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Hi everyone, I'm completely new here and I'm writing this little bit here down so that I don't look like a spammer (1 comment may be suspicious already). I made an account because I've heard that this is a great community, so I'm looking forward to meeting some wonderful people :)

So here's my question:

I've been gaming since I was five years old and when I stopped to think about it today, I've noticed I actually have made zero friends over the course of sixteen years via the use of video games. Oh sure, I have played with plenty of people whom I've gotten along with, but I've actually never had made a real friend through gaming. Now, my definition of having a friend is quite old-fashioned. Today's Facebook-based society allows you to have exactly one thousand friends with one thousand clicks of the mouse. For me, that doesn't cut it. The weird thing is that I find myself quite easy to talk to and talkative in return, so arguments or questions are never a one-way street.

Maybe it's also relevant to mention that I don't really like multiplayer games. In sixteen years of gaming, there are only a literal handful of games that I can point at and play at my heart's content. I usually like single-player experience, pretty much for the same reasons of Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw. I find players in competitive and even co-operative games to be either harassing assholes (i.e. StarCraft II) or the fleshshields who pick up all your ammo and health (i.e. any badly designed co-op game).

When it comes down to it, my question to you is:

1) Have you made any REAL friends through gaming (in any form of gaming)?

2) If yes, under what circumstances did you find this person? (i.e. how did you meet this person / people)

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Welcome to Giant Bomb dude!
It's a great community and we have guilds and groups in most online games so you'll find always someone to play with. :)

As for your question, I have some friends I met via another friend who met them when playing an MMO, we've been cruisin' together ever since. Others I have met through forums like Giant Bomb.

Not sure what you mean by real friends though, anyone that I can get along with and can have fun with playing a game is considered a friend in my books.

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Everyone knows internet people aren't real people.

But to answer your question yes I have and yes they are now friends.

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Of course you've never made a "real friend through gaming" when you don't play MP games.

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I play a lot of fighting games with a couple of duders here quite frequently and they are all nice! The only one I met up with in RL is @mikefightnight for a FG tourney in Toronto and he's one crazy fucker. Like's to drink frozen solid Sprite! Crazy I tell ya!

As for a definition of friends, it depends on the person.

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Nope. I've never gotten into multiplayer ges enough to build relationships in games.

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The best friends I have- probably the best I've ever had- I met through the Giant Bomb Persona 4 Arena tournaments and IRC room. It might seem a bit silly, but... ah, fuck that! They're the best.

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Not in the sense that I've met any of them in real life, but I've made friends with several people over the years that I talk to on a regular basis at least as much as any real life friend, so I think that counts. In fact I've had longer lasting relationships with some of those people than almost all of my real-life friends.

You don't need to play multiplayer games to make friends on the Internet though. 95% of the games I play are single player only. The friends I have made I have done so on video game forums when having discussions about my favorite games.

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Nope. In fact, it's probably driven me away from many potential friendships

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I was a bit on a loner in primary school, but I did eventually make some really great friends when they found out that I was currently playing through Final Fantasy X on the PS2, and conversations starting happening from there onwards.

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I guess. I befriended the drummer of one of my favorite bands years ago from gaming with him. I told him about L4D before it came out, and we both got it and played it about 4 or 5 nights a week for a year until L4D2 came out, when we proceeded to do the same, though that eventually became less and less until we stopped. Sucks that it had to end, but those are probably my best gaming memories I have. He's a real solid guy, too. Don't talk to him too often anymore, but we talked about all sorts of shit, and he had some great stories to tell from being on the road.

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Quite a few actually!

A good handful through this site and a few more just from having video games in common.

GiantBomb has been a great place for meeting people though it wasn't until PAX East this past year that I realized and I had met, or could meet, so many nice and wonderful friends. And in college I was just as surprised with the number of friends I made through a mutual interest in video games. My roommate saw my Xbox and admitted he played Counter Strike semi-professionally. Another guy saw it and we ended up playing Halo 2 via the dorm's LAN. So really it's a lot like other interests, the more you're willing to share the more likely someone will share back.

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I actually ended up moving to where I live today because of a group of people I met through Halo: CE for the PC when I was a teenager. Looking back on it now, the circumstances are absurd, but the relationships I made were and are very real.

