot), Escape Goat, Soul Caster 1 & 2, Cthulu Saves the World, and Miner Dig Deep are all $1 and great.

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There are a good number of decent games on there, actually. Any of the Mommy's Best Games titles are pretty good, like Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1Up.

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I Made A Game With Zombies In It was pretty fun for a little while. The song was good too.

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I enjoyed Flotilla a lot, though that was a slightly more expensive "indie" game.

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The College Lacrosse games are fun.

SFG Soccer is really silly, but a blast to play with friends.

I think those are the only XBLIG indie games I've played, but I hear some of those Minecraft knockoffs are fun.

Edit: Just remembered I bought a game called No Luca No because I had 80 MS Points left over. The game is awful, but at the same time it is hilarious (the goal of the game is to keep a cat named Luca from eating your cereal).

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The only XBL indie game I've bought has been Miner Dig Deep, and it's great. The only one I can think of that is supposed to be pretty good, and hasn't already been mentioned, is DLC Quest.

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I agree with about Flotilla. It was a very chill space battle sim. 2 Thumbs Up.

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Pixel Blocked is a really good puzzle game. Wish I could have it on my phone.

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Penny Arcade Adventures 3

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@Serpentenema: Dead Pixel is fun. I definitely got my money's worth.

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The Impossible Game

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Tempura of the Dead is really cool. You basically play as Barack Obama and his samurai buddy killing zombies across the United States. It's hard as fuck in places, but also very fun and charming as hell.

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apple jack

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Trust me when I say that it kicks ass! Check this out!

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This game deserves WAY more attention to it! It is actually terrifying in it's own weird ass way! It is as though Suda51 made a Indie game it would probably be this game!

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Downtown Smash Dodgeball by Miracle Kidz.

Its an updated widescreen version of the dodgeball games that were popular on Nintendo.

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Cthuhlu Saves the World comes to mind.

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SEASIDE RACING. it's my favorite XBLIG and it's only 1 monies. plus it has like 4 player multiplayer split screen and over xbox live. it's the best game ever.

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Someone probably already mentioned it, but Cthulhu Saves the World is rad.

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Maids with Balloons

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Alpha Chimp is the worst game ever. You should play it.

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@Ramone said:

Alpha Chimp is the worst game ever. You should play it.

I downloaded that game and it was pretty hilarious.

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Only 2 I've ever bought are pretty damn good

Total Miner(in many ways better than vanilla minecraft imo)

And.. Groov

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Ezmuze+ Hamster Edition.