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I try not to trade in games too often, but when a deal arises to trade for a game, it becomes hard to resist. I remember on time I traded in Fallout 3 to buy Uncharted 2. Some time later I was in the mood to play some Fallout and I was kicking myself for having traded it in.
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Mass Effect and Bad Company 1, after a while I couldn't hold myself and bought both again.

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Yes, many times. I wish I still had Drakan: The Ancient's Gates, because I remember everything and nothing about it.

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Probably Fallout New Vegas. I mean, I hate it because the bugs just irritate the crap out of me (feel like I'm supporting imbeciles for buying their game), but the gameplay brought me back to it. I like big open-world RPGs that are not MMOs.

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Jedi Knight: Academy. I always get pulled back to the Jedi Knight games after a while.

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I've traded in all the MGS games at least once, and rebought all of them. I wish I would have never traded in Uncharted 2 after playing the Uncharted 3 beta.

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Never traded a game in, in my life. Getting $15 for something I paid $65 for seems silly.

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Can't say I have.  Only game I ever traded in was Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and I have never regretted ridding myself of that garbage.

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Kinda. I traded Chromehounds to my bro for... I can't even remember. Lord knows I regretted it for ages, though with the multiplayer servers down now I don't suppose it matters anymore.

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Traded in my first arati lynx and games for a sega game gear and some games. Totally regretted it.

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I kind of regret ever trading in games and getting rid of old consoles, but it was kind of necessary in my younger, poorer days.

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Dude. Bioshock. I regret it to this day.

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The only game I traded in was Death Jr. on the PSP, so nope.

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Yep. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes comes to mind. Traded it years ago, and when I wanted to play it again, it cost a premium online.

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SSX 3 :(

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I've traded many games, but I only regreted once, when I sold Wipeout Fusion. I ended buying it again later on. 

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Heavy Rain... just a few days ago my friend played it for the first time, and now over  a year later... I REALLY want to do it all over again!

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Oblivion GOTY edition. I tried several times to get into it, could never do it so thought "screw it, I'll never get into it, I'll trade it". Skyrim's coming out and I thought "okay, time to get into this series"...only I can't find the GOTY edition anymore, the Anniversary one sold out before I can buy one and never saw it in town again and buying the point cards costs more than the 2 editions combined :|

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Goldeneye 64. Ran and bought a new copy two months later.

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Far Cry 2. Figured I'd never play it again and just traded it in but a couple months ago I wanted to play it again but got bummed out when I realized I didn't have it anymore.

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I regret selling games almost immediately after selling them, even if the game isn't that good.

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Yes, Ico comes to mind...

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I'm kinda against used games in general, so I try to avoid trading anything in, even if I don't particularly like it.

The one exception I can think of is the first Fatal Frame(which is actually a great game). Was playing it and generally loving it til I got to the room full of dolls. I actually have a full on phobia of dolls, so when I just even walked into the room, I turned the game off and brought it down to my local gamestop to trade it in (this was when I was living in the states and there were still gamestops even around). Even before they did anything scary with the dolls, which I figure they were going to. I didn't quite regret it, but I did really enjoy the game otherwise, and probably should have just had a friend play through that portion of the game and then give it back to me.

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@Branthog said:

Never traded a game in, in my life. Getting $15 for something I paid $65 for seems silly.

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KOTOR, I kicked myself stupid, I kicked myself so stupid that I also traded in KOTOR 2.

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I had an Australian (I live in the UK) limited edition of OoT which I completed the game on which I traded in. So in one go I lost both an unusual game and all those memories. Now my normal replacement cartridge sits and mocks me from my shelf.

I also regret selling my Sega Saturn too

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When I was a kid I did it all the time. I bought some games two or even three times because I traded it in, then wanted to play it again. In reality though, I probably made money by doing that. Sell a game when it's still relatively valuable for a decent amount, then buy it again later when it's dirt cheap.

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I really really regret selling my NES so I bought one of off eBay but it´s just not the same... :(

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Only once. A few years ago I, for some reason, really needed 20 bucks that day to get some game, so I got kinda grabbed a few games without looking too hard. One of them was Skies of Arcadia. I'll probably never forgive myself.

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I find myself pretty much always regretting trade-ins, so I just don't do it and try to buy used instead.

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Literally every one ever.