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Absolutely, but that is because my first job out of school (many, many years ago) involved a games company and I made many "proper" friends that way.

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I have a lot of heated vicious rivalries because of my love for fighting games, so absolutely. Some locally, some over the internet.

I met one of my good friends in college because of Street Fighter. Everyone kept their doors open, and I strolled into a room because I heard the sounds of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. We ended up playing that game together a stupid amount. He is a good friend, even if he is a scumbag that uses Akuma. What a jerk.

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I met the person I now consider my best friend primarily through a D&D group. (I say primarily because we had met before, but didn't interact very much until we started playing together.)

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Real friends? yes. Met them in person? No.

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I made some cool friends via City of Heroes. None of us have met in person but find a moment to catch up online and have played other game together. We each live in a corner of the US. Another friend I met on WoW. We hang out on occasion for lunch.

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Uh, I met my best friend almost 10 years ago in an MMO, we dated for 2 years. Broke up, didnt talk for like i dunno 6 months and have been best friends ever since. She's the coolest person i've ever met. We visit each other all the time even though we live roughly 300 miles away from each other.

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From the days of dialup before cellphones made meeting people in other cities easier to the present, yes. Just these days you really have to make sure it's not someone psycho..

If you constantly end up playing together with someone who might as well be sharing your brain in a game, meet up and have a good social time, the people you 100% sync with in games are some of the most awesome brains to encounter!

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Yes, I've made quite a few. For example I ran a guild in Star Wars Galaxies for 5 years and I still know people I played that game with (so for more than a decade now).

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Yup, 3. One of which is my wife :P

My wife I met very early into playing World of Warcraft. I can't quite put my finger on it, but we just hit it off instantly. A little while later a plane trip happened, and then a trip to vegas, and here we are!

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I've got a small group of online-only friends whom I speak with pretty much every day, and have done so for the past six or seven years now. We all met through the community website for a video podcast called NooBTooB, most of them through the community Ventrilo server. The show ended and the forums were down for over a year (though they're back up now, it's become a fraction of what was already a small community), but a fair number of us have all kept in touch. After the show ended and we subsequently lost our sponsor-provided Ventrilo, one of the duders from before stepped up and offered to pay for a new server (we went from a 75 or 125 man to a 15, but it never fills anymore). Slowly people have kind of peeled off from the server, we may see them on rare occasion, but there are maybe five of us that use the server daily. Some people from the old community I keep in contact with through Steam, one or two through PSN, but when someone appears from that community whom I haven't heard from in a long time, it really does feel the same as it would in person.

Actually, in regular everyday life I don't think I've ever made a friend solely over games, which kind of surprises me. I know some guys from college classes and work who are/were into DotA 2 and DayZ, but I really don't want to play much of either of those any more, and I've never met someone else in person who's into stuff outside of the blockbusters (at least that they've told me about), even though they're mainly PC players. It seems like everyone in my classes plays games to some extent, whether it's Battlefield, Call of Duty or DotA, but I haven't met people with a serious passion for them who are willing to, and want to, play whatever whenever. I'm sure they exist at my college and I simply haven't crossed paths with them, but considering I'm in classes of mostly nerds, I kind of always expected more people to be really into games.

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I met some people that I'd consider good friends through Dota and Giant Bomb, actually. Fighting games have given me a bunch of good relationships, and tabletop gaming (which I sadly don't get to do that often anymore) usually involves a new person once per session.

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I have!

Maybe a few dozen or so of varying degrees over the years through LAN Parties, Arcades and games like Starcraft 2, Warcraft III, DotA/DotA2.

Heck my first best friend and I bonded through trading console games back in the day.

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Nope. I've had times where I've played with the same decent sized group of people that I've never met in real life for a pretty decent amount of time. These groups have always eventually completely stopped playing together and I've never had the slightest desire to meet any of them in real life or anything crazy like that.

Also I've had one instance where I was in a Guild Wars 1 guild with 2 people I knew in real life and some people they knew in real life but the same thing happened there. Hell I haven't even seen one of the dudes I really knew in like 5 years.

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I made a great friend through playing halo 3 online. Even though the guy lived in another country we had a good 2 or so years where we played every multiplayer or Co op game together. Some great memories there.

