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I've done it before, but it's not something I do often, I say I do it even less than rarely, but I have done it a few times before, and more so last gen than this, but one time I put in The Dark Knight and Batman Begins soundtrack as I played Arkham Asylum, it didn't exactly go together a lot of the time, but still. There have been a bunch of threads about playing games as you listen to music, but I wanted to be a little more specific. If you have, what did it do to the experience?

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No,but I do,in general, listen to movie soundtracks. Lately I've been in a Hans Zimmer mode....for obvious reasons

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Does it count if I played this during the first Assassin's Creed? And only that?

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No, I only ever listen to outside music if I have played the game a lot. I don't like listening to film music on it's own.

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I once, for some reason, played the Halo 3 campaign while listening to the Gettysburg soundtrack. It was kinda epic at times.

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I once was facing Xaldin and in order to beat him I put the game on mute and listened to the song from Return of the King where Frodo wrestles with Gollum for the Ring.

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I have listened to the Dark Knight soundtracks while play Warhammer 40k.

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LOTR soundtrack while playing Dark Souls. Was a good fit.

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LOTR while playing Oblivion.

Also Beowulf while playing Skyrim.

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No, but if I did, it would be the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack during RDR or the Drive soundtrack during GTA. Rockstar games seem to evoke a similar mood to movies, even though they have great soundtracks in and of themselves.

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Listen to lots of Ennio Morricone playing RDR, but not a specific soundtrack.

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I've played some Star Wars games, so technically yes. But no, I don't listen to film soundtracks while playing games much.

Unless you count boardgames. I have definitely used film (and videogame) soundtracks to lend ambiance to those, since they don't bring their own music.

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You mean a score right, music composed for the film? Not just like a licensed soundtrack? I used to do it with the score from Casper and the score from Independence Day. Not so much lately.

This actually makes me think that I should take some of the game soundtracks I have, and used the Xbox music replacement feature to throw those in to other games... I bet that would create some odd moments.

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I have a better question Have you ever listened to a movie or game soundtrack at the gym? Because I have.

I was listening the the Dark Knight rises OST while working out yesterday, it was awesome! I felt like Bane!