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I don't trade things in, but if I regret selling something it would be Dead Space 2. I was thoroughly disgusted with it at the time (in fact, I listed it on eBay before I even beat it) but once in a while I feel like running through it again to make sure I'm not wrong in disliking it so much.

Then again, I believe the money went to buying Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat, both of which I enjoy infinitely fucking more than DS2.

Oh, I probably also shouldn't have sold Tales of Legendia. Even though I didn't like it very much, I sort of want to go back to it.

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I trade in most of my games when I'm done with them unless they have high replay value (usually RPGs). I usually know if I'll never play it again. I did trade in Final Fantasy XIII before finishing it (I had put it aside for awhile, then had a hard time getting back into it). It wasn't that good a game, but something about it did make me want to finish. That's the only one I ever felt any regret for.

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When I was younger I ended up trading in a shit ton of stuff to get an XBOX along with KOTOR when it came out...then they announced shortly after it was coming to PC later :/ (to add insult to injury, the xbox lasted like 9 months and only had a 90 day warranty...)

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Yup. i also made some dumb trades of video game and non video game related things when I was a kid. I do believe I must have traded my copy of Super Mario Land for the Gameboy, because otherwise I'd still have it today. 
Most recently, I'd have to say the only game it's happened with was Wind Waker. I sold my Gamecube and all my games to my brother, and ended up buying another a couple years later almost exclusively for Wind Waker. Then the Wii happened. Of course, I got the Gamecube dirt cheap, so it wasn't too deep a monetary hit.

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Yes. Every single one of my SNES and GameBoy games. Fuck you Software Etc.

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All of my SNES and Mega Drive games. The worst thing about selling both the consoles and many games was that I almost gave them away for very little money at all. I thought Video Games were dumb and I should be into something more mature at the time. 
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not recently.
but i did trade in all my n64 games (oddly enough not the n64 itself i still have that), i had all the great games, golden eye, zelda OoT, mario 64, rogue squadron, starfox 64, ect. 
not really a trade in, but i let my older brother borrow red dead redemption awhile back and i only see him once or twice a year and ive been really wanting to replay that lol.

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Fatal Frame 2. Fuck. I played it when it first came out, could not bring myself to play a particularly intense part of the game, bought it again about a year ago, uhg.

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Bunch of old PC games that I threw out, and all my old consoles. Back then the only way I could afford to get a new system was to sell the old one to fund the new purchase. Now I just can't afford it period.

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If I want to play a game again that I traded in, I can usually get it for a ridiculously low price now.

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Wind waker

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Yeah, a few times: about a month or two after I traded in Saints Row 2, I had an uncontrollable yearning for it, still do in many ways, but have never gotten around to picking it up again. Probably should, it's cheap as chips now.
Also, regretted trading in Ninja Gaiden Sigma... I rage quit a few times, went back to it, and eventually nearly broke my tv, so it was either the game or the tv. 
Also Far Cry 2, I loved that game, but the driving drove me crazy. Occasionally feel an urge to set dry grass on fire. Should never had done it...

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I traded Lego Marvel and Saints Row 4 today for $20 so I can buy something. Poor choice I know I did it because I had no money I and wanted to buy a hachet I didn't think that one out too well I paid maybe $33 for both because I had some preorder money already put down on them but they both together are around $87 I plan on buying them both back and my ps vita same case scenario.

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Yes, which is why I haven't traded in a game in years. My biggest regret was trading in my N64 and all my games. Especially Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. (It was a gold cartridge too.) Also Jet Force Gemini. I've been wanting to replay that game for years.

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No. Even if you regret it, it probably won't be right away and it'll be cheaper by the time you actually do want it again.

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Have traded in pretty much all of my PS3 games so far (around 30-50 I guess), so I have definitely regretted on a few occasions. Luckily I've been able to buy most from Steam again, if the urge has risen.

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I traded my NES and Sega Genesis when I was younger. I think I traded my NES for Sega games. While I'm not sure what I traded Sega for, maybe PS1 games? Do I regret it? Yes. Although I would probably be keeping them in plastic totes or it'd be at my parents collecting dust.

Last couple of years I've been avoiding trading anything in because I usually end up buying the game again for cheap or a remake.

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Deus Ex Human revolution. Really liked the game but speced myself badly and boxed myself into a corner so I traded it in. Really shouldn't have.

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Sooo many. I cannot remember any specifics at the moment, but there are a lot of games I have re bought through the years. Some multiple times.