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Yeah, some of my oldest friends came together through games. We played sports during the day, games at night, and I've known a bunch of these dudes for almost 25 years. Just went to a wedding on Saturday filled with over a dozen friends that routinely came to my house for video games (and another dozen from the sports side).

Specific example, we went to play Nerf guns by someone's house. Didn't know him too well but I noticed his Playstation, challenged him to Tekken 3, and he bet one of his guns that my Jin couldn't beat his King. Well, I won that gun and we chat almost every day.

I don't really use voice chat or anything so I don't make online friends, if that's what you're asking.

But hell, on Thursday a few of us from grammar school are planning a 50 turn round of Mario Party like idiots.

Tekken 3, Smash 64, Perfect Dark, Tony Hawk 3, Streets of Rage 2, Contra: Hard Corps, Halo 1, WCW vs. NWO: World Tour, Twisted Metal 2... good ways to make good friends.

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Been friends for 23 years with a guy through playing the Simpsons Arcade game, when I first came to Vancouver made friends through playing online & then local Street Fighter. These days I keep in touch with friends back in New Zealand & the UK through games like Worms & Dota 2.

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Not from video games, but online, yes.

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Real friends? yes. Met them in person? No.

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I met my girlfriend through a Dungeons and Dragons group at my college and my current circle of friends and roommates came together thanks to a Civilization V LAN party.

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I have made real life friends over a shared interest in video games, certainly. However, as someone who prefers his game experiences alone and with as little human contact as possible, I can't say I've ever met anyone in the virtual space whom I would consider an actual friend and not just an internets buddy.

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I've made some good online only friends before but sadly I don't keep in contact with them anymore and I've never met any of them in real life. Met them all on a .Hack fansite and when that shut down some of the members made a new forum where we all stayed for a few years, but we all ended up drifting a part after a while. Haven't had any online friends since then.

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I think I've made 0 friends as well in terms of people I actually hang out with from time to time. I have made a couple of "internet friends" whom I chat with. That's about it.

Many of the friends I make outside of my "digital life" happen to share my love of gaming though, so it works out. I'll usually end up playing games with them the most since we hang out more often.

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I rarely play anything involving multiplayer, so my answer is no.

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I've honestly made more friends talking about anime (10+) than playing games (0). Not sure what that says about me as a person.

Hint: anime is for jerks.

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I met my fiance through Giant Bomb. We then played through Saints Row 2 & 3, Portal 2, Borderlands and a few other games before meeting, dating, and proposing.

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Not in my 25 years of being online and playing games, no. Closest I'd say I've gotten is back in 2002, I built an expensive high end server for some kids several years younger than me going to OSU to install in the university server room for us all to play Counter-Strike on and I invited one of the dudes to my apartment to pick up the server.

I wouldn't mind making gaming friends. Especially since nobody in my real life is into gaming except my little brother. The few people I've known are exclusively on PC (my preference, but not exclusively) and none play the same games as each other and most rarely have time to play. It was probably more viable to make friends through gaming years ago, when Counter-Strike was about the only thing on the market eating up the audience, other than Quake and Unreal. You had regular communities built around servers. Forums, stats pages, you got to know each other outside of the game a little bit. These days, most games just have big anonymous servers that few people use mic's or chat on that are rented from the company distributing the game and you can't tell much difference between one server and another.

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I met a couple people on Burnout Paradise about 6 years ago that I still play all kinds of games with. We're friends, but they live on the East Coast, so I've never met them in person.

In physical life, my current bunch of bros and gals I came into contact with when I first hung out with them while they were playing Chrono Trigger on my former high school Biology teacher's computer. So, yeah. Video games are responsible for my current social life.

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Welcome to GiantBomb!

Back when I was in my early teens there was the MSN Gaming Zone. It was a hub for a few retail multiplayer games (I played the ever living shit out of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2), but also had your run of the mill stuff like checkers, chess, and backgammon. When I wasn't playing SWJK:DF2 I would play checkers and just be a dumb 13 year old kid in chat. I'm from Nebraska and there was a girl from Nebraska I'd play with and chat with quite a bit, but we were on opposite sides of the state. Long after the Zone shut down, her and I continued to exchange emails. Fast forward to 2004 and I was just completing my first year of college and was going through a rough breakup. I was telling her about it through email and for some reason, I asked her if she'd be interested in meeting up. In in 2009 we got engaged, in 2011 we got married, and recently found out we're expecting our first child in April of 2015. :)

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Yeah. Made a couple groups of friends from gaming over the years. My real life group of friends was caused by us being the video game nerds from our specific birth year in our small town of four thousand.

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Well, I think making friends online is all about what you do online. All the friends I have made, I mean people I interact with outside of games either in person or very closely on Facebook...like birthday greeting, congratulating new babies, etc...I met on the Sony Gamer Advisory Panel.

SonyGAP was a precursor to...well nothing really replaced it. It was an invitation only self run community of bloggers who from time to time were asked to complete surveys. There were about 70K people in GAP, but at any one time only 1,000 were active members and less than 200 were active bloggers or participated in home grown GAP Clans online. Of thsoe 200 about 90 of us were active enough (and not assholes) so we become friends over fives years time. We now run our own private blogging area online; thus, we interact online and again send those birthday greetings, congratulations for new babies, etc all the time. We have had members get married, we have members get divorced, we have members dating, and we have people who are just good friends who drive down to see each other at their homes. A few meet at PAX or Comicon too.

So, yes, you can make real fiends online, but it takes real work. You have to be close and you have to interact more than woudl with just a online clan. Also, you have to be not an asshole and they need to have to not be assholes. I see some teens and twenty years old who act like idiots online and they WONDER why they never make firm friends. Well,l guess what? A jerk online you might tolerate in a game one or twice a week, but you don't ask them to meet you at PAX Prime. A jerk you might send a PM too at Giant Bomb, but you won't tell them you have a new baby. If you want a friend you have to be a friend, and that means being far more adult/sane/balanced than most people have in inclination to do online.

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I met one of my best friends trough videogames. One time I was at a birthday party of a friend of my ex and I saw him on his phone reading 1up.com. We started getting into a huge conversation about EGM, OPM and all the big gaming magazines at the time. He was the only person I ever met who was into gaming journalism and just video games in general as I.

Now we've been friends for over 3 years and we even do a gaming podcast with another one of my friends who I met later and we hit off by talking about obscure JRPGs. Good times.

#47 Posted by Red_Piano (94 posts) -

Met my best friend through gamespot forums before Jeff was fired. I got the game Chromehounds, which is amazing by the way, and setup my own online squad and came on gamespot to recruit, a couple people were interested, added them up and we played pretty much every day of the week for hours on end and after Chromehounds got old some of the people from the squad stuck together and we moved on to Gears of War and Halo 3 and people just kind of got picked off as things progressed until it's just me and the one friend and now we've been friends for about 7 years.

#48 Posted by Aviar (452 posts) -

I have made several friends that I have known and actually met, for over 15 years via my first mmo that I played Asheron's Call. To this day several of us still email and chat and when time permits play games together. It's something that I never thought would ever happen, but there is a definite bond and friendship that was created back then that still lasts to this day.

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I know I'm dating myself here, but I made tons of friends in grade school by riding bikes to other kids' houses to play NES/Sega.

Couple weekends ago I hung out with my buddies to eat pizza and play WiiU games. It can happen.

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It does help to be into MMOs. I have two very close friends that I met playing Final Fantasy XI 10 years ago that I still talk to and see all the time, and my best friend met his wife on FFXI/WoW. I know of several other relationships/marriages/friendships that have happened within that same circle of friends. MMOs are good for this sort of thing not just because there's lots of people around, but because there's so much downtime. If you're playing a competitive game or co-oping a single player style game, there's probably action happening almost constantly. If you're playing an MMO, you're probably doing a fair bit of farming enemies or chopping down trees or mining or crafting, all of which are pretty low-investment on the gameplay side, so there's lots of room to chat! Also I'm not sure if this statement is totally valid, but it seems to me like there's a much more even split of male/female players in MMOs, which in my opinion is much more conducive to creating a friendly environment because it makes the particularly immature angry schoolboy types stay away. I guess Minecraft might be good for meeting people as well if there was a voice chat server associated with the server you're playing on.